Toyota Fortuner
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Customer Rating
: 4/5
Expert Rating
: 9/10
: 3 Yrs / 1,00,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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27.83 Lakhs-33.6 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Stylized demeanour 
  • High safety features
  • Rugged build quality
  • Excellent ride quality 


Weak Areas

  • High price
  • Spartan interiors
  • No sunroof
  •  Mediocre handling
Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner SUV Road test Review

Toyota has launched new Fortuner in India to take on the likes of Endeavour and Trailblazer. We get behind the wheel to find what this new model promises to offer. 

Toyota Fortuner SUV Road Test Review

Toyota has recently launched next generation of Fortuner; claiming it to be a huge leap forward over outgoing model. We believe that real challenge for Fortuner is not to find buyers (as it already entrenched into market) but rather to carry forward the legacy of its predecessors. Over the years, Today Fortuner has emerged as de-facto choice in premium SUV segment and this has multiplied the pressure on the newer version manifold. Now to live up to expectation, the Japanese automaker has put in all and you will almost find all the desirable features in this new SUV, be it size and bulk, luxurious interiors and spacious cabin, range of engines and transmissions, and long list of equipment.

          Toyota Fortuner

Not surprising thus than new Fortuner comes with a hefty price tag, just falling in line with Toyota’s premium price policy. Still couple of days into the sales and so called very price sensitive Indian buyers are swamping the Toyota’s dealerships to buy one. Now why this rage is happening and does new Fortuner is really so capable; we find you the answers in this road test review. 

Design, Style, and Interiors

New Fortuner retains all size and bulk but now in a more sophisticated manner. The old square jawed, boxy look is gone and now replaced by very sophisticated and modern design language. The front fascia has been completely reimagined and although Toyota has retained the DNA of older Fortuner, company has done it with more flair and refinement. Very sleek looking headlamps make a style statement in them. In profile, Fortuner takes more dynamics shape with the chrome line wrapping around the whole SUV in a very desirable manner. Fear of tissue we also make for a style statement and here too, wrap around tail light are delight to look at. 

            Fortuner SRS-Airbags

Inside the cabin, we simply Love the choice and finishing of the interiors. The layout of the interiors is very practical and all the controls as well as switches fall to hand very easily. Toyota has used soft-touch material in order to provide the feeling of luxury and exuberance although we have found that in many places the material quality could have been better. There is long list of equipment that new Fortuner comes with. Toyota has provided all the bells and whistles that usually SUV owners Desire but what is even more important that there is no death of the space inside the cabin.

        Fortuner Optitron Meter Clustered In Soft Touch

All the three rows have enough space for making the occupants comfortable, especially the front and middle row where the company has gone all out to make to provide stupendous room for the occupants. Access to the third row is really a Nifty touch although Space at the last row is not as good as we would have liked.

Engine, Transmission, & Dynamics

Under the Hood, new Fortuner is powered by 2.7-liter petrol and 2.8-litre diesel motor. we test drove the latter which was mated to automatic transmission. Power and torque figures are rated at 177 PS and 450 NM for the automatic transmission and 420 Nm for manual gearbox.

          Fortuner Gasoline Engine

Engine transmission combination is smooth one and although there is some hesitation at the lower regulations, Toyota has done a good job in matching the engine characteristic with the transmission. As most of the SUV buyers are looking for the convenience of driving, automatic transmission really provides a huge amount of comfort over the manual one. Toyota has also provided paddle shifters in order to add a sporty element to the SUV and it also doubles the amount of convenience this SUV comes with.
            Fortuner Diesel Engine

Now in the ride and handling department, Fortuner really shines with its very complaint right quality. It gobbles up the bumps, road undulations, and we are absolutely delighted about the way this big and brawny SUV rides. Handling too is not bad despite of all the bulb, height, and length this SUV comes with. There is a body rolls that can be felt at speed but still by SUV standard, Fortuner handles in a very competitive manners.

Overall Verdict

Fortuner has never been a strong value for money proposition and the new model doesn't tend to improve this image either. Price in the range of Rs 25.92-31.12 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), new Fortuner comes across as a pricier option even cost more than its arch rivals like Ford Endeavour and Chevrolet trailblazer. Still we find Toyota Fortuner more desirable and more accomplished SUV on account of its cost of features and sense of indestructibility. New Fortuner is far more accomplished than that outgoing model and it better its predecessor on almost each and every count. To start with, it looks very dynamic and sophisticated, has got very luxurious and app market cabin, comes powered by very powerful and que paper set of engines, and has got very spot on dynamic abilities.  We are already receiving the news how the new Fortuner has got into the demand with waiting time now rising up to 2 months for top end variant in many cities. There is no doubt that with new Fortuner Toyota has another winner in its hand.

Style & Substance                      4/5                                    Ride & Handling           3/5
Interiors & Ergonomics:           3/5                                    Safety & Equipment       2/5
Power-Plant &Transmission     3.5/5                                Fuel Efficiency            4/5
Value for Money    3/5

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