Ford Figo Vs Micra difference goes beyond just cars

Ford cars are always known for their drive characteristics. Nissan with it's Micra is still a like water being tested. We pitch the Figo from Ford and Micra from Nissan to spot the winner.

Ford Figo Vs Nissan Micra Diesel


Dieselisation of Indian car market is a fact. Today a car manufacturer with no diesel engine in its portfolio of cars is bound to have troubled times in India. Ask Honda. In light of this reality we at
www.ecardlr.com decided to pitch two capable diesel cars (Ford Figo and Nissan Micra) head to head. Though individual road test would be enough to know the depth of Micra as a capable diesel car, comparing it against a worthy competitor like the Ford Figo will do a complete justice in terms of ascertaining Nissan's hatchbacks real capabilities. So fasten your seat belts and get ready to enjoy comparison between two diesel hatches in India, either of which can give good competition to established player like Maruti Swift.


esthetically both cars are as different as chalk & cheese. Figo is more straighter and practically designed (almost bordering to boring). Micra through its curvy looks appeals to ones creative side. Micra’s design is quite fresh and appealing. However both the cars’ design is devoid of any sharp or sleek lines which many other hatchbacks’ come with.

Ford Figo’s trapezoidal grille and sleek nose, shares its identity with the Kinetic Design Philosophy of Ford. Wrap around headlamps along with slim nose gives Figo a meek look. Micra, on other hand, is cute, frog eye like headlamps and slender two-part front grill helps Nissan Micra to maintain its distinctive looks.

Side profile of Figo has strong shoulder line and it seems that the Figo has been designed deliberately to remain practical without any aesthetic zing. Micra, on the other hand follows unorthodox styling which incidentally fits well with the cars aesthetic appeal. Also Micra’s glass area is more than of Figo giving its occupants a spacious and airy feeling from inside.

Ford Figo tries to create its own character from its rear through sharp cuts, Micra stays with its original round theme even in its rear design. Rear windscreen of Micra is large and helps in improving the practical appeal of the vehicle. In design terms Figo is clearly aimed at practical families, while Micra is trying to appeal to a more younger audience. Design trophy goes to Micra, obviously.

*****                          Micra: *****


Interiors of both Ford Figo and Nissan Micra continue with their external theme. Figo interiors are more practical and tough, in comparison Micra interiors are more round and bulbous.

Figo cabin uses excess of black with Micra interiors being grey. Grain quality of Micra’s dash is superior, while material of Figo feels tough. Controls as well as dials of the Micra feel more intuitive thanks to the use of big dials as well as large buttons.

Centre console of both Micra and Figo is quite similar, though Micra has certain edge over the Figo as far as equipment level is concerned. Micra comes with first in class start stop system along with passive entry system dispensing the need to use key for entry and exit.

When it comes to space, both Figo and Micra provides almost equal rooms inside. There is not much to differentiate Figo and Micra basis their interior space and front seat, though the rear bench has some perceptible difference. Figo with a higher wheelbase has some advantage on legroom over Micra. Higher rear bench of Figo offers good thigh support, but seat contouring is better in case of Micra. Seems like a tie.

*****                                                              Micra: *****


Figo delivers 69 Ps and 160 Nm torque from its 1399 cc diesel engine. Micra on the other hand uses Renault’s famous 1.5 L dCi engine churning out 64 PS of power along with 160 Nm of torque. Both these power plants make use of old school architecture employing single overhead cam to help engine breathing. 2 valves per cylinder arrangement have been used against the standard of 4 and this may be one of the reasons why both these mills have less enthusiastic top end.

Although both engines offer good drivability; it’s Figo that comes out as winner, thanks to its extremely competent Tdci technology. There is absolutely no lag as engine starts pulling right from a low rpm. Power generation is very linear and tractability is the best in the class. Even though power figures feel modest on the paper, performance of both Figo and Micra will not let  let you down at all. Micra’s K9K diesel unit also offers good drivability and performance. But in contrast to Figo’s oil burner, this mill has some hesitation especially at start. After crossing the low rev hurdle, the K9K Micra engine then starts to rev freely and offers good mid-range. In the transmission department too Figo continues with its dominance offering sleeker gear shifts than that of Micra.

Figo: *****                                                          Micra: *****


Figo features independent McPherson strut at the front with semi-independent twist beam at rear. Micra on the other hand McPherson suspension set up in the front front and torsion beam at rear.   Micra offers good ride quality but once again it’s Figo that emerges as a winner with its exceptional blend of ride and handling finesse.

Ford Figo’s exceptional ride and handling combination can be easily counted among the benchmarks. Steering bristles with feel and gives precise feedback. Steering feedback is so precise that one knows exactly what each wheel is up to at ever corner. With optimum hardness in spring settings, Ford Figo handles like a dream car making every
ride a delight.

Micra on the other hand impress you with its ride quality as it absorb the undulations with aplomb. But then it falls short on the handling front due to soft suspension setting. Overall dynamic abilities of Figo are in the league of benchmark and beats Micra substantially.

*****                                                           Micra: *****


Figo’s top end variant comes at 6.03 lakh while Micra’s premium diesel is retailed at 6.37 lakh; a premium of around 37 K over the Figo. No doubt with its plush and premium interiors, Nissan Micra’s premium pricing seems justified. It has good looks, decent space and a long list of the equipment. No doubt it makes a decent value for your money. But Figo is not a competitor that can be brushed aside so easily. The cars exceptional abilities in overall virtues are commendable and this is reason why it is finding a decent number of buyers every month despite the slowdown. And with fully loaded version starting from just above 6 lakh makes the Figo a  proposition that is hard to beat.

Figo: *****                                                                 Micra: *****

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