Datsun Redi-Go Vs Maruti Alto Road Test Comparison Review

Datsun’s latest onslaught redi-Go has sent the whole market into tizzy, especially the segment leader Maruti Alto. We pit this new arrival, the redi-Go against the segment veteran, the Alto 800 to get sense of their grand standing. 

Datsun Redi Go Vs Maruti Alto 800

Launch of all new Datsun redi-Go has caused rippled effect in entry level segment of Indian Automobile industry.  The car has got India's largest selling Alto hatch in its crosshairs and leaving no stone unturned to present itself as a credible challenger. Maruti too seems unnerved and has started rolling out attractive discounts and offers on Alto;something it hasn't done for eons. redi-Go flaunts an uber-cool, contemporary look, has got spacious turnout but the ace up its sleeve is its incredible value for money price. Stretching in the price range between Rs 2.38 - Rs 3.34 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), Datsun has run its adversaries into the ground. Such a low price has send shockwaves across the segment and rivals are now looking to find the answer.  Besides others, the major war that redi-Go has to battle is against the Alto which is sure to fight tooth and nail before ceding any space. The sales verdict is yet to come and you have to wait for it, there is no need to remain inconclusive about the mights of these two cars. We at Ecardlr stack redi-Go against the Alto to find out the real standing of these small and affordable hatchbacks.

Design and Style 

On the face, these cars are as different as chalk and cheese. While redi-Go has adopted cab forward, tall boy design, Alto 800 sticks to inoffensive, typical hatch looks. Steeply raked windscreen, rising shoulder streak, and almost upright rear completes the very aberrant redi-Go while Alto playit safe with meek nose, mundane profile and standard back.


Dimensionally, both cars stretches almost similar between head to toe although redi-Go offers wider and taller cabin for extra spacious feel.  Further, Datsun comes equipped with best in class 185 mm of ground clearance contrasting starkly to Alto’s 160 mm. However, Alto claws back some ground  with 2360 mm of wheelbase which is 12 mm longer than 2348 mm of redi-Go. 
redi-Go: 4/5Alto 800: 3/5

Cabin and Interiors

Redi-Go cabin is washed in two-tone beige and grey shade; a welcome departure from sea of grey we witness in all other budget hatches. You sit pretty high in the car and combined effect result into very spacious feel. Dashboard is neatly laid out and unfolds very cleanly from left to right.  Circular air vents are familiar though there is additional fixed rectangular vent dedicated for rear seat.


Alto 800, in comparison, pales before redi-Go on numerous counts including the quality. We are not implying great quality on redi-Go though compared to Alto, Datsun has done a fair job. Besides, familiarity of Alto design also plays spoilsport.   Features on both the cars are skimped which is quite understandable given the low price bracket. Both cars allow you to play CD, MP3, AM, FM etc. The only safety feature given in redi-Go is driver side airbag on top variant as optional feature while in Alto this option is open across the variants.


On the crucial parameter of cabin space, redi-Go win hands down. It has oodles of space on offer and although the seats are tad slim, they offer enough accommodating space to occupants. Alto also tries to make its best foot forward with scooped out back of front seats; it lacks the generosity of redi-Go.  Further the upward space frees from taller proportions of Datsun make Alto feel even squeezer inside.

Redi-Go: 4/5Alto 800: 3/5

Engine and Transmission

Both cars use similar engine capacity of 0.8-litre mated with 5-speed manual gearbox.  Both engines employ twin cams with 2-valve per cylinder architecture.  Power and torque output stacks at 49 PS/ 69 Nm and 54 PS/ 72 Nm for Alto and redi-Go respectively.  While Alto may be lagging behind redi-Go in design and cabin parameters, it zooms ahead on performance aspect. The overall driving pleasure and freely-revving nature of Alto motor makes it ideal for both city stints and highway trips. Datsun feels sufficient too though the most annoying factor is constant and stubborn vibrations that continues to creep in the cabin unceasingly.  That said,Datsun drives more confidently in slow moving traffic as Alto feels a bit unnerved at low whack.


Both transmissions have their share of issues and require some time getting used to. Datsun has employed dog-leg lever which is the very first in the segment and across.  We think it is really a great idea especially for the novices who have just learnt to steer a car. The arrangement allows clogging of reverse gear only on lifting the transmitted lever. redi-Go flaunts the 25.17 kmpl mileage figure while Alto 800 comes with 24.7 kmpl. The figures are stacked closely and we don't expect to see much difference in real world fuel - efficiency.


Redi-Go: 3/5Alto 800: 4/5

Driving Dynamics 

Ride quality of both Alto and redi-Go are good, and even though these are on firmer side, the cars will insulate you well within overall driving conditions.  The straight line stability of Alto is better as redi-Go with its taller pretensions feel more susceptible to crosswinds.Alto handles better too and doesn't roll much though redi-Go has tendency to go out of line.  On parking exercise though, redi-Go outshines Alto by a considerable margin.


Redi-Go: 3.5/5Alto 800: 4/5

Overall Verdict

As a newest kid on the block, redi-Go has extra advantage of newness.  It looks contemporary, gets spacious cabin, undergirds by fuel efficient motor, and shows some mannered dynamics. Over and above all, the redi-Go offers an exceptionally good value for money package. It undercuts Alto prices on each variant and flaunts superior mileage too. Maruti Alto 800 in isolation is a very commendable car and coupled with nation-wide dealership network of the company, it’s hard to fault this best-selling hatchback. However, with competition hotting up with the launch of RenalutKwid and now redi-Go, Maruti has to give a serious though to update Alto. As we witness in this comparison review, Datsun may not give you high five on performance but we believe it's difficult to beat redi-Go as a complete package. 

Redi-Go:4/5Alto 800: 3.5/5

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