Ertiga Vs Xylo MPV's at War

Xylo is a bigger MPV, whilst Ertiga is smaller than the Xylo, it being from Maruti with a great pricing, has made Maruti and its dealer smile all the way to the ban and in all probability XYLO did suffer in sales post Ertiga's launch

Compare Xylo and Ertiga Diesel

Difference Between Ertiga Diesel and Xylo

People movers are finally finding favours with Indian car buying families. A trend which has come into car manufacturer’s focus post the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Launch.

What Ertiga has managed is to get sedan buyers interested in almost similar sized MPV’s (Multi Purpose Vehicle) which offers greater space comfort without compromising car’s driveability. Ertiga’s compactness and Car like tactile feel has made a huge difference. Most future launches are bound to take cognisance of this fact.

We at Ecardlr.com therefore decided to create a series of articles which will pitch existing people movers like Xylo and Innova against the Ertiga so that it can facilitate new car buyers in making the right choice.

This article compares top end diesel variant of both cars i.e It pitches Ertiga ZDI Vs Xylo E9.

Having done away with formalities let’s focus on the task on hand and the best starting point has to be the heart of the car which in common parlance is known as the Engine.







1.3 Ltr, 16V, Multijet, CRDi (Common Rail Direct Injection), Super Turbocharger, DDiS (Dual Digital Ignition System), VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger) with Intercooled Diesel Engine

2.2 Ltrs, 16V DOHC, m-Eagle, CRDe (Common rail diesel engine) with intercooler, advanced engine damping  and hydraulic lash adjustor technology


90 Ps / 4000 Rpm

120 Ps / 3800 Rpm


200 Nm / 1750 Rpm

280 Nm / 2400-2800 Rpm

ARAI Mileage (KMPL)



Kerb Weight (Kgs)



0 to 60 (Secs)



0 to 100 (Secs)



n paper Xylo with its bigger engine size and higher power and torque figures than the Ertiga should be the obvious choice, but one needs to go beyond sheer numbers to make a right decision.

Even in our test drive its quite obvious that Ertiga really takes time to come on its own all thanks to the Turbo lag which kicks in as late as 2000 Rpm, as compared to that the Xylo power deliver seems to be quite linear and the car build ups with every nudge on the pedal. Ertiga is much more solid post the mid range and that’s what makes it a great highway drive as against being a city runabout.

Ertiga’s kerb weight which almost 565 Kgs lesser than the Xylo is a huge advantage for the car, as it beats the Xylo in both 0-60 and 0-100 sprint quite satisfactorily. Kerb weight also facilitates Ertiga’s ARAI mileage which at 20.77 Vs 11. 7 of the Xylo is very impressive.

So from a city drive and if you are not the kind that floors the pedal every time one you get behind the wheel, maybe the Xylo with its linear power delivery could be your choice.





Body Constructiuon

Monocoque Construction that body more rigid with a low centre of gravity.

Ladder - on- Frame Construction


Electronic Power Steering

Hydraulic Assisted Power Steering

Front Susoension

Independent McPherson Strut with Anti-roll bar

Independent Coil Spring double wishbone
type with anti roll bar

Rear Suspension

Non-Independent Torsion Beam

Multi-link Coil Spring

Turning Radius (M)



Ertiga is constructed on Swift platform which is a monocoque construction, whose rigidity and low CG gives the Ertiga great driving dynamics. Whilst the car does show some vertical up-and-down movement on uneven road surfaces but one does not lose the confidence. One can drive the Ertiga hard into the corner without bothering too much as the body roll is quite controlled. Electronic power steering is far more responsive and easy to handle unlike a hydraulic power steering in Xylo which is not as nimble as the Ertiga steering in city speeds. Ertiga suspension has a soft set-up which makes one feel like gliding over the air in low speeds. The soft set-up works silently over sharp bumps too.

Contrary to the Ertiga, Xylo rides feel much more crude. Xylo is tall and rides on bigger tyres, this makes the roll even more pronounced. Even thous Xylo suspension is tuned for ride quality it feels too soft at higher speeds. Xylo though absorbs quite admirably at lower speeds. Panic stops in a Xylo are best avoided; hard cornering should also be avoided as much as possible.

In ride and handling department Ertiga outscore Xylo by a decent margin.





Overall Length (mm)



Overall Width (mm)



Overall Hieght (mm)



Wheel Base (mm)



Xylo dimensionally is quite bigger than the Ertiga, but still Ertiga feels as spacious as the Xylo. This could be all thanks to long wheelbase with cab forward design which has released quite good amount of cabin space.

Ertiga’s flat supportive front seats with low seating position makes ingress and egress quite comfortable and also provides good visibility, irrespective of thick A pillar. 2nd row seats offer good back and thigh support and also offer the provision of 60:40 split. The 240 mm slide releases a lot of space for 2nd row passenger. The near flat floor space in the second row makes long drive for centre passenger in it quite comfortable.
 Third row however, needs some effort getting into and could be well used by kids under 12.Feature list includes Rear AC vents, Airbags and ABS

Xylo’s interiors look modern with the two tone adding to its refreshing looks. Getting in and out of Xylo is even easier, except for the tall seating which may not be to everyone’s liking. The front row passenger seat can be fully reclined backwards to create a flat bed. Dual Air Conditioners, Rear Parking Sensors, DDAS (Digital driver Assist System) and electric door mirror makes the Xylo E9 a commendable competitor for the Ertiga.

Interior of both cars stack up well and it's therefore difficult to put one above the other.

What could otherwise have been a tough competition became too easy for the new kid on the Block. Ertiga even with its massive power lag at slow speeds which makes city driving a pain has managed to overcome these shortcomings over the feature loaded Xylo on just 2 counts; almost zero luggage space with third row upright and a price gap of close to Rs.2 lacs at 10.46 Lacs ex-showroom
 Delhi, tilts the balance in favour of the Ertiga.

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