Ford New Figo
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Strong Areas

  • Attractive styling
  • Loaded with features
  • Powerful engine
  • Spacious cabin

Weak Areas

  • Pricey diesel
  • Tacky quality
  • No diesel automatic
  • Limited dealership support
Ford New Figo

New Ford Figo 2012 subtle changes that may not amount to much

Ford with the New Figo 2012 has done what every other car manufacturer tends to do with their aging cars to prop dwindling sales. Unfortunately, unlike few car manufacturer who all the way whenever they upgrade their old models, Ford has decided not to go all the way with the changes in New Figo 2012 vs older Figo. Will this work, only time will tell

New Ford Figo 2012 Subtle Changes That May Not Amount To Much

Ford’s Figo has always been a sensible proposition and as a practical city hatchback, it checked all the boxes right when it was launched few years ago. This was the reason why Figo not only got an instant connect with buyers but also garnered wide critical acclaim during the year of its inception. But of late Figo seems to have lost its initial sheen because of the heightened competition with increasing number of small cars making their way into premium hatchback segment. As a result sales number of Figo has dropped considerably and it is indeed virtually out of the action and sight too for quite a while. Ford was also mulling on the issue and in order to get back into the competition, has now given Figo its first facelift. As a result new Figo has made its way to showrooms and considering the fact that festive season is just around the corner time for this move is perfect too.

Ford believes that this facelift will sure to infuse a fresh lease of life to dwindling sales numbers of Figo and re-establish its credentials in one of the most competitive segments of Indian automobile market. But then will new Figo be able to perform up to the expectations? Has Ford given Figo a mere facelift or taken pain to make it more accomplished car under the skin? Though answers lie in minds of our empowered and pampered customers, we at www.ecardlr.com tried to satiate ourselves through exhaustive road test of diesel variant of new Figo 2012.


New Figo comes with very subtle changes and requires a close watch to differentiate the new Figo 2012 from the old Ford Figo. Front face now comes with signature; “Kinetic Design” language of the Ford. Grill is hexagonal in shape while nose features the same old design with more accent of chrome. Petal shaped headlamps have got new detailing as indicators now are shifted to front part and their similarity with new Fiesta can be easily traced. Fog lamps are standard in top end version and follow the same angular design as of headlamps.

Side profile has not been changed much though the sculpted lines in the profile view can be clearly felt. Roof line has also got the sloping profile to make the silhouette more contemporary in looks department. Top of the line Titanium model gets the alloy wheels while lower trims have the steel rims at standard equipment. 

Rear, again, has nothing dramatically new to boast about. There are some minor re-detailing in the rear lamps though these are very hard to get noticed. Roof mounted rear brake light is a nice touch and the spoiler impressions are nice too.

Overall the changes on the outside are very subtle and would hardly get noticed even with a careful watch. In fact there is nothing flasing or eye catching in the new Figo 2012 and this is where the real problem lies. Ford in fact should have come with some visible design changes to give the new Figo 2012 some noticeablity and fetched more attention from prospective premium hatch buyers in India.


Following the same philosophy inside too, New Figo 2012’s cabin looks similar to that of the old Figo. But then there is one tremendous relief in terms of replacement of the dash board colour which thankfully now features a far more sober navy blue. Grains however exudes same hardwearing quality and far from to be called luxurious.

Another prominent change is that top of the line models got the steering mounted audio controls though Ford has done the same mistake as its French counterpart; Renault. Instead of them being mounted on the steering wheel, these controls are stalked behind the steering making it quite difficult to locate their position especially while you are on the move. However blue tooth connectivity retains its importance as a user friendly aspect.

Glove box is large and comes with the utility of USB though lid feels quite downmarket in quality. Seats now have the stitching fabric trims which look quite nice and complement the blue colour theme of the Figo.  In terms of space, Figo continues to score above its Japanese rivals though it still trails behind Vista or Liva. Boot space of Figo is decent with capacity of 284 litres though the intruding suspension towers reduce its usability. However Ford has tried to enhance its utility through the option of fully folding rear seat. Overall interiors get a nice touch in terms of changed colour scheme and are sure to affect the selling of the New Figo 2012 positively.


Under the hood, New Ford Figo 2012 uses the same power plants as of its predecessor. Ford has given the option of petrol as well as diesel through Figo 2012 and we got our hands on the variant that makes a lot of sense nowadays i.e. diesel.  Diesel engine boasts of 1.4 L and bestowed with Duratorq technology. This heart of Figo 2012 is good for 69 PS of power while 160 Nm of torque is generated at 2000 rpm.

Like its predecessor new Figo 2012 too is blessed with wonderful tractability. Engine starts pulling clean even from as low as 1000 rpm and Figo is certainly the benchmark in the drivability criterion especially in the city. 
Upper mid-range is where Figo disappoints though mid-range in city won’t give you a chance to complaint. It is actually on the highway you will start to wish that Figo had some more power. As revs approach the higher end power curtails and Figo 2012 starts sounding strained if you further gas up the pedal. We wish Ford had given some boost to the overall power figure in the New Figo 2012 that would have made the Figo 2012 a more accomplished car both in city as well as on highway.

Engine is mated with 5-speed manual transmission which offers short and slick shifting experience. Clutch action is light though travel is bit a long that could take a toll on your left foot especially in case of constantly shifting manoeuvre.


New Figo 2012 features independent McPherson strut up front and semi-independent twist beam at rear to suspend the wheels. Top of line titanium model comes with 14” alloy wheels with 175 mm rubber shrouded on them. Like its predecessor Figo 2012 is blessed with exceptional ride and handling combination. Although there are some hints of firmness at slow speeds though these never climb up to the disturbing intensity.

Suspension features the perfect balance between ride and handling as Ford has successfully struck a sweet spot in terms of its setting. It is neither too soft to tilt things in complete favour of ride nor too hard to appease enthusiasts alone. Ride is very composed and absorbent too. Steering wheel bristles with feedback and you are aware that what each wheel at each corner is up to. Rolling is almost absent and Figo 2012 takes the corners like a pure rally car. Brakes bite well and light steering wheel makes city moves an easy task. 


Starting with 4.84 lakh price tag for base petrol variant, Figo 2012 range stretches all the way to 5.99 lakh for top end diesel trim Titanium. Figo retains its DNA of a good value for money and as a sensible city hatchback it fits the bill completely. It has many things going in its favor though there is still lacks some Distinctive Competence or USP Figo should have come with at least through this upgrade. A more flashy and distinguished look or design with some heart transplant with better running capabilities would have made Figo 2012 more noticeable and enjoyable as against the response these meek and subtle changes will generate. Nevertheless the good thing is that practicality has been intact in the new Ford Figo 2012 and that is enough to convince a conventional buyer of this small car segment of Indian automobile market.


Style & Substance           : 3/5                                         Ride & Handling             : 3/5

Interiors & Ergonomics           : 3/5                                 Safety & Equipment        : 2/5

Power Plant & Transmission   : 3/5                               Fuel Efficiency                 : 4/5

Value for Money                      : 4/5

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