Superb Vs Superb. Really Superb.

Skoda Vs Skoda. Ambition Vs Elegance. Question is whether, it makes sense for Indian car buyers, looking for feature loaded car in that segment will buy the base version of Superb over its top-end version. Is Skoda Ambition loaded enough.

Compare Superb Ambition & Elegance

Skoda Superb Ambition Vs Skoda Superb Elegance

This is the Skoda Superb Ambition. It is the base version of Skoda’s flagship, and at Rs 22.5 lakh for the diesel, it is Rs 1.5 lakh cheaper than the top-end Elegance variant. The petrol Ambition is even more attractive at a mere Rs 18 lakh.

So, the key question is, does the Ambition feel pared down, or has Skoda trimmed equipment cleverly and made the Superb even better value for money?

We think it’s the latter, because even this base spec is equipped with everything you need. It’s got powered front seats, traction control, leather interiors, remote locking, dual-zone climate control, rear parking sensors, 16-inch wheels and eight airbags. What you might miss is Bluetooth connectivity, a touchscreen audio, paddle-shifters and, if you like to drive really hard, Electronic Stability Control. You won’t really miss the superfluous ‘luxury’ bits Skoda has left out of this car – things like cruise control, keyless entry and the sunroof.

Overall, we think it’s worth a look because you still get that fabulous build quality, engaging handling and the cavernous interiors that have always been, ahem, Superb hallmarks. 

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