Tata Motors Safari Storme
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Strong Areas

  • Up market ambience
  • Refined good performer
  • Cushioning ride quality
  • Great all-around visibility
  • Sophisticated user-friendly design

Weak Areas

  • Low fuel efficiency
  • Overpriced in segment
  • Low space at third row
  • Handling not satisfying 
  • Avg stereo and sound quality
Tata Motors Safari Storme

New Safari Storme Road Test Review

Safari Storme is a vehicle from brand Tata and is considered to be a much anticipated one from the car enthusiasts. The manufacturers have not disappointed with the buyers by providing enhanced looks and power.

New Safari Storme Road Test Review

Tata Safari is regarded to be the very first premium SUV which has been introduced in the country. This is a vehicle made for the Indians by Indians, back in 1998. From then, its chassis still has remained the same. Tata Safari Storme has been launched based on X2 platform and is a 4x4. It is the refinement of the vehicle that has really impressed. The vibrations that were seen in the earlier versions at the rear have now been reduced with the mounting of the spare underneath the car. Moreover, the fuel tank has also become smaller. Presently, this vehicle has 50 liter tank rather than the usual 65 liters. Another benefit of reduction in vibration can be termed to be dual mass flywheel that balances engine much better when compared with conventional flywheel.

           Tata Safari Storme

City drivability of Tata Safari Storme has improved considerably and final drive ratios is said to have been changed. Its engine is also quite efficient along with handling and provides smooth drive. The chassis is much more lighter and flexible, improving its handling drastically. Brakes are responsive, not giving a spongy feeling at any point of time and the pedal’s feel is good. Ride is smooth and does not give the driver a stiff feeling. Bumps and road shocks, potholes are also taken care of the suspension system. Steering feedback is wonderful. In short Safari Storme drives excellently well and driving dynamics is stated to be a massive enhancement over its predecessors.

Style and Design

The manufacturer has tried to keep intact the masculinity of the Tata Safari Storme by providing maximum changes to its rear end. It is a vehicle that is loved for its looks. Its wide stance does provide it an off-road character. Besides the wide stance, it also has excellent ground clearance and height. This SUV has been given some major changes in its looks. The tail gate is removed and it flaunts stylish and new honeycomb grille, which provides the front fascia, wider and slimmer appearance. Headlights have become sharper, offering the vehicle an aggressive front look. This new version still looks the same from its sides. Its design seems to be inspired from the Range Rover. Plenty of chrome could be witnessed on its exteriors, which gives the Tata Safari Storme a luxurious and new feeling. Xenon lamps are provided along with lens projector for improving driver visibility during night driving. Side blinkers are integrated on ORVM. Side possesses muscular wheel arches, besides the 16” alloy wheels. Foot rails are much wider. By having the spare wheel, its rear end appears cleaner and windscreen looks bigger and offers wonderful visibility. Washer and windscreen wiper is present with new tailgate. Exteriors have been given a change, however, the Safari’s legacy still continues with this release.

          Tata Safari Storm Roof

The Tata Safari Storme has big wheelbase of about 2650mm, with length measuring 4655mm; breadth 1965mm, height 1922mm. These figures provide the vehicle a good stance. The tire size being 235/70 R16 makes the vehicle just perfect for the purpose of off-road drives as it offers tremendous ground clearance, of about 200mm. Such figures are great enough for giving the person an idea that this vehicle is a majestic one having a road presence and impressive stance.

The vehicle is being offered in various color options like Arctic White, Sardinia Red, Pearl White, Astern Black, Arctic Silver and Urban Bronze.

Cabin And Interiors

A wonderful thing about Tata Safari Storme is that there have been quality improvements in regards to its fitments and interiors. The cabin has been given an enhanced look. Chrome that is provided here and there tends to add to the look and is coupled with improved spacing and comfortable seating. Front seats are similar to what is seen in the previous versions and are quite comfortable to accommodate even tall people. Also, present is a third row seating. The jump seats are excellent enough and are quite comfortable for the passengers. The seat in both entry level trim and mid-level variants gets fabric upholstery, while the top end variant is provided with leather. Dashboards boast of having new dials on instrument panels, appearing smooth and clean. Overall ambiance is improved and is an inspiration from the Range Rover, which has been recently bought over by Tata. Depending on variant, the interiors have been presented with the latest color themes. Top variant Vx flaunts Sandstone Beige and Sahara Beige theme. Whereas, the Ex and Lx variants have been offered with Sandstone Beige and Java Black theme. Overall, around 10 air vents are present, for rear and front passengers. The increase in the air vent numbers does allow the vehicle to maintain cabin climate.

           Safari Storme Upper Brake

Besides plush interiors, Alpine music system is also found in Tata Safari Storme, which allows the passengers to drive. It comes with a manual electric control based air conditioning. Also, there is separate blower for those passengers seated in the rear. Safari Storme’s climate control has also been improved. Besides providing comfort driving, there is power steering wheel, which is light enough to surprise the buyer. The top variants are given airbags and full power windows for safety. The interiors of the vehicle have been matched up to the manufacturer’s standards.

Engine & Transmission

The Tata Safari Storme still retains the same in-line 2179cc engine which is presently uses VariCOR technology, rather than DICOR. Optimum power that is churned by the turbo diesel at 4000 RPN is 138bhp and torque of 320Nm between 1700 and 2700 RPM. The higher torque and power is because of the presence of fuel injection system that is completely electronically controlled having higher injection pressure. It uses 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. With VariCOR, the engine is much quieter now. A light chassis and refined engine would result to the vehicle producing excellent performance. It is based upon Aria platform. The vehicle can accelerate to 100kmph in about 15 seconds and the achievable top speed is 165kmph, which is definitely quite impressive. It gives a superb mileage of 13.2kmpl on highways and 9.3kmpl on city roads. Two wheel drive delivers 14kmpl and 10.8kmpl on highways and on city respectively. Direct injection rail engine has sixteen valves and has aluminum cylinder heads being of world class and Variable Turbine Technology (VTT) having incorporated does allow greater and better performance. The vehicle is BSIV compliant. The vehicle engages well, irrespective of the terrain being mud, off road or gravel terrain. Moreover, the engine is powerful enough to reflect that it spirits are likely to be high during driving the vehicle.

          Tata Safari Varicor 400 Engine with 156 PS Power

Safari Storme further possesses exciting off-road capabilities, power packed performance, pickup figures and decent acceleration along with VariCOR engine that is of 2.2 liter, which does help to enhance the SUV’s performance. A good thing about this vehicle is its road grip and balance that is rather a weakness with its competitors. The chassis of Tata Safari Storme also boasts of having an enhancement which helps to vehicle to deliver smooth drive. Being based on the latest Aria chassis, the Storm makes drive to be much more refined. The engine being more powerful, the vehicle has got more lighter, while its rigid frame assists in reducing the roll. The SUV also gets forward drive option including All Wheel drive-model.

Dynamic Abilities

Handling and braking is something very important for any vehicle. When considering this, Tata Safari Storme does get efficient braking system and fitted with independent vacuum assisted hydraulic brakes. Ventilated brakes with EBD do assist to make braking quite sharp and precise irrespective of it being on uneven terrains or on the road. Suspension that is used is double wishbone type having coil springs present in front, including 5 link suspension along with coil springs present at rear wheel. Combined together, the suspension system and braking system does give the passengers a comfortable and smooth drive. Besides this, the vehicle has been provided with advanced safety features. There is present the ABS to keep the vehicle under the driver’s control. 16” wheels do assure easy handling and comfortable ride and this is done through traction maintenance on the road.

           Stylised Java Black Interiors with Silver Accents

Drive quality always has been quite a concern with Tata car buyers. The latest Safari Storme has been provided maximum attention by the manufacturer so that it can have the kind of safety and driving features that would be enjoyed by the car enthusiasts in this segment. Drive quality did improve a lot with this SUV, while the engine having re-tuning provides it a comfortable drive when compared to the predecessors. The several features that the Tata Safari Storme boasts about are Anti lock braking program with EBD, independent vacuum assisted hydraulic brakes for ensuring safe drive. There is present remote central locking to provide the vehicle with additional safety. Also, there is provided master light switch having fog lamp controls to get better drivability. Fog lamps are present at the front and rear are given reflect reflector and clear lens. The higher trims have been given driver and passenger airbags with side impact bars and crumble zone which is rather offered as standard feature in all the variants. The crumble zone does assist in absorbing impacts if there is an unfortunate front collision, while keeping the injuries to front passengers and driver to the minimum. Top end also avails reverse guide program and display, in the form of rear interior view mirror, which has anti-glare features, thereby adding driver’s ease at the time of driving. The SUV also gets superior crash worthiness that keeps damage to minimum and ensures high safety of the passengers. Another interesting feature is its enhancing the structural strength through ladder frame construction, which is quite sturdy. The vehicle’s suspension system and braking makes drive decent. The turning radius of this SUV has improved and is 5.4m making driver much easier within city limits.

           Safari Storme Multi funtion Steering Wheel

The Tata Safari Storme from the house of Tata is rather considered to be an off-road vehicle, featuring amazing ground clearance, wheels, sturdiness, wide stance, etc. The size of the wheels are 235/70 R16. It is big enough for supporting and maintaining the vehicle’s stance. The wheel has been given a new look, by being provided with 5 spokes and the spare wheel is now placed under the rear end’s bottom, instead of the tailgate. It has resulted to the vehicle having a new tailgate and to get much better visibility via rear windscreen. The wheels do help to balance the SUV, which weighs around 2000kgs in 2 wheel drive trim, while the 4 wheel drive weighs around 2095kgs.

Overall Verdict

Overall Tata Safari Storme is a wonderful SUV that has been launched by Tata Motors, who have always been innovative and always look towards providing maximum comfort and pleasure to its customers. The vehicle boasts of having comfort and sophisticated safety features. The presence of 4WD system does help the vehicle to perform much better on all kinds of terrains. Its exterior appearance is quite impressive, while the engine performance satisfying. The after sales service offered by the manufacturer is excellent, for which Tata Motors is always known for. Besides this, the ride quality is good along with its power and handling. There is ample space for everyone. Price of Tata Safari Storme, ex-showroom Delhi is as follows: VX4WD is of Rs. 13,71,289; VX for Rs. 12,44,016; EX for Rs. 1108,798 and LX for Rs. 9,94,372. Overall, it is a wonderful vehicle that is sure to provide value worth the investment.

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