Car Comparison between Aria and XUV 500

Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra are know for their SUV's. MPV's and Commercial Vehicles. When they launch any new car, be rest assured that its buyers, will not complain of space and value for money of their cars.

Compare Aria Vs XUV 500


Despite of the radical difference that underlies the essence of Aria and XUV; there is no denying from the fact that both these cars are best engineered products from their respective manufacturers. In addition to sharing the commonality of their Indian identity both these vehicles symbolizes the coming of the age of home grown auto majors in India besides representing a giant leap forward of Indian ingenuity. Both Tata Motorsand Mahindra and Mahindra have shown that Indian car manufacturers can actually make breakthrough cars/vehicles which can stand head and shoulder with their foreign counterparts in term of overall finesse and sophistication. Although these vehicles have shown their knack against their rivals; we are interested in other question, that how these would emerge when pitted against each other. So we got to the field with these humongous vehicles ready to lock horns with each other though later we found that it was a very tiring experience as none of these are showing any signs of relenting. Read www.ecardlr.com pain staking and head scratching comparison test to finally decide about the winner, that has the legs to runs away with Indian ingenuity crown.


When it comes to looks, both Aria and XUV 500 use entirely different design philosophy. While Aria uses the masculinity aspect subtly; XUV shows off this aspect tremendously. Aria has all the muscles that XUV boasts of but lacks the aggressiveness of XUV design.

Front fascia of Aria uses liberal amount of chrome to boost its luxury quotient, while XUV relies on its heavily sculpted front for eliciting the positive response from its target customers. Though headlamps of both the cars are wrap-around; XUV 500 with LED lighting once again charms you more than Aria.

Move towards the side and you’ll find big wheel arches on the XUV 500 especially on the rear wheels. Door handles resemble the claw of Cheetah to justify its inspiration quotient. Aria, on other hand, also uses the bold arches but design look much safer in comparison to XUV 500.

Rear of both Aria and XUV 500 is heavy and looks a little bit stout in nature. Aria’s upward stretching tail lamps don’t do any favour to it while XUV 500 sculpting also fails to generate any feel good factor.

Except dimensions of height, Aria dwarfs XUV 500 in all other measurements. While length and width is not that significantly different, what really stands out in the favour of Aria is its wheelbase which is full 150 mm more than XUV 500. This could be the decisive factor in carving out the usable space for its passengers. A fact which, becomes amply clear, tilting the interiors space utilisation in favour of the Aria over the XUV 500. Overall on looks factor, XUV 500 has certainly edge over Aria. Its cheetah inspired design. neat and sculpted lines exudes the air of dynamism which is simply absent in Aria’s safe and practical shape.

ARIA: *****                                                                                                      XUV 500: *****


Before we start judging the interiors of both these vehicles, it must be remembered that both these cabins represent the best attempts from Tata Motors and Mahindra and Mahindra in terms of offering their best to the Indian car buyer. Both Aria and XUV 500 cabins have used good quality material, though choice of colour doesn’t seem very thoughtful in both the cases.

In contrast to the waterfall type console of XUV 500; Aria uses two vertical silver bars housing the controls of music system and HVAC. Dials though are small in Aria and less intuitive than used in XUV 500. Similarly instrument cluster of XUV 500 looks more contemporary; falling in line with the overall design philosophy of XUV 500.

Front seats of Aria and XUV 500 are large and almost equally supportive. Driving view is great in both the cars though we like the Aria’s visibility a wee bit more than XUV 500. Row 2 however is a different ballgame altogether, you will be surprised by some clever management of space by XUV 500. Though Aria’s wheelbase is considerably longer than XUV 500,  the difference is not very perceptible when it comes to Row 2. In fact XUV 500 with its high seating proves a little bit more supportive to sit at than Aria’s Row 2. Third row of both Ari and XUV 500 are best only for luggage and any adult is bound to get cramps even on short journeys.

ARIA: *****                                                                                                     XUV: *****


Both Aria and XUV 500 displaces 2.2 L of capacity with almost similar power output figures. Both cars produce 140 PS of power while torque stands at 320 Nm and 330 Nm for Aria and XUV 500 respectively. Crank the engine and both cars impress with their refinement though Aria’s engine is wee bit more refined than the XUV 500. Off the line response is better in Aria than XUV 500. Aria shows better response at the low rpm than XUV 500.

City driving is more effortless in Aria than in XUV 500. Turbo lag is more evident in Mahindra’s horse than in Tata’s. While turbo lag though is present in Aria but not up to the extent of disturbing your peace of mind. This lag however is more apparent in the XUV 500 and this takes away the fun out of city driving as you are constantly engaged in the gear changing process.

Mid-range of both Aria and XUV 500 is enjoyable and they cruise well with sufficient grunt available in both the vehicles.  Though XUV 500 gives you excellent performance rise once you get past the 2000 rpm mark, performance of Aria remains linear and effortless. Aria’s otor refinement also gets smoother with the increase in the speed and this is exactly opposite to XUV 500 which starts straining towards the top end of its operation. Overall in engine department, Aria’s relaxed and linear engine has an upper hand over XUV 500 peaky motor.

While Aria power plant is mated to a 5-speed transmission; XUV 500 uses 6-speed gearbox to power the vehicle. In contrast to XUV 500, Aria’s gearbox feels a little notchy though gearshift experience of XUV 500 is also not a pleasant experience. Both Aria and XUV 500 gearboxes lack the accuracy and require some efforts to shift the gears.

ARIA: *****                                                                                                             XUV: *****


Aria and XUV are built on two different construction and suspension setting approaches. While Aria uses the old school chassis on frame construction; XUV 500 employs modern monocoque structure. This makes them as different as chalk and cheese in terms of their dynamic abilities. While ride quality is strength of the Aria; XUV 500 relies more on handling and wins your heart.This directly points towards the better comfort in Aria as it glides over all the undulations of the roads in a very composed manner. Even the third row passengers won’t complain about the comfort quotient of this big SUV. XUV 500 on other hand occasionally loses its composure as bumps directly creep into the cabin. On ride front therefore Aria walks out with the honour leaving the XUV 500 behind by a handsome margin.

When it comes to the handling ability, ride-decision just takes a U-turn and the needle tilts heavily towards the XUV 500. With its modern monocoque construction, XUV handles much better than the heavy and fleshy Aria. Cornering the Aria is not something that this heavy vehicle likes while XUV 500 doesn’t mind such moves even at higher whacks.

Soft suspension setting heavily inclined towards the ride comfort takes away the handling part from Aria though it still manages to be called an average handler despite of its humongous dimensions.
In contrast, XUV 500 shows better finesse in dealing with sharp curves but then it is only better than ARIA and nowhere near the segment benchmarks. In terms of overall handling it is also not something you will love to hustle around.

ARIA: *****                                                                                           XUV: *****


There is no denying from the fact that Tata Motors priced the Aria very ambitiously when it was launched initially in 4X4 version and it hardly got sold. With 4X2 avatar of Aria Tata Motors tried to assuage effects of this pricing mistake as this version is around Rs. 4 lakh cheaper than the 4X4. Now with ex-showroom price of 11.61 Lakh it has the power to compete with XUV 500 on price front though this price only make you eligible to get lowest trim of Aria which offers only the music system as standard feature. In sharp contrast to this, XUV 500 works out to be a tremendous value for money. With the base price starting from Rs. 11.58 lakh this SUV not only is cheaper than the Aria but also generously equipped with gadgets and gizmos to make your heart beat faster. Surprisingly Tata Motors which is known for its VFM proposition for its cars/vehicles got this aspect entirely wrong with the Aria.  On VFM proposition XUV beats Aria by considerable margin and has become the flavour of the season. No one can deny this.

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