Comparing Amaze Diesel with Dzire Diesel

Honda Amaze the challenger is pitted against Maruti Suzuki Dzire, the leader by far in sub 4000 mm car category in India. Our expert compared by driving them back to back and came impressed with the Honda Amaze, however, Dzire as per our car expert has in it to make life difficult for the Amaze. Amaze sure won't have a walk in the park victory over the Dzire.

Amaze Vs Dzire - Battle of the Predators

The shaky truce existing between the predators of diesel saloon jungle of Indian automobile market has finally been rattled with the arrival of a new Tiger- The Honda Amaze, which to say the least is stalking the supremacy of king of beast, Maruti Suzuki Dzire The Lion. Equipped with sharp claws and canines Tiger Amaze has invited the king of the jungle; Dzire The Lion to an open turf war and staked a claim to; Dzire The Lion's; the Lion's liar.

Tiger Amaze has indeed come fully equipped (more room, mileage and frugality) to challenge Dzire The Lion. That's the only way the Tiger Amaze could usurp The Lions' territory or else it could turn out to be a bloody losing battle for Amaze the Tiger. In this game of one up-manship, one will have to cede and the loser will sure lose a lot. Will it be Dzire the Lion who will retain his throne or will the Tiger Amaze hit the jackpot, We, at Ecardlr.com, pitted these fieriest and formidable rivals against each other to settle the debate of the new heir to its throne.

Amaze Vs Dzire - Exteriors

Honda Amaze is strikingly futuristic in nature. Although it is based on the stretched platform of its younger sister; Brio, still it has the all the grace and fluidity in its design. This achievement becomes even more commendable as Amaze is less than 4 m of length and even within these limits, Honda engineers have done a stellar job. Front fascia is unmistakably is Brio though chrome slats and meek headlamps could have been bigger for more imposing front facia.  Side profile is defined by the two distinctively character lines that infuse the cohesiveness in the whole design.

Unlike other cars rear three-quarter profile has not been neglected and the second character line emerging after B-pillar and extending all the way up to rear is the point of difference between Amaze and other cars. It's here that Dzire loses the battle as we move to examine the rear profile of both cars. Dzire seemed to have got a stacked on treatment in its rear, whilst Honda rear seems to be more seamlessly integrated. Even in the refreshed version nothing has been done to hide the glaringly evident cut and paste job of Dzire's boot. Front Facia though belongs to the Dzire thanks to it being ornamented by falling-shower type headlamps.

Dzire's lights are stretched back into bonnet and air dam makes a good style statement collectively with the nose and eyes. Back of both the car are not so well designed though the variety of grooves and cuts make Amaze a bit more dynamic than the Dzire. Overall though both cars look good and dynamic there is more coherence in our Tiger (Amaze) than the bit heavy and plain back of our Lion (Dzire). 

Amaze:   *****                                                 Dzire: *****

Amaze Vs Dzire - Interiors

Let's start with similarities between Amaze and Dzire. Both car come in two-tone colour scheme though we find Maruti’s colour sense better than the Amaze. Also the Dzire takes a good advantage over its compatriot in terms of quality and design of layout. Dzire feels much more plush than Amaze and its central panel also feels more upmarket and fuller than the asymmetric arrangements of Honda Amaze. Grains of Dzire are more touchable and feel more inspiring than the Amaze. Dzire's falling shower theme applied to the centre console feels better suited and so are the layouts of big and large dials. Amaze though also has a decent quality but you can easily feel the effect of cost cutting as Honda badge here doesn’t give the same premium feeling as one can see and feel in other Honda cars.

But yes Amaze is highly practical and it feels and looks more spacious for a car which is sub 4000 mm. Amaze is amazingly roomy. Every mm of space is effectively used by Honda’s designers and it really shows once you settle inside the car. Three abreast is not at all a problem for Amaze and so is the case with leg and knee room that are present in abundance. Even a six feet high driver can push his driving seat all the way to the back and rear passenger will still has some room between knees and the back of the seat.

Dzire, however, doesn’t perform that well on space front. Space has always been the biggest negative of the Maruti cars and even in new Dzire with the stretched the wheelbase to liberate more room, it is still no match for Amaze’s space efficiency.  Amaze then consolidates its roomy advantage in boot area too as its trunk is more practical and capacious than Dzire. 

Amaze:   *****                                                      Dzire: *****

Amaze Vs Dzire - Engine

Equipped with all new light-weight aluminium engine, Amaze is the first ever diesel car from Honda in India. Eroding market of gasoline and spiking diesel ascent of Indian market finally forced the Japanese manufacture to shed its petrol love and move towards the reality of oil-burner. In sharp contrast to 1.3 L capacity of Maruti diesel, Amaze comes with bigger 1498 cc of heart. It has the power advantage of 24 PS along with extra 10 NM of torque. Both power plants have DOHC mechanism and uses 16-valves for its breathing process. In mileage too Amaze has an upper hand as it has ARAI certified figures of 25.8 km/l compared to 23.4 of Dzire.

Light-weight aluminium engine of Amaze gives this extra stretch to a litre and also reduces the overall burden of weight and friction on its overall functioning. But then demerit of this light weight power plant comes in the form of its inability to soak the NVH emanating from under the hood and this is quite perceptible when we revved the engine of Amaze. Dzire, on the other hand, is clearly more silent and refined. Engine feels quieter and there is complete hush inside the cabin even when you approach the higher rpms’. But that doesn’t take away the credit of excellent drivability from Amaze. Blessed with almost petrol-ish nature, power in Amaze is delivered in smooth and linear fashion. Unlike Dzire which tends to feel livelier after 1700 rpm, Amaze responds almost instantly to a dab on throttle irrespective of rpm level. Even the 5th gear can pull up the car from as low as 40-50 km/h; thereby making the shifts unnecessary.

But even if you engage in shifting, it’s very pleasurable in Amaze as it features another typicality of gasoline engine; light clutch. Clutch-feel is light and progressive but still travel is not very long. Dzire too has good engaging engine but in comparison we feel the overall experience in Amaze is a wee bit more inspiring than in Dzire.

*****                                                      Dzire: *****

Amaze Vs Dzire - Suspension and Dynamics

Adopting the philosophy of practicality, Amaze has gone more in the favour of ride comfort by setting the suspension on the softer side but that doesn’t mean it has timid response to the cornering manoeuvres. 175 mm wide rubber of Amaze gives it a good grip though Dzire with more width has certain edge over Amaze in handling department. Response of cars in aligning with their line is better in case of Dzire but Amaze is also not far behind. But on the crucial aspect of ride comfort Amaze triumph over Dzire as it has better soaking ability than

Dzire’s. While Dzire directly passes the potholes thud to the passengers, Amaze’s progressive setting soaks up the most part of the disturbing wave and passengers will be allowed to remain calm and composed. Both cars have used though the similar hardware to suspend the wheels; McPherson strut at front and torsion beam at rear but the whole difference arises due to different calibration settings of the springs. So Amaze is for more practical and pro ride comfort while Dzire appeals to enthusiasts though it is now less adventurous than its previous model. 

*****                                                     Dzire: *****

Amaze Vs Dzire

As both cars, more or less, falls in same price category, important factor of VFM won’t be so crucial here. A new kid on block, Tiger Amaze has some differentiating competences which is sure to bring down the Lion Dzire’s booking number. It scores positively on all the important dimensions and exceptionally well on the heart of the matter. Space and practicality along with the VFM are the crucial factors that give the Amaze a due advantage over Maruti’s Dzire. It has all the ingredients of becoming a chart topper and even the Maruti has starting to feel the heat. What can though against the Amaze is the tactile feel inside the car which does not feel in line with the expectation from a car with Honda Marquee. Whilst Initial response to Amaze sure has been a blockbuster, however, slow down is being seen, this could today be attributed to overall slowdown in the Indian car market, but we will like to limit passing a final judgement for at least a few months as it's too early to come to some definitive conclusion. All we can say is that Amaze the Tiger sure has in it to rattle the current King The Dzire, but will it dethrone it in times too come is a question we would like to answer in some time.

*****                                                    Dzire: *****

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