Ertiga Vs Innova. If only looks could equate two cars

Even Maruti wouldn't have imagined the kind of euphoria Ertiga would generate in it's favour, and would have been really surprised getting so many Innova aspirants to decide in favour of the Ertiga Vs Innova.

Compare Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Innova

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ZDi Vs Toyota Innova VX 7 Seater Diesel

Toyota Innova which replaced the highly successful but aging Quails did not have a copy book opening. The car really had to contend with Quails success story. So much so, in early days competition even went to the extent of writing Innova’s obituary even before it was born. However Toyata had a game plan, which they played to perfection. They persisted with the car and rest, as they say is history. Once the  car got established, Toyota never had to look back with the Innova. While Toyota did refresh the car in early 2012, most Innova lovers would have continued loving it as it is. However, unfortunately, this love affair, it seems was driven more by absence of a worthy option than by 100% undying love for the car. Otherwise it’s difficult to explain Maruti Suzuki’s new kid on the block Ertiga’s success. Most might argue that Ertiga’s opened a new segment, but we at believe that some sales and love lost has happened and Indian car buyers are showering some of it on the Ertiga their New LUV Life.
      Toyota Innova
Yes Ertiga, looks quite similar (Albeit  smaller) to the Innova , it does seat 7 like the Innova, It has Maruti’s attached +ve perceptions, but what seemed to be really working for it, is its fabulous price. The sub 10 lacs price for top-end diesel which is a cool Rs.5 lacs cheaper than the Innova has been a great driver for brand sales. But does Ertiga has legs beyond these obvious benefit over the Innova, will it survive in the long run, we compare them to come to some conclusion. Read. Enjoy. Decide.

Innova is a bigger car with big 2.4 Lts engine under its hood vs comparatively puny 1.3 Ltrs working under Ertiga’s hood. Seems to be, too unfair to compare, but then the competent and able DDiS engine coupled with over 445 Kg kerb weight advantage Ertiga beats the Innova both in 0-60 Kmph and 0-100 kmph dash quite handsomely. Ertiga 0-60 fig of 5.46 secs is more than a second faster than the Innova and 0-100 is even more impressive, beating the Innova by 3.2 secs (0-100 Ertiga 14.25). Not only in the sprint, the Ertiga is equally impressive in its Fuel efficiency figures with an ARAI Mileag figure of 20.77 vs Innova’s ARAI mileage of just 12.99 . Got help Innova . This, too a great extent explains Indian car buyers shift in favour of their New LUV – The Ertiga
Maruti Ertiga
Innova with its frame on ladder construction Vs Ertiga’s monocoque construction does not feel as stable vs the Ertiga in hard cornering ad in terms of body roll. Whilst both Innova and Ertiga does show Body roll, however, Innova with its taller frame does have a more pronounced less confidence inspiring body roll. Body construction, compactness with Mcpherson struts with anti-roll bar in the front and torsion beam in the rear of the Ertiga Vs Innova’s double wishbone with stabilizer bar in the front and four link coil spring in the rear gives the Ertiga an almost car like driving characteristics over the Innova. Add to this the electronic power assisted Ertiga steering vs the Hydraulic Power assited Innova steering makes driving the Ertiga that much less stressfull. No wonder so many of the sedan and premium hatch upgrades have given or are giving their LUV to the New LUV – The Ertiga.

Space is clearly Innova’s territory, irrespective of near close wheel base of 2740 mm of Ertiga vs Innova’s 2750 mm and over 240 mm length wise adjustment of 2nd row in the Ertiga, Innova is still a bigger car, it extra 65 mm of width and almost 85 mm additional height does give a feeling of  spaciousness in the Innova vs the Ertiga.

So finally, if you are a family of 7 + then irrespective of what’s written above, Ertiga will always feel cramped and uncomfortable whenever you’ll travel together. Innova would still be a good choice over the Ertiga. However, you are a nuclear family with 5th member in the car happening rarely than frequently, you were looking for a sedan comfort and you can only park a sedan length car in your area, then close your  eyes buy the Ertiga.  And Enjoy.

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