Ritz Vs Swift which one should I Buy?

When cars from the same manufacturer are being compared, then win or lose both happen to the same manufacturer, like Ritz Vs Swift petrol comparison. Whatever the outcome, Maruti Suzuki will lose and win at the same time

Compare Ritz Vs Swift Petrol Cars


Maruti’s long terms stated objective is to offer a car to the Indian car buyer from their stable in every Rs.25000 price point. Over the years they have lived up to the ambition irrespective of the inter brand cannibalization. As a matter of fact managing the sale cannibalization is in reality a case study can easily become an interesting case study, as with every new brand launch they have only added more numbers to their kitty. Ritz when it was launched some years back was supposed to be above the Swift in terms of brand perception and help Maruti move up the price ladder with it, However, Ritz did not live up to Maruti’s expectation but on the contrary Swift kept on gaining numbers. The launch of Ritz diesel did stabilize and added respectable numbers to Maruti’s Kitty, it’s still not anywhere near the New Swift 2011 in terms of sales performance. We test drove both the vehicles back to back and came out with the some decision, which might help prospective car buyers in India.


God, what a decision to be made, as both cars are as different a a ‘Chalk & Cheese’ and yet equally beautiful. In design terms , Swift and Ritz are radically different. Swift looks more contemporary and European in styling, while Ritz tall boy design with Boomerang shaped is designed to delivery practicality.

Front face of the New Swift 2011 is instantly recognizable as it has uncanny similarity with the outgoing model.
Except the overall dimensions, which have grown to give Swift more road presence, design theme remains same in order to keep brand identity intact.

Ritz on the other hand has very sensible design with utmost attention given to the space and practicality aspect.
Front fascia of Ritz is typically Japanese with grill drawing the cues from Audi’s design. Headlamps are curvier and free flowing seamlessly integrating with the overall tall stance of the car.

Side profile of the New Swift 2011 boasts of strong shoulder line with tapering window. Strong butt along with blacked out pillars give Swift a distinct identity Vs the Ritz with
backward sloping roof line towards the end ensures a low value of drag coefficient; helping the car to deliver great mileage along with added style.

Swift’s rear is more round as compared to the Riyz which is shaped like a Boomerang. Overall while Ritz scores more on practicality, Swift’s forte lies in its unique shape and style.

*****                                                         Ritz: *****


Interiors of both New Swift 2011 & Ritz
are like a breath of fresh air which is a welcome deviation from the symphony of beige colour one generally encounter in most of the hatchback cars today. Swift cabin feels more up-market, thanks to the use of high quality grains as well as chrome inserts, while the light blue interior trim gives Ritz a soothing touch which also enhances the spaciousness aspect of the vehicle.

Center-console of the New Swift 2011 featuring water-fall type layout is clearly inspired by Maruti’s premium car; The Kizashi,. Wrap-round chrome inserts along with push-open cup holders are subtle touches. On the other hand Ritz focuses on the practicality aspect inside too.
Layout of waterfall for centre console looks elegant and with added gear lever; also saves the space in front. Basic AC controls are very intuitive, easy and are within one’s arms reach.

On the space front; Ritz beats the New Swift 2011 by a comfortable margin; especially in the perception of airiness and headroom. Though the dimensions are not dramatically different, tall boy design has successfully liberated more spaciousness in case of Ritz than in New Swift 2011Swift, even though it comes with increased wheel base, it still lags behind due to the small windows with tapering line.

New Swift 2011:
*****                                                      Ritz: *****


When it comes to power plant both New Swift 2011 and Ritz are powered by the same All Aluminum K-series engine.  VVT (Variable Valve Timing) in the New Swift 2011 engine helps it to eek out a 2 Ps more power than the Ritz which delivers 85 PS pf power from a similar power plant. Torque figures, more or less, same for both the cars.

Linear power delivery aacross the entire power band and low-engine grunt  in case of the New Swift 2011 is all thanks to the VVT, which is missing in the Ritz’s engine. Both engines are jewel in terms of their rev-happy nature. New Swift 2011 gives no chance to complain about drivability, is approaching the top-end.

Though on paper Arai Mileage of 18.6 Kmpl of The New Swift 2011 is almost 1 Kmpl more than that of the Ritz at 17.7 Kmpl Arai Mileage, real world difference will not affect the total cost in a considerable way. Both the cars have transmissions which are direct and precise while Ritz’s gearbox thanks to its centre console mounting is more convenient to manage.

New Swift 2011:
*****                                                      Ritz: *****


Both The New Swift 2011 and Ritz use McPherson strut up front and torsion beam at rear to suspend the wheels. RBSS inclusion has certainly provided an edge to the handling of Swift. Still the New Swift 2011 retains the crown of best handler, though it has lost some of its handling finesse in new model on the altar of a comfortable ride. Ritz ride in contrast to the ride of the New Swift 2011 absorbs the roads undulations with far better composure and is more comfortable especially in the rear seat. Tall design however has taken a toll on the handling abilities of Ritz as it tends to go outside the line when cornered hard. In isolation, Ritz is not at all a bad handler but then unfortunately its being compared to the category benchmark in ride and handling department the New Swift 2011.

New Swift 2011:
*****                                                      Ritz: *****


While Ritz range starts at Rs.4.16 lakh, one needs to pay Rs. 4.46 lakh for a comparable New Swift 2011 variant, even though both cars are almost, equally equipped. New Swift 2011 enjoys a marquee premium of close to Rs.30K. Ritz’s therefore scores on VFM (Value for Money) proposition over the New Swift 2011.

Both brand are positioned to attract different consumer groups, whilst, The New Swift 2011 is designed and positioned to excite the young car buyers looking for thrill and excitement, Ritz is targeting, a more practical family oriented city dweller looking for spacious and comfortable ride.

Those therefore seeking a practical, spacious city runabout must opt for the Ritz. However, youngsters looking for fun, contemporary styling and some adventure will find the New swift 2011 to their liking.

New Swift 2011:
*****                                                     Ritz: *****

Almost similar product, competing prices and yet each adding decent (make that substantial in c
ase of New Swift 2011) volumes to Maruti Suzuki’s sales Kitty is admirable. In case of these cars Maruti through product design and brand proposition has managed to limit canabalization between Ritz and New Swift 2011.

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