Compare Quanto Vs Ertiga Vs Duster

Three great cars, driving the Indian car buyers to a new segment basis their space and price proposition. Ertiga, Duster and Quanto are giving Indian sedans a run for their money and helping the Indian car market's UV segment to grow by double digits in an almost stagnant market conditions

Car Comparison - Quanto Vs Ertiga Vs Duster

Which is a better car between Quanto Vs Ertiga Vs Duster?

Mahindra launches the Quanto and spoils the Indian car buyers with some more choice in the UV Segment. 

As a car manufacturer, Mahindra and Mahindra was always known for their value pricing, XUV 500 being the most recent example. However, with the Quanto, Mahindra has priced it so well, that its top-end competes with the Ertiga Ldi in terms of pricing, thus offering the Indian car buyer to actively compare the top-end Quanto with the base variant of Ertiga. Thanks to their intelligent pricing, Quanto C8 is almost 1.6 lacs cheaper than the Duster 85 Ps RxL thus making the Quanto a great value in the eyes of the Ertiga and Duster buyers. So in terms of sheer entry cost the Quanto beats both Indian car buyers current favourities Ertiga and the Duster.
Having said this, does it has what the Ertiga and Duster (Compact SUV) offers in terms of performance and tactile feel to match up to these cars/vehicles. Les take a closer looks.
At the onset, let’s be clear, that these cars are being compared basis details available in their respective brochures, real life, test drives might yield results which could be different from theoretical understanding. 
All three cars; Ertiga, Duster and the Quanto have diesel power plant under their hood. Whilst the Ertiga has the lowest displacement at 1248 cc, Quanto with 1493cc engine has the largest engine among these cars, as even Duster engine is 1461cc.
Quanto delivers a peak power of 100 Ps / 3750 vs 90 Ps / 4000 Rpm of Ertiga and 85 Ps / 3750 Rpm of Duster. Quanto’s Torque of 240 Nm / 1600-2800 Rpm Vs 200 Nm  / 1750 Rpm of Ertiga and Duster delivers 200 Nm from 1900 Rpm onwards. Theoretically, Quanto’s engine will be far more linear in terms of pick-up, thanks to the large RPM band over which its peak torque is being delivered. However, Quanto performance might get impacted by its kerb weight, which at 1400 + Kg is around 165 Kgs and approximately 100 Kgs heavier than the Ertiga and Duster respectively. The kerb weight will impact Quanto’s Power /weight ratio negatively and thus it’s pulling over.
Whilst the Ertiga with VGT, Duster with its patented DCi engine are known for low diesel lag as compared to other diesel cars , we expect Quanto to behave similarly in terms of diesel lag, thanks to its Dual Stage turbo-charging. This effect is best judged in a test drive, though a car with larger engine might display different drive characteristics. Engine refinement may not favour Quanto thanks to it being a 3 cylinder vs 4 cylinder engines of Ertiga and Duster.
Quanto with an ARAI mileage of 17.71 Kmpl vs 20.77 Kmpl (ARAI Mileage) of Ertiga and 20.45 Kmpl of Duster, makes it a more thirstier car, this could be due to its larger displacement and kerb weight impacting the fuel efficiency figures.
Thus basis a theoretical understanding of Quanto, Ertiga and Duster, we would rank Ertiga over Duster and Quanto.
Quanto and Duster being Compact SUV’s are definitely taller and wider than the Ertiga, thus giving a feeling of more space inside the car.
Quanto overall length of 3985 (being a sub 4000 mm car) is shorter by 280 mm from Ertiga and by 330 m vs the Duster, however, with a wheel base which at 2760 mm, Quanto  is 20 mm more than the Ertiga and 97 mm more than the Duster. Quanto definitely should have had more cabin space than the Ertiga. But unfortunately the longitudinal layout of the engine has compromised the cabin space. 
At 1850 mm width and 1950 mm height, Quanto feel much more spacious than the Ertiga which has rather modest 1695mm width and 1685mm height, these figures in a Duster are; 1822mm width and 1965 mm height. Quanto and Duster therefore would be comparable in terms of shoulder and headroom, whereas one would feel quite cramped inside an Ertiga in terms of shoulder and headroom.
Third row in both Ertiga and Quanto are there for tactical reason rather than for actual passenger travel. Third one one can say, at best they are suitable for kids under who could travel with some modicum of comfort. Duster has intelligently avoided the third row, thus leaving space for a decent boot.
The battle of space therefore goes in favour of the Quanto and Duster, with Ertiga losing out heavily.
Indian car buyers to a great extent have got spoiled by top-of-the-line features thanks to premium hatchbacks. Do these three cars have in them to lure such demanding Indian car buyers when it comes to creature comfort?
Whilst the Quanto has both driver and front passenger armrest, Ertiga and Duster do not offer these features in their ZDI and RxL 85 Ps variants. Ertiga offers Rear AC vents which in warm Indian conditions is a necessary requirement, particularly in cars with third rows. Rear AC vents are absent in Duster and Quanto. The Hydraulic power steering of the Quanto along with its weight will make Quanto steering comparatively difficult to operate vis-a-vis the electric power assisted steering of the Duster and Ertiga. Ertiga comes with adjustable driver seat which neither the Quanto nor Duster offers. Power window with driver side auto touchdown is available in all cars, however, Duster and Quanto power windows also come with pinch guard. Ertiga comes with 60:40 spilt 2nd row seat a feature absent in Duster and Quanto.
Stereo system in both Ertiga and Duster comes with USB and Aux-in facility with steering mounted controls and speakers (4 speakers and 2 tweeters in Ertiga and 4 speakers in Duster). Quanto does offer a stereo system, but does not offer other features offered in Ertiga and Duster stereo system. Duster also comes with Bluetooth facility with steering mounted controls, which neither Quanto nor Ertiga offer.
Creature comfort goes in favour of the Ertiga with Duster being a very close 2nd and Quanto taking up the rear after a good margin.
Quanto and Duster are both compact SUV’s whereas the Ertiga is a UV.
Quanto and Duster does look every bit an SUV, therefore would appeal to those seeking manageable car, big enough for a family to travel in comfort of space. These two cars also are possible acting as a step through for all those wanting to buy a real SUV, but would find its large size, a daunting driving proposition. Ertiga on the other hand is appealing to car buyers wanting a value Innova.
Whilst Duster does have an overall SUV appeal which is superior to the Quanto, however, Quanto rear with its stylish door mounted stepney makes it look real stylish. Duster definitely loses out here. Ertiga unfortunately does not come anywhere near these cars particularly for those wanting to buy an SUV. However, Ertiga scores real high among Indian car buyers seeking an MPV and Maruti Assurance. Quanto might lose out on the front thanks to its close resemblance to the XYLO, which is seen as a taxi by most personal car buyers. No such problem for the Duster and Ertiga on this count.
Top-end variant of all these cars come with body coloured front and rear bumper, front fog lamps,  body coloured electrically controlled outside rear view mirrors, clear lens head and tail lamps, alloy wheels (15” for Quanto and Ertiga and 16” in Duster). Ertiga’s ORVM’s also have integrated turn indicators. Ertiga also has a rear spoiler with LED indicators.
Externally in looks terms, Duster scores over the Ertiga and Quanto, thanks to its SUV looks. Quanto looks the smallest even visually, even though its a sub 4000 mm car like the Ertiga which does not look as small as the Quanto. 
Duster wins hands down for those seeking a compact SUV, whilst Ertiga for those seeking a people carrier personal vehicle. Quanto thanks to its Xylo heritage might in the long run become more of a people carrier from a commercial angle.

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