Volvo S 60
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32.65 Lakhs-38.25 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Contemporary styling
  • Powerful performance
  • Spacious interiors
  • Spot-on ergonomics
  • Excellent all-around safety

Weak Areas

  • Low mileage
  • Small city practicality
  • Dust-prone interiors
  • Average value for money
  • Limited dealership network
Volvo S 60

Volvo S60 Road Test Review

The latest version of Volvo S60 is launched by its maker, with fine tuning, excellent performance and styling accents to gain more advantages. The stylish looks and powerful engine under its hood makes it a best priced. 

Volvo S60 A Matured Sedan With Functional Features

Volvo is the leading manufacturer of luxurious cars in the world. The company is launching the latest editions of S60 for the customers to get more comforts. Blind spot information system and park assist pilot system are the new features in the models which help to achieve goals in the riding process. Volvo S60 is the stylish sedan that screams luxury even while belonging to the D segment of deluxe four wheelers. This facelifted sedan has a high performing engine under the hood and some major cosmetic features on the exteriors and interiors. The sturdy technological base of the car decides its safety features, fuel efficiency and road performance. The car maker has introduced this stunning vehicle as an re entry in to the automobile market of India as it has bid adieu to its usual boxy design and offered something fresh. This luxury sedan is built on the platform of Volvo P2 platform. 
The Volvo series models are now attracting customers in the markets as they provide awesome facilities to end users. Volvo S60 is an executive car model that is manufactured by the Swedish company Volvo. This model has two generations and the present one is considered as the second generation. It is said to be revolution in the automobile industry and designed with advanced features. Volvo Company has changed the styling to make S60 a popular one among customers in the markets. Although the basic design is unchanged, some new features have been added in this model. The Volvo S60 is available in three trim levels such as T5, T6 and T6R. All these models come with powerful engines followed by sportier suspension along with styling accents. Standard features of T5 include power driving seat, blue tooth, eight speaker sound system, 17 inch wheels, automatic climate control and power folding rear head rests. T6 model includes powerful engine, leather upholstery and 18 inch wheels. The T6R design adds a firm suspension, special style tweaks, a sun roof and sports seats. Additional specifications include a navigation system, cruise control, keyless ignition, adaptive cruise control and a rear seat entertainment system. Exterior of this model includes hood, grille, revised front bumper, LED daytime running lights and new headlight designs. Bonnet on this model is also designed with deeper ridges. The matt finish wheels in Volvo S60 are unique one. Volvo sells S60 model with two five cylinder diesel engine options which features a 2.5 litre, 211 bhp engine. T6 petrol engine has been discontinued in India due to various factors. Volvo S60 is an estate version of S60 which comes with more features. Anti-lock brakes, traction control and side curtain airbags in this model help to ensure more safety measures. Blind spot information system in this model has been updated recently to get cross traffic alerts.  Performance wise, it is competing with other models such as Audi A4 and the BMW series. Corner traction control in this model enhances for a grip during aggressive maneuvers. The Pedestrian detection in the vehicle can be used for applying sudden brakes when seeing pedestrians and cyclists on the roads. This model has a seating capacity of 5 persons. Leather seats in Volvo S60 give ways for experiencing more space and comforts. S60 wears a stylish and elegant design with noticeably increasing ability. Our expert team at Ecardlr performs the road test with this stunning sedan to know its performance on road.
Outside impression
The Volvo S60 comes with contemporary styles which add a stylish look. The S60 R design includes bi- Xenon high lights, a multi function steering wheel, heated exterior mirror, mirror mounted puddle lights, a moon roof and a rear view camera. It also features a re- engineered suspension which enhances the performance levels. The size of the grille has been modified into a new one. The intricately sculpted front bumper is also a new one and the bonnet includes deeper ridges too. Wheels are designed with attractive matt finish colors. Tail lights, LED lights, rain sensing wipers and auto dimming rear view mirrors are some other features of this model. It has the dimensions of 4628 mm length, 1865 mm width and 1484 mm height. A strut power brace in this model adds more stiffness to the chassis and the monotone dampers help to improve the riding quality. Multi function steering wheels in S60 give ways for controlling and adjusting the speeds. S60 model also as a sophisticated sedan which can be used for sports purposes. Some of the special editions of S60 include S60 polestar, S60 R design, etc. They come in various shades and appeals to the buyers. The model also has full wheel cover, turn indicators and halogen lamps. It is absolutely a Volvo with smooth contours and sweeping lines. 2014 S60 R design is an aggressive one which is available with more features. Unique turned suspension system in this model offers crisp handling and a sportier ride. 
Cabin Pretentions 
The interior of Volvo S60 is designed with adjustable seating system, power steering, aluminum inlays, high quality pedals, instrumentation and shift levers. Front, side and overhead airbags in S60 models help to avoid accidents on the roads. Dashboards are designed with latest features to store various types of products. Apart from that, high ventilation air conditioned facilities are available in this model to get a smoother riding. Seats which are made from high quality leather materials are a suitable one for experiencing more comforts. Other features include fuel gauge, Rpm meter and lights. Gear box in this model can be operated easily while driving the vehicles on the roads. The total wheel base of is approximately about 2776 mm. However, dimensions and wheel sizes might vary with a model. A maximum of five passengers can sit inside this model with more comforts. The cabin of S60 is a pleasant place to sit and drive. Flat fronted center console in this model has a bunk of buttons and features central keypad. It has the traditional air distribution pictogram that allows users to select air vents while opening. Light colored materials and clever design in S60 gives ways for experiencing a bright and airy feel. The 2 litre D4 diesel engine in this model helps for reducing the CO2 emissions to create a green environment. S60 provides many safety features to drive the vehicles without any difficulties. In addition, this model plays a key role in improving the performance levels of engines to a greater extent. Brake torque in S60 helps to stop the vehicle on the tracks quickly to prevent collision and other problems. A camera in this model helps to keep a tab on the tracks. A large boot lid in this model can be used for incorporating license plates. Currently, Volvo has introduced 2015 models in some countries to fulfill the needs of buyers. S60 comes with turbocharged and supercharged engine to maintain efficiency levels. 
Heart of The Matter 
The Volvo S60 model provides various types of features for the users to meet exact requirements in the riding process. The sizes of engines might vary with a model and they help to overcome complex issues. S60 R design comes an efficient engine to deliver 325 horsepower and 354 lb- ft of torque. Power is supplied to all the four wheels in this model through a six speed automatic gearbox. It helps for easy driving, fast acceleration, weather capability and confident traction. Another advantage is that it gives ways for getting more mileage by saving fuel. This model is best suited to a road to ensure more protection and safety measures. Volvo S60 is built with a high quality engine to get desired outputs. Four cylinders with turbo chargers will replace future Volvos. The gas versions wear T5 and T6 badging and the rest have only four holes. I art technology in the diesel engine helps to adapt the combustion in four of the cylinders. The more powerful D5 features a 2.4 litre, 211 bhp engine and it is identified by the dual exhausts. 2.0 litre D4 version 164 bhp is a nice engine which delivers power in a linear manner. Tiptronic control in S60 helps to control the gearshifts. The weight of the chassis is about 1665 kg. Moreover, it releases torque speed at 1500 rpm - 2750 rpm. S60 model can be pulled easily even when the traffic is high. Turbo charger in the engine boosts the performance of vehicle. In addition, riders can be able to save money on fuel costs. Another advantage it can be tuned to anytime to maintain engines in a good condition.
Road Manners 
The wheels of Volvo S60 are covered with powerful disc brakes to get desired braking outputs. The suspension of this model is soft. Disc brakes in the wheels help to prevent collision with other vehicles. Anti locking braking system enables users to drive the vehicle in a perfect manner. Furthermore, S60 offers excellent safety features to overcome risks on the roads. Volvo’s city safety function uses a laser censor which automatically triggers the brakes at the low speeds. Maximum protection is assured to passengers by this model. High quality seat belts in this model can be used at the time of driving. Some other features include low fuel warning, safety locks, inner LED lights, bluetooth connectivity, premium auto system with a DVD player and navigation. S60 R design provides bespoke sport seats with comprises of leather materials. Model is available in metallic colors. The S60 polestar comes with advanced features to make riding a smoother one. T6 premier plus model includes a garage open door opener along with other features. S60 is an eco friendly one to gain more advantages. This model competes with BMW and Audi 4 series in the series due to several factors. New models arrive in the Indian markets today to satisfy the requirements of customers. S60 is proved to be a best model which helps for minimizing complications while driving the vehicle on the roads. Sensus infotainment system in this model gives ways for displaying the images while driving the vehicle with a support of a camera. The drive E four cylinders produce 240 horse power and 258 lb ft of torque power. T5 list of options include wood trim on the dash board, a palette of metallic paint colors, heated front seats, bi Xenon headlights with washers. The car feels good while driving on the highways as its handling and feel are good. It offers a rich riding quality as it has an impressive suspension mated to its power mill. This makes this driver focused car have smooth gear shifts and well refined drive feel. 
Overall Verdict 
A large number of luxurious vehicles now arrive in the markets today in order to facilitate the end users. The Volvo S60 comes with unique features to offer optimum results during the riding process. Volvo offers four different packages for the S60. All these models come with advanced features to experience desired outputs. On the other hand, they have some disadvantages too. It is essential to make a complete research on them before investing money. The basic price of S60 models starts around 40 lakhs in the Indian markets. Manufacturers should focus on rectifying certain defects which will definitely add values to this model. S60 is a perfect one for making a trip with friends and children. But, some cons in this model can change the buying decision of customers. It is necessary to know the pros and cons when buying this model. There are several sources available for this purpose to get ideas in an easy manner. The prices might differ with a model. Volvo is trying to make various changes in the coming years to increase the efficiency of this vehicle. Anyone who is interested in buying this vehicle should read the reviews and ratings from several websites to improve knowledge. S60 is a safer one to ride on the roads. On the other hand, it is an imperative one to gather complete information about this model during the buying process.
Prices are an affordable one which gives ways for buying the models based on the choices. Latest updates about the models can be known from the internet for purchasing S60 model according to needs. S60 is a luxurious vehicle that provides methods for planning a trip depending on the requirements. It gives an ultimate happiness and satisfaction to passengers and drivers. Volvo has toned down the styling of S60 models to make travel an unforgettable one. It is possible to purchase this vehicle at estimated budgets and ideal one for long distance purposes. One can be able to get a nice riding experience with this vehicle. S60 also helps for reducing the costs on fuel costs to save money. This sedan is priced at Rs. 40 lakhs based on the ex-showroom price of New Delhi. 

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