Car comparison among equals - Swift Vs i20

Swift Vs i20 in true sense is comparison among equals. Both Swift and i20 have their positives and negatives. One better than other on any day. The final choice could turn out to be nothing but just tossing of a coin.

Compare New Swift Vs iGen i20 Diesel Cars


Success like Swift is every car manufacturers dream. Whatever be the market condition Swift from Maruti just refuses to relent is dominating command over the Indian car market. Success cam earlt to Swift, as a matter of fact it’s successful journey started right from its launch. Hyundai i20 is another worthy contender that seems to have followe dth Swift’s success path quite admirably and made cash counter ring with green bucks since its launch. Both these cars got diesel under their hood early in their life which in turn helped these cars to re-cement their market standing when the diesel juggernaut hit the Indian car market. Both Swift and I20 have another thing in common and that is both of them did not rest on their old laurels and refreshed themselves with new avatars over time. We at ecardlr decided to put the diesel version of New Swift 2011 and iGen i20 head to head to decide who gets to wear the Winners crown.


Both New Swift 2011 and iGen i20 are no less than super models in their own right. Aesthetically both the cars looks stylish and contemporary; iGen i20 though leads in style department by a small margin over the New Swift 2011. Swift is the evolution of its predecessor model but new iGen i20 got heavy revamping especially on its front face.  New Swift has now more road presence thanks to its grown dimensions while  iGen i20 retains its identity as a big hatch.

Front face of Swift is instantly recognizable while iGen i20 nose and eyes incorporated the fluidic design language in its new avatar. In case of Swift, side profile remains same as of previous model except for increased wheelbase while iGen i20 has sharp creases running across the profile merging towards the rear end of the car. Strong shoulder line along with blacked out pillars give Swift a distinct identity whereas iGen i20’s paint quality along with fit& finish continues to impress us.

Swift has adopted a more rounded theme in rear profile while  iGen i20 chooses to have pronounced bumper. Both have wrap around and clear lens tail lamps. 

*****                                             i20: *****


Interiors of the New Swift have undergone a radical change. The cabin now feels more up-market, thanks to the use of high quality grains as well as inserts of Chrome. In comparison i20 cabin feels a little bit of low standards especially the way the whole thing has been assembled inside. Centre console lacks flair and air con vents are odd in shape.

While the Swift has definitely more flair, iGen i20 fights back with its equipment levels with its start-stop button, Eco Drive and reverse guiding system. Both cars however feature the multi information display with the utility of aux-in and USB, adjustable steering wheel column along with driver height adjust feature are also common in both the cars.

Space is proposition where iGen i20 dominates heavily on New Swift 2011. Though New Swift 2011 now comes with addition of 40 mm in wheelbase, it still far from being a roomy and spacious cabin. In comparison, iGen i20’s 2525 mm of wheelbase will provides a roomier and relaxed drive. Also the support in case of iGen i20 is more on the back bench and family will feel happier in iGen i20 than in Swift. On the other hand, Swift with its low-window lines along with small size windows still make you feel cooped up inside the cabin.

*****                                                 i20: *****


New Swift 2011 continues to sport Fiat’s acclaimed multi-jet diesel technology; rebadged as DDIS under its hood. Engine displaces 1248 cc and capable of producing 75 PS of power & 190 NM of torque. Hyundai iGen i20, on the other hand makes 90 PS of raw power with 224 NM of torque through the engine displacing 1396 cc.

Swift’s engine is punchy, responsive and offers great drivability though a little bit of lag is present at the bottom end rig. In case of  iGen i20 this lag is more evident which however continues right up to the point where the turbo kicks in, however refinement is better than that of Swift. iGen i20 feels more sluggish Vs the New Swift 2011 in low speeds and one wants to change the gear more often to give it some pulling power.

Part-throttle responses are sharper in the New Swift 2011 than in iGen i20,  but the mid range of iGen i20 is more gratifying than that of new Swift2011. In fact new Swift comes with tuning of the engine that makes the delivery of power more linear than ever before. This means that you will always miss that strong push-back that old Swift was known once turbo kicks in. Same feeling you can enjoy now in iGen i20 which has strong mid range with plenty of torque to appease your senses.

New 2011 Swift’s engine is mated with 5-Speed manual transmission while iGen i20 employs 6-speed manual transmission. Gear shifting is smoother and positive in case of New Swift than in iGen i20. There won’t be much difference in mileage as Swift claims 22.9 Km/l in comparison to 21.9 km/l of i20.

In the matter of the heart (engine) New swift 2011 scores over iGen i20thansk to its linear power delivery which makes it really apt city run about as both these cars will rarely see highways.

*****                                                 i20: *****


New Swift 2011 features the underpinnings of McPherson and torsion beam while I Gen i20 uses McPherson strut upfront and coupled torsion beam at rear to suspend the wheels. Ride is more comfortable in iGen i20 even though Swift suspension now comes with more comfort than previous model. iGen i20 isolates you better from the road’s undulations than that of New 2011 Swift’s. New Swift though has shown a big improvement thanks to than bigger 15” alloy wheels which car now comes with, making ride more comfortable though in comparison, it still feel a little bit choppy in nature.

There is little change in the New Swift 2011 in its handling department, though some ride improvements have taken their toll on handling capability of car; still it remains a benchmark in handling department. Hyundai’s iGen i20 struggles to resist rolling; a part of the poor performance can be attributed to soft setting and long wheelbase.

iGen i20 loses to Swift in Ride & handling mainly for one reason and that is it’s R14 tyres which are a tad too smallfor a car of this size. This in turn effects the cars driving dynamic almost negating everything its great suspension manages to deliver.

*****                                                 i20: *****


New Swift 2011 diesel range starts from 5.64 lakh while iGen i20’s retailing range starts at 5.96 lakh. Top model is where Swift leads the tally with considerable margin (Rs. 50,000 more over iGen i20). A more sensible pricing of i20 would have impacted the sale of Swift which, at the time, shows no signs of slowing down. The average waiting period of Swift is now approaching to 5 months with more and more people queuing outside the showroom to book another one. Hyundai, on other hand, need to come out with one or more distinctive competencies of iGen i20 which, in fact, is a very good culmination of all the qualities. iGen I20 seems to be an all rounder rather than excelling in one department. Tangible price difference in favor of the New Swift 2011 makes it do better in VFM department over the iGen i20,

*****                                                 i20: *****

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