Datsun Go+ Vs Maruti Ertiga Vs Honda Mobilio Road Test Comparison Review

Datsun Go+ comes vying for same segment that Maruti and Honda are already locked in battle for. Go+ knows it is up against the stalwarts of industry and this is why, Datsun has equipped its MPV with special low-price armour. Now whether Honda and Maruti will be able to get through price defence of Go+; we find out in this road test comparison review.

Datsun Go+ Vs Maruti Ertiga Vs Honda Mobilio Road

Datsun stopped the market in its tracks by launching India’s first compact MUV wagon, called Go+ at a price point that conventionally belong to entry-level hatchback category. Stunned and flabbergasted, Maruti and Honda are now looking for excuses to dismiss Go+ though in heart of hearts both of these stalwarts are thoroughly unnerved by this new kid on block. Go+ strength lies in its unrivalled value for money that has capacity to successfully dwarf its limitations on space and quality front. Datsun has cunningly made the use of Go hatchback platform to spawn this MPV plot stacking under 4 meter of length; making Go+ eligible for excise duty exemption. This in large part explains the secret behind its ultra-low price stretching between Rs 3.81 lakh and Rs 4.60 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Contrasting sharply to this price range is quite higher retail value (almost double) of both Ertiga and Mobilio which compete for same chunk of MPV seekers of Indian market. Riding high on pricing advantage, Datsun Go+ seems to have started off well but in order to emerge winner; it has to prove its superiority over rivals, Maruti and Honda in other dimension too? Whether Go+ is able to do so, we find in this road test comparison review.
Are these look upmarket? 
Very discerned and over particular customers of Indian market value looks as much as they adore utility in the MPV category. This explains why both Maruti and Honda have used their entire faculty to make their respective proposition handsome and up market. Datsun too has done a fair job though Go+ doesn’t seem to be in same high league as of its compatriots Maruti and Honda.
                                                                Datsun Go+: Impressive frontage, tacky rear
Datsun MPV impresses with its frontage though move over to profile and quirks start appearing on designing theme. The stacking of rear-three quarter is totally out of synch with the whole design. It looks stout, bulbous and in the absence of compressed fastening, tends to create unpleasable aesthetic. Company could have easily avoided it though we suspect in order to keep price under leash, Datsun shied away from reining this fringe element.
                                                            Maruti Ertiga: No-nonsense Design
Maruti has played safe with design of Ertiga as in line with its family motif, Ertiga comes with no-nonsense and inoffensive styling. In fact Ertiga is culmination of several design cues from other propositions from company’s stable and overall these just come out fine. We wish the rear would more dynamic and sassier though sales numbers suggest that people like it anyway.
                                                           Honda Mobilio: Most upmarket in lot
Honda Mobilio turns out to be star on looks and like Ertiga; Mobilio too draws upon other Hondas to its anatomy. Mobilio features many interesting details like chrome grill, bolt streaks in profile and better executed rear end. This Honda is lengthiest among its rivals and it does look lengthy to convey its space credentials. 
Datsun Go+: 3/5                           Maruti Ertiga: 3.5/5                             Honda Mobilio: 4/5     
How many these can carry
One of the most critical aspects behind MPV purchase is to have more cabin space so that one can travel comfortably even with extended family. Put it simply MPV is expected to come with genuine room and here, Maruti emerges as clear winner followed by Honda with Datsun stacking at lowest rung.
                                                                     Spacious and comfortable Maruti
Ertiga uses every inch of cabin space very efficiently and despite of being shorter than Mobilio, this Maruti makes full use of its longest wheelbase. Not only second bench of Ertiga is roomier than rivals but its third row also feels cut above the rest thanks to its low floor allowing occupants to sit in their natural posture. Honda loses on third row as high-set floor makes it difficult for occupants to sit naturally.
                                                                    Flexible and Pliable Mobilio 
That said, Honda gives jolt to Maruti on flexibility as seats are far more accommodative and pliant in Honda. Maruti, once again, gets the driver seat on quality front as it feels more luxurious and desirable than both Honda and Datsun. Its centre stack is fuller and complemented by good choice of colours and shades. Quality in Honda is just about average and disjointed scheme of console does nothing to make things more palatable.
                                                              Painfully cramped and basic Go+
Datsun Go+ has no answer to space and quality of rivals as it lacks heavily on both these fronts. In order to achieve lowest cost, Datsun has sacrificed on almost all other things including space and quality. Three rows of seats in Go+ feels like a joke as it would have made more sense had company come with only two benches of seat with genuine space. Carving three rows with both second and third bench intrusively compact doesn’t make much of sense. Except first row, Datsun Go+ is incommodious and uncomfortable for long drives. Third row of Go+, even put in most optimistically, is best for kids and that’s too for short distances.    
Datsun Go+: 3/5                           Maruti Ertiga: 4/5                             Honda Mobilio: 3.5/5     
How tractive these are?
Datsun Go+ is only in this lot that doesn’t have diesel option for now as both Maruti and Honda get both fuel-run power trains right from their market inception. Comparing gasoline motors here and Go+ is pitted against stalwarts like K-series and i-DTEC. Further Go+ displaces least capacity of 1.2-litre where Maruti and Honda come with 1.4-litre and 1.5-litre respectively.
                                                                  i-VTEC: Honda Ingenuity
Honda makes most power here though it is Maruti that feels sprightlier on road. We also find that K-series engine has a wee bit better revving ability than Honda especially at high revolutions. That said, Honda is equally competent and its linear power delivery makes the proceedings quite smoother. Honda and Maruti matches in their mid-range capacity though Honda is better bet owing to its slightly slicker gear shift than Maruti.
                                                                  K-series: Pride of Maruti
Datsun Go+ is equally competent in city sprint though it can’t hold a candle with rivals on highway as it tends to lose steam quite early. Further its 3-pot motor, compared to 4-cylinder of rivals, sounds hoarse as revs build up momentum and it is best to upshift early to rescue this odd screaming.
                                                        Datsun Go+ with Least Powerful, 3-Pot Motor
Datsun has placed gear lever very conveniently on centre console that makes it quite easy to reach and locate though it can’t take away from its notchy nature. Gear shifts are crude and require directional effort to cog desirably. Maruti and Honda feel far ahead in their respective shifting experience. 
Datsun Go+: 3/5                           Maruti Ertiga: 4/5                             Honda Mobilio: 3.5/5     
How they are like to drive?
Datsun Go+ has competitive dynamics as it holds its head high on ride and handling in front of rivals. Ertiga, too, feels at home in most of the situations though we wish it could have come with better slow-speed ride.
                                                  Maruti Ertiga: Car-like driving feel
This Maruti tends to falter on absorbing bumps at low whacks though tends to recover quickly as the momentum starts building upon. Handling of both Maruti and Datsun are taut and up to mark though Honda tends to falter in this department.
                                                           Datsun Go+: Competitive Package
Being lengthiest in lot, Mobilio has inherent inclination towards the rolling that proves a chink in its armour. That said Honda has best ride quality here and occupants are sure to pass compliments to Honda for this. Steering of both Datsun and Maruti feel disconcerted though Honda demonstrates superior feedback in range of driving situation.
                                                                    Honda Mobilio: Roll-prone MPV
Mobilio feels far more intuitive than other two contenders here fighting for top slot. Brakes of both Honda and Maruti are inspiring though in Datsun Go+, it feels a notch below and leave us with a lot to be desired. 
Datsun Go+: 3/5                           Maruti Ertiga: 4/5                             Honda Mobilio: 3.5/5     
Datsun got the beating from its rivals in almost all the aspects discussed above though on value front, it gives back to both Honda and Maruti in equal measure. Not only Datsun stands out in this comparative lot but also knocks sedans and hatchbacks for six with its jaw-dropping low price. Available in 4 variants, top-end trim of Go+ is priced at Rs 4.60 lakh; making it around half the price of other two proposition competing against it in this comparison. On the other hand, Maruti and Honda likely to keep mum on pricing front simply because they have no reply to this ace of Datsun. Maruti is second best on value for money and Honda stacks at lowest rung as Honda is asking premium for its seven-seat Mobilio. Undoubtedly Go+ will find customers purely on the basis of its low price and no matter how good or bad it fares on other dimensions, its value for money is indeed hard to resist. If you have fleeting longing for MPV and really don’t bother about space and quality, Datsun Go+ fits your bill completely though nit pickers are advised to choose either Honda or Maruti. 
Datsun Go+: 3/5                           Maruti Ertiga: 4/5      Honda Mobilio: 3.5/5  

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