2014 Alto K10 Vs Hyundai Eon Road Test Comparison Review

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2014 Alto K10 Vs Hyundai Eon Road Test Comparison

Last time when these cars faced off each other, Hyundai nosed ahead owing to its jazzy styling and better interiors. Alto did try to claw back lost ground with its powerful K-series engine though it couldn’t able to eclipse combined advantage accrued to Eon by its design, quality and ride comfort. Today, however, things are completely different as Maruticlaims to have addressed weak areas of Alto on whichit fared badly last time. This time Alto comes with improved styling, spruced-up interiors and crucial convenience of AMT; making it far more combative than before. So what happens when both of these long-time rivals face off against each other once again?  Does this time new Alto will be able to settle the old account or Hyundai Eon again proves its dominance by emerging as more holistic proposition? All this and much more as we at ECARDLR, flares up one of fiercest rivalries of Indian auto industry by pitting new Alto K10 against Hyundai Eon in this road test comparison review.
                                                                  Maruti-Suzuki: On a Collison path
How They Look Like 
New Alto K10, in its latest avatar, comes with improved styling that does feel a bit upmarket than before. There is infusion of aggression as new frontage comes with healthy dose of character streaks. Rolled up bonnet edges are flanked by shapely new headlamps and air-dam has grown in dimensions to intake more air for engine cooling. In profile, silhouette is same as of older variant and looks a bit pale in comparison to manly front. Strong shoulder line and flared up arches do add a bit of excitement in the design though it still looks a bit awkward. Move back to rear and hints of Celerio inspiration start to creep in. Bumper is wider and protruding outside that is indeed a practical touch owing to protections it offers to metal body. Tail lamp cluster is neatly designed and integrate well with the boot lid.
                                                         Maruti Alto K10: Improved styling 
In contrast, Hyundai Eon still looks more handsome, flowing and even a bit exaggerated proposition on styling front. In fact many critics believe that Hyundai has gone overboard on designing aspect while carving out Eon. Fluidic sculpture design is in full force as Eon posture is abounds with character streaks. Rising window line merging precisely with dropping roof; giving Eon a unique sense of design that is jazzy and a bit in-your-face. Rear to, is designed curvaceously and falls in line with overall futuristic design theme.
                                                     Hyundai Eon: Still a benchmark style
Despite being lengthier of two, Alto lags behind Eon by 20 mm in crucial wheelbase comparison. Eon also features more width and is taller by 35 mm; implying more head room inside the cabin. Overall Eon bags the first round of looks though this time advantage it has is way off from what it accrued last time. Maruti Alto K10 now is no pushover and despite losing to Eon, it has put up a commendable fight. 
Alto K10: 3.5/5                                                                                         Hyundai Eon: 4/5     
How They Feel Inside 
The stinging attack of new Alto continues inside too as Maruti has taken a huge stride on cabin quality. Lay-out, material, appliques and texture – all these crucial components has been changed, giving way to a complete new business-like interiors. Two-tone colour scheme is well complemented by glossy black finish and the whole scheme now feels quite upmarket. Centre stack is compact, functional and frees up lot on space at the front. Air-con controls are now chunky round rotary knobs which are sure to be loved for their sophistication and tactility.
                                                                    Alto K10: New interiors
Despite being a heck of lot of efforts, Alto still fails to beat Eon’s interiors which still feel best in business. It is amazing to witness the kind of sophistication with which Hyundai stiches its parts irrespective of segment and class it competes in. Eon is examples on this front as its cabin boasts of quality, finishing and refinement no other proposition can claims to have. Flowing nature of dash that integrates all instrument necessities in an effortless manner is easily a benchmark design in hatchback category.
                                                               Hyundai Eon: Enviable cabin
On space, both Alto and Eon is average with little difference in room availability inside the cabin. Front seats of both cars are good though we find Alto a bit better on thigh support. Eon too does good job by scooped out dash and the same trick has been adopted by Alto in freeing up more room at the rear bench. Eon feels a bit better at rear bench owing to its larger wheelbase and taller stance though Alto is not far behind. Maruti has cleverly scooped out back of front seats which indeed come as handy though it lags behind Eon on overall feel of cabin space.
                                                            Hyundai Eon: Roomier of two 
On trunk too, Eon retains its advantage with 215 litres of space while Alto offers the 177 litres. Both cars though come with useful parcel tray and almost identical fuel-tank capacity. 
Alto K10: 3.5/5                                                                                Hyundai Eon: 4/5     
How They Are Like To Drive 
Both cars come with similar 1.0-litre of engines producing identical power and torque. There is 1PS power and 4 Nm of power and torque advantage Eon has got over Alto though it doesn’t translate into any impressive gains on road. In fact Maruti feels more witty, impatient and eager than Eon both in city and out on highway. There is a little hesitation Alto shows at the starts but once you cross lower revs, there is no looking back for Alto thereafter. K-series engine thrills with its revving ability and Eon seems to have no answer to Alto’s zippy nature.
                                                                         Alto K10; Zest, Set & Go 
That said, Eon has not everything lost as it has better low end grunt than Alto. It behaves like more matured one on lower revolutions and offers good drivability that requires less gear shifts in congested commute. Once though needle revs through rpm, this Kappa motor becomes hoarse and literally forced driver to release the gas pedal.
                                                         Alto K10; Notchy gearshift like Eon
Both engines are mated with 5-speed manual transmission with Alto has optional convenience of AMT in its kitty. There is not much that differentiates these cars on gearbox as both features notchy gear shifts. The throws are a bit long in Alto and not crispy short in Eon either. Both manufacturers need to put in some more efforts to address this chink in their armours. 
Alto K10: 4/5                                                                                           Hyundai Eon: 3/5     
How They Behave On Road
Both these cars are small city runabouts and as expectedly, come with dinky dimensions and light controls. Small turning radii help further and parking is not a problem either. Alto has always been a good handler and in its latest avatar, even its ride has become more stable. It feels planted and high-speed stability has also gone up by notches. Nipping in and out of corners is fun and large wheels extend their extra help in all these manoeuvres. The only niggle is slow speed ride which feels a bit fidgety and anxious.
                                                                  Alto K10; More matured dynamics
Eon scores exactly where Maruti pales as it offers more compliant ride experience that is much more soaking and absorbent in nature. However once whack rises; Eon quickly converts into Pandora box which is highly inflammable. Its ultra-soft suspension does no good as high speed leaves it completely exposed. Further tall stance paves the way for greater body roll that restricts its usage by only the drivers with good sensibilities. 
Alto K10: 4/5                                                                                              Hyundai Eon: 3/5    
Overall Verdict
On value for money (VFM), Alto races past Eon as it starts at lower price range and even ends with the same advantage for highest trim. Further it has ace of AMT up its sleeve that Eon can’t match at the moment. Eon strengths lies in its styling, interiors and packaging which are still class leading and ca be easily considered as benchmark. It also rides well and more drivable than Alto in city however it loses heavily on performance and dynamic front. New Alto K10 zooms past Hyundai Eon in performance quite comfortably owing to its very rev-happy and delightful K-series motor. Even on fuel-efficiency Alto K10 comes with class-leading ARAI certified mileage figure; a critical parameter of buyers’ consideration in this entry level hatch category. Further Maruti has worked upon its weak areas like styling and interiors and as a result, new Alto K10 has seen massive improvement on both these aspects. These no longer remain a possible deterrence in the decision to buy Alto and optional convenience of AMT further compliments overall package this Maruti has on offer. So, if you are looking for holistic small car package with good efficiency, dynamics and value for money, Maruti Alto K10 makes for an ideal choice. 
Alto K10: 4/5                                                                                  Hyundai Eon: 3/5    

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