Tata Motors Sumo Gold
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Strong Areas

  • Sporty styling 
  • Improved interiors 
  • Spacious cabin 
  • Soaking ride quality 
  • Excellent mileage

Weak Areas

  • Average performance 
  • High sticker price 
  • Small equipment list
  • Unrefined oil-burner
  • Poor overall sound insulation
Tata Motors Sumo Gold

Tata Sumo Gold Road Test Review By Ecardlr Expert

The Tata Sumo is an affordable MUV that has gone through various updates over the year and it has maintained the standard throughout of being the people carrier with comfortable features. Now this vehicle is known as Tata Sumo Gold as it houses a brand new engine and some better features to cater to needs of Indian MUV buyers.

Tata Sumo Gold The Affordable & Quintessential People Carrier

Sumo is the oldest SUV existing in the country and has been still going strong. Being introduced during the early 90’s, still being on sale, Sumo has undergone several avatars. Also, there was second generation Grande, but did not go quite well with the Indian car enthusiasts. The original Sumo has been into business for a long time and still in demand. The HorizoNext campaign has been provided an upgrade and Tata Sumo Gold has been introduced. The Tata Sumo Gold does make an excellent car especially for a large family that is on tighter budget and having concerns on running costs. As a matter of fact, there are very few cars from this segment that can match its excellent economics. Just with Mahindra Bolero competing in this space, the new Sumo Gold having decent engine, great ride and people cramming capacity is undoubtedly the best bet to make and to be in class. Let us find out what all the new features it has in store for us.
Outside Impression
Tata Sumo Gold has its design derived from Mercedes Benz G-Wagen, connect of which is clearly visible to all. But, on being numerous updates, the design is something different. It has been provided with new front grille having chrome present on upper lip, along with GOLD that is embossed on it. Clamshell hood has been retained in this model and ruggedness in the styling. The side profile of the SUV is very much the same, but has been tweaked along with few graphics and some floating roof elements that are included for differentiating from the previous version. It is believed that the manufacturer has gone overboard when it comes to graphics. Rear also has been provided with additional graphics and not much changes can be noticed in the overall design, since all the panels that are seen in the previous version has been noticed. The overall length of the car is 4258mm, width is 1700mm, height is 1925mm and it has a large wheel base of about 2400mm. It has tubeless radial tyres of size 215/75 R15 and can run wonderful on any road conditions.
Cabin Pretentions
The interior of Tata Sumo Gold has been provided with sea of changes that is quite impressive and has taken the Indian car enthusiasts by surprise. The new SUV has been noticed to have refreshed the instrumental panel design. The new one has been provided with steering wheel having 4 spokes coming from Indica and Indigo family. Center console is quite simple and the air conditioners along with several buttons for controlling the rear wash, defogger and wiper. Aftermarket music system is present which is present in the top end variant. Besides this, it has the Bluetooth integration also. There are power window switches which are present close to the gear level, and are comfortable to be used. It is undoubtedly the very first SUV that has been offered dual AC in this segment. Upholstery is also very much stylish and also gives out a feel good factor. 
The fit, quality and finish of the vehicle have definitely improved by couple of notches, while the interiors are excellent. It is spacious and this is sure to come as a surprise to many. It has enough knee room and head room for everyone, including for those passengers sitting in the 2nd row of the vehicle. Moreover, the 3rd row is equally comfortable and spacious to fit in. Sumo Gold is enough space than that of its competitors in this segment and equally comfortable to provide the passengers with a smooth ride, especially on the Indian road conditions. 
The best part of Tata Sumo Gold is the space that it provides to the passengers in all the rows. Enough vertical space is present and one can climb in with their luggage and not even having the need to put it down. Interiors are indeed a wonderful step forward than that of the earlier version, but it could feel old school and crude. But it is ergonomically wonderful. Middle row and jumps seats present at the back have enough space to accommodate four. 
There is a false wood that covers the center console, housing the AC controls. Bluetooth audio system is present below it, located close to gear level. There is provided glove box lid which also can be doubled up as usable cup holder. The AC vents that are roof mounted for rear passengers are the biggest change here which helps cool the massive passenger cabin much faster. The additional ventilation is surely appreciated by all the passengers, especially with 8 people occupying the vehicle at the max. Headroom is generous even after filling the vehicle with passengers to the brim. Even after the passage of so many years, Sumo is still said to have its basic mantra appropriate in place. Also, it is stated to be simple, plain, no-nonsense, passenger mover, offering a huge amount of space. In the last few years, the vehicle has gained several basic luxury touches such as the Bluetooth audio system, rear AC vents, power windows that has helped the UV to be in race. 
Heart Of The Matter
This vehicle comes with CR4 3.0 diesel engine. It is considered to be the same block which has powered the Safari till 2007. The CR4 is Tata Motor’s latest addition to the growing technology, thereby, increasing fuel efficiency and performance of the engine by a huge difference. It has 5 speed manual transmission gear box. The engine does produce power of 85bhp when compared to DiCOR, which was around 115bhp. Besides this, the levels of NHH are fine much to the expectations of the car enthusiasts. One can feel some diesel clatter on the idling and it is a bit louder when on cold starts. Also, the power delivery can be termed to be linear since engine does produce sufficient torque throughout rev range. Gear level is quite tall and shifts are somewhat rubbery, but not difficult. Clutch is light, while making it comfortable for the person to ride constantly within the Indian city roads, without any hassle. In short, this vehicle has been built keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian customers, who would like to drive a SUV comfortably in the Indian city road conditions and highways comfortably and conveniently.
It has 4 cylinder motor and can displace 2956cc with power of 83.1bhp that is of 25.5kgm, between 1600 and 2000 RPM. It is essentially Safari’s DiCOR unit having few modifications. It means that the vehicle still possess 3000 RPM power. The goods bits of this SUV include turbo lag that is almost zero and reasonably stronger mid-range. This effectively means there is no need for downshifting much. It is a wonderful thing. Gaps that are present between gear slots are very wide. Sumo Gold takes about 28.87 seconds for crossing 100kph, however, once the individual has attained it, cruising there onwards becomes smooth and comfortable, making it the perfect vehicle for the family. If pressed on, the vehicle would run into aerodynamic wall at about 121kph, due the brick type shape that it has. 
The common rail diesel 3 liter engine is still found in the older versions, however is retuned to get tighter emission norms. Sumo Gold presently makes 250Nm torque and 83bhp, which is sent to rear wheels through the 5 speed manual-transmission. On the other hand, more than its outright power, the individual is sure to appreciation the additional torque, which allows the Sumo to move swiftly away. On the highway, this SUV cruises easily at 130kph, while the ride is fairly smooth and comfortable. The true talents of the Sumo Gold can be noticed on the Indian roads, which are considered to be less than perfect and also non-existent in several areas. The additional high ground clearance clearly means that underbody does not scrape on the rough surfaces. Ride is termed to be just impressive and nothing short of it. The vehicle smoothly rides over bad roads and bumps without the passengers feeling about it. Power steering provided in this vehicle feels very light, while maneuvering is a breeze. U turn can be made easily even in tight places. 
Road Manners
Sumo Gold from the well known, reputed Indian automobile manufacturer Tata Motors has been designed to provide good ride, be it long or short. This vehicle is exclusively meant to take its occupants from one point to the other and it does its job very efficiently. The vehicle’s ride suppleness is very much brilliant, while its thick tyres do absorb almost all of shocks that are generally experienced on the Indian roads, thereby giving a highly pliant ride. While driving through rough and bad roads, the SUV has been quite impressive and returned wonderful ratings. Furthermore, it has the power to glide over potholes, without the passengers feeling it.  Handling of the vehicle is decent. In short, it can be termed to be a performance oriented SUV and possesses high gravity center because of its decent height. Furthermore, manufacturers claim that the car would perform much better when it is loaded completely. It has lighter steering wheel and also easier to maneuver even in tight spots and narrow lanes that are common sights in the country. The small turning radius makes this vehicle the perfect one for city roads. 
The occupants are sure to enjoy the ride although some bounce can be experienced when the vehicle is in speed, however, it is not altogether uncomfortable. Soft suspension present does provide the vehicle a pliant ride when at low speeds. The vehicle tackles sharp bumps with aplomb. Even on highways, the vehicle shows wonderful composure. Through its corners, one can feel the vehicle’s high center gravity and bulkiness. However, this is something that can be expected from a tall car. The light clutch, steering, less turning circles and dimensions do make the car ideal for the city commuters. Brakes are excellent and there is sound insulation.
Overall Verdict
Getting into driver’s seat of the Tata Sumo Gold is sure to make the person to feel his is the king of road. Sumo is undoubtedly a tried & tested formula that has been plying on the Indian roads for quite a long time and enjoying greater success among the Indian car buyers. The very fact that it is still being produced after so many years is enough proof of its demand in the market and the manufacturers striking a chord with Indian buyers. 
Overall, Tata Sumo Gold is indeed a wonderful package that can make every owner proud. Besides its efficient and effective handling, supple ride, excellent attractive interiors, new features, the vehicle does score very well over its competitors, inspite of retaining its age old design. However, it is the aggressive pricing of this SUV that sets it apart from the rest of its competitors in this segment and makes the buyers and car enthusiasts happy. Sumo Gold is highly recommended to those individuals, who are in need of an affordable SUV having basic features, plenty of space and requiring low maintenance. The ex-showroom Delhi price of Gold CX is Rs. 6,24,944; Gold CX BSIII is Rs. 5,93,076; Gold CX PS is Rs. 6,41,784; Gold CX PS BSIII is Rs. 6,09,916; Gold EX is Rs. 6,93,620; Gold EX BSIII is Rs. 6,78,494; Gold FX is Rs. 7,28,496; Gold GX is Rs. 7,55,721; Gold LX is Rs. 6,50,736 and that of Gold LX BSIII is Rs. 6,26,210. If the individual is interested to have a vehicle which has the capability to haul loads of passengers at a time, but without the hassle or inconvenience, while coming at a low budget, especially for an SUV, then Tata Sumo Gold having new added features can be something that is worth considering and the investment.

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