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  • Roomy and luxurious interiors

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  • Volvo XC 90
Volvo XC90

Volvo XC 90 Special Road Test Review-Ecardlr

Our team of experts has analyzed all the features of the old Volvo XC90 along with the 2015 version, by testing the SUV luxury vehicle and here is the review, exclusively for you. When compared to the older versions, the newbie 2015 Volvo XC90 is bestowed with the powerful 2 litre dual turbo D5 engine with 4 cylinder that can offer a power of 225 bhp and a torque of 470 Nm, which makes it an efficient one.

The Ultimate 2015 Volvo XC90, The Most Luxurious Vehicle On Indian Roads

The road condition in India is not up to the international level and the automakers have been struggling to manufacture specialized vehicles, exclusively for Indian roads. Seating capacity and luxury traveling are two different concepts and the Volvo has done an excellent job by combining these two essential aspects. In India, people want to travel with their family members and the Volvo XC 90 is the ultimate vehicle for people of India. The sports utility vehicle is one of the most wonderful car and Indians are going to enjoy driving the classically designed Volvo XC 90 model luxury car. The appearance itself speaks volumes of this car and for sure, it is the perfect vehicle for the Indian road condition. In recent years, people have come to know about many global luxury vehicles and gained knowledge about the special features of the SUVs. Our team of experts decides to get behind the driver seat of this massive SUV to give you an idea about this high hyped vehicle. 
        Volvo VX90 Powerfull-Body
The 2015 Volvo XC90 is fully geared up for Indian launch in the year March 2015 and its delivery is expected to begin by August. Volvo would sell its first 200 units as top end trims and is expected to offer the brand new XC90 with a 2 litre dual turbo D5 engine with 4 cylinder that can offer a power of 225 bhp and a torque of 470 Nm which would be rightly mated to an transmission of eight speed. The firm has unveiled its latest SUV officially and it looks like a winner. It is expected to be sold more than Rs. 70 lakhs when it hits Indian SUV market. The present SUV generation of Volvo has undergone soldering for more than 12 years now but did not meet the expectations like some of its rivals. Hence for the brand new SUV of 2015, the firm has made sure that it is bestowed with best expertise and technical know how to make its flagship SUV to make it a competent one to meet the other players in SUV segment. 
Elegant Exteriors With Amazing Design
You will definitely forget yourself, when you view the car, with such wonderful artisanship. You would be pleased to have your own car, just because of its majestic appearance. It is not easy to win appreciations from people, since they have been viewing and driving different models of vehicles and viewing the Volvo XC 90 itself is a pleasure for people. You will be tempted to drive the car, once you view the entire exterior designs of the luxury car. There is no wonder that the SUV luxury car Volvo XC 90 has impressed everyone in the globe.  You would never feel any jerks, while you drive your car, whatever condition of the roads. The Volvo Company has years of experience in choosing the most fascinating colors and has been producing vehicles in many different attractive colors, with amazing polish. 
          Volvo Front Bumper Bar
The overall length of the Volvo XC 90 is 4807 millimeters and the width is 1898 millimeters. The height of the car is 1787 millimeters. The ground clearance of the car is 212 millimeters. There are five cylinders in the car and the Torque engine is with two thousand revolutions per minute. The displacement is two thousand four hundred CC and the power is 185 PS at four thousand rpm. The wheels of the car have been structured with 17 inches, with the ever-reliable alloy metal. The tires are with 35/65R17 and these tires are the best ones for Indian road condition. The highway mileage of the car is about twelve kilometers per litter, which is a perfect one for a luxury seven-seated car. The airbags, alloy wheels, power steering, power windows and the audio video system are with professionalism and when you test-drive the car, you may have hesitation in your mind to get down of the vehicle. Ice white, electric silver, ember black, Caspian blue metallic, twilight bronze are some of the colors that are available for you, when you buy your favorite Volvo XC 90 car.
         Volvo VX90 Silver-Cross-Bars
The 2015 Volvo XC90 has brand new styling with familiar exteriors on the front with its logo placed diagonally on the prominent grille in upright position. It has a T shaped LED light on the head which is fondly called by Volvo as the Thor’s Hammer design, which is pretty refreshing. The shoulder line of the car has a stunningly sculpted bonnet design that offers the SUV a thor like stance. 
Inside the SUV:
This aspect is very important, as far as the Indians are concerned and you do not have to leave anyone, when you go for weekend or special holiday. There are seven seats, which have been designed with professionalism. In those days, you had no option of except leaving some of your kids, while you were traveling and now, you have the car that is perfectly suitable for your entire family. Of course, it gives immense pleasure for you, when you travel with your entire family members and this is a great opportunity for your wife and kids to enjoy luxurious traveling. Since the Volvo XC 90 has been crafted with seven sport seats, you do not have to worry about your family members, who are with you in the luxury car. This is an important feature of the luxury vehicle. The beauty is that there is enough space for your luggage, in the seven-seated modern vehicle. In India, people travel with luggage and family members and therefore; it is important for them to have a luxury vehicle that fulfills their entire needs. Since the seats are with modern technology, travelers may not have back pain, even if they travel for many days in the Volvo XC 90 SUV. 
           Volvo VX90 19 Knob
The 2015 Volvo XC90 has come a way much far from the old XC90 when you step inside this SUV. The interiors is bestowed with a clean design with clutter free look for the dash board along with the center console that is decorated by a large touch screen with advanced infotainment technology. The panel would control majority for the features and the 4 zone climate system plus the clean zone air purification system lends separate settings for occupants in the first row and second row seats.  
Wonderful Cabin And Special Features:
The cabin has been designed with the idea of providing comfort for you and you can feel vast differences between your old-modeled cars and the all-new Volvo XC 90 luxury car. Sweden made handcrafted materials are there in the cabin for your luxury travel. The airy and calm cabinet is the perfect choice for the driver. The car seats are from soft and ventilated Nappa leather, with walnut inlays and these features make the difference. You will have the Scandinavian feel, because of the leather-covered steering wheel. In addition, the dashboard is with leather covering. Since the interior design is with global standard, you will be pleased to purchase the most comfortable Volvo XC 90, for sure. All the seats and cushions are perfectly stitched and this style of stitching is perfect for rough handling. Wherever you prefer to relax, you get the same pleasure, since the entire seat system is with perfection. 
The Unique V40 R Design - A Pleasure For Travelers:
The Volvo XC 90 has been designed with V 40 R-design, which increases the attitude of the luxury vehicle. The car has perfectly designed and strongly built sport chassis and you can drive very comfortably, without any issues. The scuff plates have been made with stainless steel for easy maintenance and you cannot find rust and dirt in the entire area of the wheel. The Volvo XC 90 has two exhaust pipes and you can keep the environment green. Naturally, driving the most luxurious sports utility vehicle should be really enjoyable to you.  You will hesitate to leave the car, even if you reach your destination. The environment friendly car is the need of this present situation, especially, in India. At present, the automobile companies are producing vehicles, which increase pollution and with the introduction of the Volvo XC 90, people may be able to enjoy fresh air. 
Specially Designed Seats:
             VX90 Leather Seats
The Volvo XC 90 car seats have been designed like the flight seats and they are with full of entertainments for the travelers, whoever travel with you. The rear seat duel screen provides immense pleasure for the people, who are traveling in the vehicle. The newly designed sound power system offers three options for the listeners and viewers. Whether you require audio or video, you can enjoy yourself, with the advanced automobile technology. You may always want to enjoy your driving and when you enjoy your driving, other travelers may be interested in viewing movies or listening to charming music. For everything, the Volvo XC 90 is the perfect car for your family. The DVD system is with the advanced navigation system and you can entertain yourself, while you travel in your favorite car. The brand new 2015 Volvo XC90 arrives with the impressive Bowers & Wilkins Audio System that makes it equipped with 4 cone type woofers, 7 tweeters and 19 speakers. 
The astonishing Volvo XC 90 features a Smartphone App and with this system, you can interact with your car, wherever your car is. You can always browse the websites you need, because of the availability of the internet. You can connect your Smartphone app to your car, if you have Wi-Fi onboard spot. In these days, you cannot afford to spend time, without connectivity, since the entire globe has been connected with the internet service. If you do not have specialized internet network, you cannot manage your business. These issues are not there with the ultramodern Volvo XC 90 luxury car and you can always stay connected with the world. 
           Entertainment Behind the Seats
The tablet model touchscreen is with a powerful system, with a twelve-inch driver display. With the head-up display, you can control your Volvo XC 90, completely. In fact, you are completely safe, when you are driving is international luxury vehicle. The functionality of the high resolution and adaptable color program on the display offers a complete freedom to take control of your driving, with assurance. This newly formatted system adds color to your Volvo XC 90 car. 
On The Road:
When you drive through freeways, it may be comfortable for you to drive your vehicle and negotiating curves and bends is always a challenging task. The Volvo XC 90 has enhanced vision and you can view the curved roads, perfectly. You will have complete control with your driving, because of the advanced anti-skid system. This system allows you drive with freedom, while turning left or right. Integrated child booster cushion is there for your kid and it is very safe to drive your elegant Volvo XC 90 on Indian roads. The vehicle has protective laminated glass to provide additional protection for you and other passengers. Apart from these features, many great features are there for you to enjoy driving. In India, it is a problem for the drivers of the vehicles, since there are pedestrians, who do not have knowledge about crossing roads. Even if the pedestrians suddenly cross road, while you drive, your Volvo XC 90 would protect them, by deflecting them from your car. For India, this is the most required aspect for the global automakers and the Volvo Company has done a very good job in safeguarding the pedestrians. 
Whether it is raining or shining, the weather condition never affects you and you can drive your Volvo XC 90, as you please. There is no need for you to wait for the improvement of the weather condition, as long as you own this special luxury car. You can always drive your car with control, even if the weather conditions are not conductive. Even when you are driving in harsh condition, you may not have trouble with your vehicle. Of course, if you are interested only with the front wheel system, you have another model, with front wheel driving. It may be beneficial to you, if you opt for the all-wheel drive, so that you are in control of the steering wheel, permanently. If you are a lover of luxury cars, you may want to drive the car, after viewing the car. 
Engine And Safety features’ Benefits:
The high-performing 320hp petrol engine is the highlight of the previous Volvo XC 90 car. The fuel consumption ensures the best mileage for your car. The low-friction and lightweight engine is a great feature of the luxury car. Both turbo-charged and super power engine gives you ample power to drive with all comforts. The eight-speed automated Greatronic transmission system has enhanced the efficiency of the high quality engine. 
While speaking of the brand new 2015 Volvo XC90, it has a brand new Drive E 4 cylinder engine under its hood that also has 2 liter unit with 4 cylinder on the standard vehicle. The plug in version of the engine is now stretched up to a 80 HP electric motor to offer a massive 400 HP power and Torque of 640 Nm. Other engine mill options are D5 twin turbo with 225 HP power and 470 Nm while D4 turbo diesel engine can deliver 320 HP power to offer 400 Nm torque. The petrol mills of this new SUV would have the supercharging T6 Turbo unit along with 320 HP power and torque of 400 Nm while T5 powermill can deliver 254 HP with torque of 350 Nm. 
The designers of the Volvo XC 90 have designed the car, with the specialized technology that provides safety for the pedestrians. The front end of the car absorbs frontal impacts, deflects the pedestrians, and prevents the vehicle run over the pedestrians. Actually, the road accidents happen, since the pedestrians are caught under the vehicle. This specially developed Volvo XC 90 does not allow people to go underneath the car and throws them off. The roof of the car top is reinforced with ultra strength steel and this is to prevent collapse, in the cavity of passengers, even if the car rolls over. The rear end o the car has the ability to absorb energy impact and the whiplash system protects the travelers, who are in rear seats. Even if there is a rear end collision, the travelers may not feel the jolt, because of the WHIP system of the Volvo XC 90. This model car has won the international road safety award from the insurance institute for highway safety organization. The newbie also has some additional features apart from these safety features which is the Run off road protection package which absorbs the energy off the seat and frame to act as a cushion while the intersection braking system puts a halt to the SUV even if it tries to pull in front of a vehicle. In short, this SUV flaunts some of the best safety features of its kind for the first time in the Indian SUV segment which makes it turn heads right before its launch. 
Perfect Vehicle For Indian Luxury Car Lovers:
In India, there are millions of luxury car lovers and they want to drive only luxury cars. Of course, in Indian road condition, it is hardly possible for the automobile manufacturers to introduce luxury cars in the Indian nation. The Volvo XC 90 has created the opportunity for the lovers of sport utility vehicles and in fact, people are curious to view and test-drive the car. Indian roads are with curves and bends and unless the vehicle is perfectly designed, it may not be suitable for the road condition. In recent times, most of the national highways have been upgraded with the latest technology and the roads are fit to run about hundred miles per hour. However, it is possible for you to drive Volvo XC 90, with an increased speed and you need to take notice of the road condition. At the same time, there are wonderfully designed roads, where you can very comfortably drive, with the recommended speed. Safety is the most important point for everybody and in this regard, the Volvo XC 90 is one of the best SUVs. 
Usually, buying a luxury car is a dream for the middle-class people in India, since it is very expensive and only very rich people can afford to buy luxury cars. When compared with the international luxury cars, buying a Volvo XC 90 is affordable, even for the middle-class people. In recent times, the buying capacity of Indians has increased considerably. 
The Volvo Company is different from other companies and always does something special from all other premium vehicles and has earned a great reputation. The driving performance and kid-friendliness is quite amazing in the Volvo XC 90 luxury car, which is a seven-passenger SUV. Availability of two different designs such as, 3.2 as well as 3.2 R-design has provided options for the buyers of the luxury car. In addition, both front wheel and all-wheel drive models are available for you. The DVD based navigation program keeps the passengers with enough entertainment. It is quite evident that Volvo would regain a firm stance on the lost ground of Indian SUV market with this massive vehicle. 

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