Skoda Rapid
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: 3/5
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: 9/10
: 4 Yrs / Unlimited kms (Whichever is earlier)
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8.82 Lakhs-14 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Sleek and stylish 
  • Punchy diesel engine 
  • Armrest - front & rear
  • High class cabin & interiors
  • Tilt and telescopic steering adjustment

Weak Areas

  • Spartan console 
  • Service reach poor
  • Low speed ride quality mark
  • Rear seat comfort and space mark
  • No parking sensors & steering mounted controls
Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid Automatic Road Test-ecardlr

It's rare that a test drive can change one's preference so much, that's exactly what happened to me post a longish road test of Skoda Rapid DSG Automatic. That it's mostly a Vento under the hood and comes almost 1 Lac cheaper than it,  makes the Rapid a great buy for most mid-sized sedan buyer/s. Till date everyone looking for a mid-sized sedan were limited to City, Ciaz and Verna to some extent, to all of them may I suggest a visit to a Skoda showroom for a Rapid Test drive.

Skoda Rapid Automatic Road Test Review

Skoda cars were a no-no for me from a long time, after all one had such gory stories of how it’s dealers would eek out every ounce of flesh, once you send your car for servicing. There were even rumours of cartelisation amongst dealers. They would charge over Skoda prescribed schedule service cost and all complaints to the company used to fall on deaf ears. But all this changed today. All it took was one longish drive with a recent Skoda Rapid Limited Edition DSG owner. Maybe it’s his passion or love for the car that rubbed on me. All said, I would now would have no qualms in recommending the Skoda Rapid against current Indian favourites like; Honda City and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

Skoda Rapid DSG Automatic

Skoda Rapid DSG Automatic

So what caused this change of heart? Plush premium interiors (really upmarket dual tone black & beige Interiors with top-notch plastic quality), planted ride, responsive engine (loves throttle input), confidence inspiring braking (stops in a straight line) and ability to take corners under 3 digits speeds with aplomb (beware post 3 digits speeds the car does become twitchy). All this adding to my thrill of driving are some of the reason behind this new found love for Skoda and Rapid in particular.

There was so much to write about Skoda Rapid DSG, that I could not fathom where to start. Call it co-incidence, I sit down to write the road test review and I come across an ad for Skoda Rapid DSG, the model that I had driven. In light of my inability to find a starting point I decided to use features highlighted in the ad for the same. Hopefully my thoughts will be more structured now.

Skoda Rapid DSG Key Features
Skoda Rapid DSG Automatic Key Features

7 Speed DSG Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission from VW (along with its group companies) and Ford are considered to be ‘Gold Standard’. Thanks to this road test I got the opportunity to experience 7 Speed DSG Gear Box both as a driver and passenger.

Skoda Rapid DSG 7 Speed Automatic
Skoda Rapid DSG 7 Speed Automatic

DSG gear box are known for their smooth driving experience and as a passenger I did experience the same. There was no jerky gear changes, the DSG gear box worked without fuss. Smooth up-shifts and downshifts delivered linear power to the wheels without any sudden upsurge in power output.  One did not realise when the car crossed 3 digits plus speed, similarly on braking, the down-shifts were equally smooth and the car came to standstill without much ado.  

The experience on the driver seat though was slightly different. Up-shifts particularly in lower gears (1-2) were perceptible but beyond 3rd right up?o 7th gear there was no issues. Let me clarify before one forms wrong impressions about this beautiful DSG gear box, even though one could feel the gears moving up with changes in power delivery, however, the power climb was not sudden and would not be perceptible to anyone else other than the driver.

Automatic to Tiptronic (Manual) Mode

7 Speed DSG gear box also comes with Tiptronic (Manual) called drive option. To engage Tiptronic, all one needs to do is to move the Gear Lever to the Left (towards passenger side) and then just Slightly Nudge the Gear Lever Upwards towards +ve sign for Upshift or Nudge Lever Downside towards –ve sign for Downshifts.  This option is for manual freaks who do not believe in giving complete control to the car. I wonder why they would/should do this if they had bought the automatic. Do note that the gear shift in Tiptronic mode will always be sequential i.e it will move from 4th to 5th to 6th  to 7th likewise from 7th to 6th to 5th gear. You will not be able to move from 7th to 5th like you can do in a Manual H Gear shift options.

Skoda Rapid DSG 7 Speed Automatic
Skoda Rapid DSG 7 Speed Automatic with Tiptronic Functioning

I moved into Tiptronic/Manual option to study the ‘Flat Torque’ capabilities of the car. I engaged manual mode in 4th gear around 1500 Rpm and then revved the car, to my pleasant surprise I could take the car all the way up to the redline(around 4500 Rpm)  in 4th  gear. That’s Flat Torque at work, iit’s major benefit is in improving fuel efficiency.

Rapid 7 Speed DSG also comes with the Sports Mode drive or the S Drive. Unfortunately we could not experience it or should I admit forgot to try it out, but at a generic level in sports mode the car holds lower gears over much longer RPM thus giving the car the power that one comes with lower gears, however, all this is always at the cost of fuel efficiency.

Rear Parking Camera

A boon when it comes to parking in tight spaces. Skoda Rapid comes with rear camera and parking sensor (bumper mounted – 3 round circles seen on the bumper), thus offering its driver both a visual and audio assist while parking. Rear camera is located in vehicle tailgate (mounted just above the number plate in the extended boot lip under the spoiler).

Skoda Rapid Rear Camera
Skoda Rapid Rear Camera for Visual Parking Assist.

Rear Parking Sensors
Parktronic or Parking Sensor for Audio Alert

Rear Camera Width Based Lane Display
Width Based Driving Lane Display

Rear Camera Display Adjusted for Brightness
Rear Camera Display Adjusted for Brightness

Rear Camera Display Contrast Adjusting Function
Rear Camera Display Contrast Adjusting Function

Rear Camera Display Colour Adjusting Function
Rear Camera Display Colour Adjusting Function

Climatronic Automatic Dual Zone AC

Ever increasing temperatures across India has almost made mandatory for cars to offer at least rear ac vents if not rear ac for row 2 passengers. Skoda Rapid delivers on this quite well with its Climatronic AC gives the owner to set inside temperature to his/her liking. Dual rear AC vents further enhances the comfort of rear passengers. Rapid Climatronic AC comes equipped with dust and pollen filter which keeps the cabin air as free of pollutants as possible.

Skoda Rapid DSG Climatronic - Automatic AC
Climatronic - Automatic AC

Skoda Rapid DSG Rear AC Vents
Dual Control Rear AC Vents

Mirror Link Connectivity

Intelligent way to find a solution around lack of navigation system in the car, even though 6.5” Colour Touch Screen is more than adequate to accommodate the navigation display. Mirror Link Connectivity in simple English is the ability to get your smart phone screen page to get displayed on the car’s touch screen. That’s why Mirror Link Connectivity i.e it gives a mirror image of your smart phone screen on car’s display screen. In one shot it solved the problem of absence of a navigation system as you can start the navigation on your smart phone and with the use of Mirror link get its image on display screen.

Skoda Rapid DSG Mirror Link Connectivity
Mirror Link Connectivity

Safety is Paramount

Even though Skoda Rapid DSG does tick right on most safety functions as it comes with good number of both active and passive safety systems. However, It would have been better that  they had offered at least Rear Head  and Curtain Airbags, in addition to the standard Dual Front Airbags (Driver and Passenger side)

Dual Front Airbags
Dual Front Airbags

Electronic Stability Control
Electronic Stability Control

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