Tata Motors Nano
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Customer Rating
: 2/5
Expert Rating
: 8/10
: 4 Yrs / 60,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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Strong Areas

  • Class leading AC
  • Cute fresh styling
  • Great fuel-efficiency
  • Excellent space proposition
  • Excellent all-round visibility

Weak Areas

  • Heavy steering
  • Shaky gear lever
  • No glove box and less storage
  • Interiors quality unsatisfactory
  • Different front & rear tyre size 
Tata Motors Nano

Special Edition Nano Look The Part

Dreams are priceless and when the one has been dreamt by the former chairman of India’s most revered and respected corporate house; Tata then one can easily acknowledge the invaluable nature of the vision. Years ago Ratan Tata fancied giving an affordable and safe transport medium to Indian masses and the idea finally culminated into the inception of Nano at the 9th auto expo held in New Delhi, 2008. Amid all glitz and glamour Nano came out in open and reactions of the experts as well as masses were unprecedented as the world’s cheapest car successfully garnered rave reviews. But that’s all about as far as good fortunes of this small wonder is concerned and expect this spectacular launch there’s nothing to write home about in Nano’s tale.Initially production shift from the Singur to Sanand blew away the Nano’s early opportunity window that Tata Motors was hoping to cash in on and then spate of fire incidents dented the prospects of its sales in a severely bad way. Finally some technical revisions and Nano 2012 model brought much needed relief for the ailing sales of this car. 2012 edition of Nano got a good feedback and with happy customers’ word of mouth, sales spurted for someof the successive months. But then things once again come in full circle as the recession in market took its toll; this time not only on Nano’s commerce but almost on allother car manufacturers as sales across the segments registered a strong decline.Now in order to counter this plummeting sales number, Tata Motors has once again revised the Nano offer and as a result new Nano special edition 2013 has ushered in the battle field of small cars. Armed with some key improvements rigorously based on customers’ feedback, this 2013 special addition look the part as it gears up to fight awar that is full of stealth and camouflage.Now how special this new edition is and will it be able to steer the Nano comeback amid the vociferously contested small car segment of Indian automobile industry? Though the questions are many but as always precise answer lies only with ecardlr as we go to great length in order to give you a complete perspective of things. This time too we closely scrutinize both the sides of claim made by this special edition of Nano which desperately wanted to ride high on back of these newly added virtues.

Special Edition Nano Look The Part

Special addition Nano comes with some subtle changes that require a close eye to differentiate this edition from its predecessor. By and large looks remain unchanged though vital additions like alloy wheels, body graphics and rear honeycomb grill have tried hard to make the changes perceptible. Cute and bubbly ingredients are used in plenty which make the car very adorable. The front face retains its retro looks with a thin strip of chrome and large triangular headlamps. Profile view hints towards the large head space as side view is taller than many class-above hatchbacks.  Side air-vents, in addition to doing critical work of dissipating the heat, also aid the Nano’s beauty quotient. Allow wheels are a thoughtful touch as it helps to assuage the cheap car tag that inevitable comes with Nano. Doors open wide; almost to 90 degrees that helps in ingress-egress manoeuvers.



Rear of the Nano looks more sophisticated than the previous model as the honeycomb grill and sleek chrome add some zing to otherwise almost flat panel. Indica-theme tail lamps now look dated though illumination is at par with the price tag this car comes with. Exhaust pipe has been neatly tucked under the bumper and disguises its identity as centrally mounted unit. 


Inside changes are more apparent in this special edition of Nano than the outside ones. Access the 90 degree opening rage door and changes stare right in your face. Ebony black dashboard with the matching upholstery is a welcome change from dirt prone bright colours though this choice of colour is subjective. 

Dash board now incorporates a very long-time waiting demand of glove box as this special edition of Nano comes with two glove boxes on either side of dashboard. Though there are two glove boxes these are best only for putting the change or just small stuff. Don’t expect much from these recesses but at least now these come with the lid. 



Instrument cluster continues to feature the old arrangement of central mount though now it also houses another much clamoured want of a music system. And here again the company exceeded the expectation as the stereo is capable of not playing normal stuff like music, CD, radio etc. but also comes with facility of aux-in, USB and Bluetooth. Side stalks feel surprisingly chunky though all black steering feel a bit bland. 


Space is one of the greatest virtues of Nano as four adults can travel in more comfortably in this car than in Alto or even Eon. Wide opening door is very helpful feature and high mounted seats further augment the convenience. There is enough of leg room and knee room while head room is beyond any comparison. Also the dummy parcel shelf at the rear has been used for housing the speakers only though the in-between space could have been used by providing some stowage recesses or glove boxes as given at the front. 


Heart of the Nano remains same as the power to the wheels are the 38 PS of power and 51 Nm of torque generated by 2-cylinder, 623 cc unit is transferred to rear wheels via 4 speed manual transmission. There has been no change made on the specifications front though we would like to see some of the alteration especially in the steering geometry. Power steering is still one of the most glaring deficiencies in the Nano’s overall proposition and lack of it exaggerated the parking worries for an average Indian customer. Although the gym-going guys won’t find it much difficult but an average person with regular diet has to sweat hard for aligning Nano in a line. 


That said we feel considerable improvement in the transmission as now the teeth clogs in a more inspiring way; especially for the forward 4 gears. Reverse gear still needs some directional effort though all the forward ones have improved their prospects in alignment. Now the gear box seems to be just notch below the very sleek units and we are sure in the next revision it will come near to its competitors. Foot well too feel quite relaxed as there is enough space for resting one’s feet in between.  Engine feel quite eager in town and up to 60 km/h there is no stopping however after the aforementioned speed the progress becomes slow. Above 80 km/h is seems engine is running out of steam and it’s an intelligent move to upshift early even after 50 km/h for a relaxed and stress free driving experience. Brakes seem to be now more powerful than the initial version and boost pressure feels more assuring but still there is considerable scope of improvement.   


Similar to heart, no changes that have found their way in suspension part as the wheels of this special edition Nano uses the same old hardware for the task. Up front McPherson strut does the duty while at rear independent semi-trailing arm is at the helm to suspend different size wheels. Nano being a dinky dimensions car, strikes very good combination of ride and handling. In fact contrary to tradition of Tata which gives ride comfort a priority over handling, Nano is better handler than a rider. But the actual reason behind it is the smaller 135 mm front tyres which unsettled the car in potholes though good enough to deal with small undulations. Small size holes are dispatched easily though Nano faces problem in the large digging where one has to be vigilant in order to avoid the crashing of suspension. 

Handling on the other hand is like a child’s play as manoeuvring the Nano even in the tight spots seems like a good fun. The only problem is steering which feels a bit heavy at slow speeds and Tata’s trick to increase its diameter doesn’t seem to pay off fully as the heaviness feeing stay put firmly. Stability of the car is decent and addition of some more boost to the brakes will make it nearly perfect. 


With marginal price rise, special edition of Nano continues to retain its low price distinctiveness and in that way it’s commendable achievement. Addition of new features especially inside the cabin make a strong case for the overall car as now Nano comes equip with nearly all bells and whistles that one expect from entry level segment but then with these good things some bad also accompanies. We would like to see the changes in the mechanical hardware especially the one on the steering front which is due for a long time. Additional booster for brakes along with option of power steering would have made this special addition really special even if it comes with extra price tag. Tata could have launched these features in as optional ones so that people would have choice to get the convenience of power steering and disk brakes. Nonetheless we are optimistic about the results as we feel that these changes could prove instrumental in getting the customers back to the dealerships though the changes would have been more if this edition had come with power steering. 

Style& Substance                  3.5/5                                                    Ride & Handling          3.5/5

Interiors & Ergonomics            4/5                                              Safety & Equipment     3.5/5

Power & Transmission             3.5/5                                                   Fuel Efficiency            4/5

Value for Money    4/5

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