Mercedes Benz SLK Class
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Strong Areas

  • Snob value
  • Racy character 
  • Top notch quality 
  • Sporty and fabulous coupe look 
  • Panoramic roof and flexibility of body-style

Weak Areas

  • Low mileage 
  • Lack of space
  • High retail price 
  • Limited appeal; only to a particular niche
  • 2.0-liter petrol engine feels lame in performance
Mercedes Benz SLK Class

New Mercedes Benz Slk Class Road Test Review

The Mercedes Benz SLK Class is convertible with sporty design and is the first one to sport a retractable hard top. This weekend car can accommodate two adults and has less luggage space, and is ideal for the spirited and fun loving car lovers.

Mercedes Benz SLK Class Stylish & Sexy!

Mercedes Benz is one car making giant that never runs out of stylish car designs. AMG not only signifies immense power of Mercedes Benz, but is considered to be a brand by itself.  The Mercedes Benz SLK Class is the latest addition to its stable and it boasts of a hard top with retractable design. In spite of being a small sized convertible, this car has all the true Mercedes genes within it. The Mercedes Benz SLK Class is considered to be the latest introduction in the Indian market. Driving the new Mercedes Benz SLK Class can be defined as enjoying luxury in the best possible manner. With the launch of this new variant, the manufacturer has been able to prove its presence the world over to have introduced several top rated cars. This car is said to have above par performance in any type of road condition and the luxury that it provides is something that is simply commendable and beyond imagination. The manufacturer simply has created a new level for the vehicle and made it quite tough for the competitors to follow. When talking about the performance, its quick time and top speed are two major elements that cannot be neglected. The vehicle is spacious, roomy and does provide the occupants a feeling of openness. Besides all this, the vehicle does offer impressive mileage figures, something that is sure to attract the cautious Indian buyer. Furthermore, it does provide unbeatable agility, while delivering a drive that every performance oriented driver would demand. Mercedes has been a highly respected name in the automobile industry and offers only top notch quality, thereby making long journeys to seem quick, easy and also pleasing. The AIRGUIDE feature in roadster segment model ensures higher comfort levels while driving the vehicle with open top. This weekend car is coupled with top motoring aspects and is a best one to drive on open roads.
Priced above Rs. 1.25 crore, will the SLK class of Mercedes touch the point of supercars in India? Does it have the ability to live up to its price? Let’s find out
After performing for more than 17 years successfully and creating a successful saga in the car market, the SLK has received some interesting revamp and redesign to hit the car market with a bang! It was first introduced in the year 1996 to take on its rivals, Boxster of Porsche and BMW Z3 in the small roadster category. 
Style & Design
Mercedes Benz SLK Class has been given an aggressive look, when compared to its previous versions. SLK55 AMG is given a nose that is much similar to the SLS family. Moreover, a body kit is given which is not generally witnessed on conventional SLKs.  The model does hold comfort, style and sophistication, giving out a charismatic and dynamic look, which is sure to capture hearts with great ease. The radiator grille in the front gives the vehicle an ultimate look, while the chrome finished company logo boasts of a brand which people have immense faith in. There is extended bonnet, large air intakes, short tailed roadster proportion, prominent wheel arches present on the sides and rear bumpers having boot spoiler. The new rear and front bumpers have trapezoidal exhaust pipe to give the vehicle a speedy impression. The modern design makes this vehicle contemporary, while retaining the classy appearance. The large sized alloy wheels do offer robust, sporty look to the vehicle’s exterior.
The Mercedes Benz SLK Class can be considered to be a Premium Luxurious Sedan having 2+2 seating capacity. The exterior dimension of the vehicle is 4082mm length, 1788mm width, 1297mm height and 2430mm wheelbase, with ground clearance of 135mm. Many color options are present, from where the buyer can select from such as Metallic Obsidian Black, Fire Opal, Jasper Blue, Metallic Cubanite Silver, Black, Metallic Iridium Silver, Calcite White, Tansanite Blue, Tellur Silver, Thulite Red and Periclase Green.
Cabin And Interiors
The interior of Mercedes Benz SLK Class is quite similar to the other 3 point stars having COMAND and numpad. This vehicle is for those people, who value luxury and sophistication. The car’s interior has been designed understanding the requirements of the elite and rich of the society. The cabin is roomy and makes driving a pleasant experience. The premium leather upholstery offers luxurious appeal to the vehicle and creates a favorable ambiance. Moreover, the dashboard is black colored and gives out an elegant look. The inner door is chrome finished, offers royal look and sophisticated touch. Instrument panel and center console is well defined. Seat has electrically lumbar support and is upholstered with premium leather. The steering wheel also is provided with classy multifunctional leather. The other interior aspects included are digital clock, trip meter, and much more.
The Mercedes Benz SLK Class is said to be packed with selective damping system. It boasts of having sporty seat contours having magnesium frames to offer optimal lateral support. There are also options to choose heated seat. The creative multimedia system consists of 6.5” color display, navigation hard disk system, DVD player, 3D map display, etc. There is also present Logic 7 Harman Kardon surround system having Dolby digital output to offer pleasurable drive.
Engine & Transmission
Mercedes Benz has come up with SLK 55 AMG having 5.5 liter, V8 petrol engine, which produces power of 420bhp and peak torque of 540NM. The engine is quite a tight fit within the SLK bay. The power is wonderful for the SLK and produces around 120bhp which is much more regular SLK 350, but having a weight difference being juts 63 kgs. One can floor on the accelerator and listen to the loud exhaust. 
Overall, the engine performance of Mercedes Benz SLK Class is brilliant and the V6, 3.5 liter is quite relaxed while cruising. It does turn to monster, if pushed. The SLK AMG has been powered with V8, 5.5 liter engine that belts out optimum power of 421 bhp, with 540Nm top torque. Power gets transmitted to the rear wheels through AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7G TRONIC+ auto transmission. This vehicle could be driven in 3 separate modes which are Controlled Efficiency (C), Manual (M) and Sports (S). Besides this, the SLK class does come in 3 engine types, which are the SLK 350, SLK 55 AMG and SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR. The latter is said to come with petrol engine having displacement of 1796cc. The SLK 200 petrol engine has been endowed with a standard Manual 6 speed transmission and Auto 5 Speed Transmission as option. The transmission does offer easy and smooth gear shifting. In-line engine type having R4 Cylinder arrangement provides higher torque and clear emission. The very powerful petrol engine produces efficient power of about 184 bhp, at 5500RPM and 250Nm torque between 2800 and 5000 RPM.
Mercedes Benz SLK Class 350 has petrol engine having 3948cc of engine capacity. It is packed with Manual 6 speed Transmission along with 7G TRONIC, which is optional. The former makes gear changing a real joyful experience. SLK 350 has been provided with OHC valve configuration and 6 cylinders to produce higher torque and diminished friction. Moreover, the engine is said to have undergone several technical changes having greater enhancements, which now is ready to deliver impressive torque and more power. The engine offers optimized oil supply towards friction bearing, delivering impressive power at 6500 RPM of 305bhp and 360Nm of maximum torque at 4900 RPM.
SLK55 AMG engine has been provided with engine capacity of 5439cc. The engine’s V8 cylinder arrangement is quite fuel efficient and the vehicle is bestowed with AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7G TRONIC Transmissions. There are seven forward gears, which continuously offer optimum engine speed, while delivering imperceptible gear changes. While gear changing, 7G TRONIC does deliver extra quick, mid range sprints, which is undertaken by skipping the individual gears. Furthermore, the powerful engine does provide impressive power at 5750 RMP of 360bhp and 510Nm maximum torque at 4000 RPM.
The mileage is quite higher for the manual transmission gearbox, when compared to the automatic one. The 6-Speed Manual Transmission does make gear changing joyful experience, while adding smooth drive. The sophisticated engine offers impressive mileage of 11.2 kmpl on highways and 7.0 kmpl in city roads. The SLK 350 has Inline type engine along with 6 cylinders and offers mileage of 10.1 kmpl on the highways and 6.5kmpl on the urban roads. Mercedes Benz SLK Class SLK55 AMG delivers impressive mileage of 9.0 kmpl on the highways and about 6kmpl in city roads.
The power that is produced by Mercedes Benz SLK Class is simply phenomenal, especially when acceleration is counted. The reason is that the vehicle has been designed for it. The new AMG 55 does feature quite well and the engine present in it allows the vehicle to accelerate and hit 250kmph top speed, while taking just 4.6 seconds to cover 100kmph from 0. Three driving modes are present, which are Manual (M), Sports (S) and Controlled Efficiency (C). The SLK 200 petrol engine optimizes oil supply and offers zipping acceleration, to cross 100km barrier in 7.9 seconds and top speed with 227kmph. SLK 350 is very much fuel efficient and has higher torque and power. It crosses 100kmph in just 7.39 seconds, with top speed of about 246.8kmph. SLK55 AMG engine is also equally fuel efficient and its auto transmission tends to give mileage and lesser acceleration when compared to manual one. 
Dynamic Abilities
A great advantage of the Mercedes Benz SLK Class is the ride quality, despite it being an AMG. Being sublime, the occupants need to break their spine even while riding on bad roads. Ride quality is quite sorted and there is no jittery feeling at any point of time. Even there is no affect on higher speeds. It is possible to cruise with great comfort for the whole day, making the vehicle an excellent cruiser. SLK’s handling is superb. The chassis and suspension is flexible, while they respond properly to steering and is said to do a great job. Throttle response is good, shifts quicker, etc. Steering wheel is easy and light, making it comfortable even for long rides. Driving around the bends undoubtedly is plenty of fun. 
Braking system in the new Mercedes Benz SLK Class is dynamic and sound. Front brakes are of disc type and internally ventilated, while rear ones are solid, disc brakes. The braking system is sound and efficient enough to decelerate the vehicle when required. Moreover, the vehicle has been provided with ANS, Brake Assist to detect hazardous driving conditions, prevents wheel locking, if there is any panic breaking and much more. The vehicle enjoys excellent control and stability due to the presence of powerful suspension.  There is also AMG sports suspension that comes clubbed along with AMG Direct Steer system and torque vectoring brake. The suspension provided is excellent and highly advanced. It can control stability, while the steering wheel is highly efficient. 
The Mercedes Benz SLK Class simply put is completely a safe car to be driven anywhere. It is packed with several passive and active safety features to tackle any kind of contingency with great ease. There is fitted Electronic Stability Program, Brake Assist System for detecting critical driving situations like under steer and heavy over steer, critical steering movements, emergency stops and panic braking. ESP processes information received, while initiating preventive measures for protecting occupants from dangerous situations. Several measures and actions that are initiated by safeguards mentioned above are auto tensioning of the front seat belts, auto positioning of the front passenger seats, auto closure of the side windows and sliding or tilting sunroof. Furthermore, the vehicle has been provided bi-xenon headlamps to offer optimum visibility to make the drive much safer. Fog lamps are also present to offer very clear vision in different weather conditions. The crumples zone and highly rigid passenger cell does offer great safety to passengers and head restraint is offered as standard feature on front seats. It is packed with airbags to reduce greatly the impact of an injury during collision. There is a sensor that detects impact from rear and thrusts head restrain forwards within few milliseconds, while reducing gap between the occupant’s head and itself. 
The new Mercedes Benz SLK Class AMG is said to sport 10 spoke 18” alloy wheels, of black matte finish. There are silver brake calipers on every wheel giving it an attractive appearance. Also, are fitted prominent wheel arches, which define the vehicle’s side profile. Tyres of this small car do offer the very best off road experience and utmost grip on any road condition. 
Overall Verdict
Mercedes Benz SLK Class does offer joyful ride to the occupants and there is no doubt on that. It can be termed to be more of grand tourer and it is possible for the person to have plenty of fun on the drive and to get better performance from the vehicle, without compromising on the quality of luxury factors provided in the car. This car is a best option for those car buffs who wish to have a classy feel while enjoying a bit of adventure and sport. The ex-showroom Delhi price of the Mercedes Benz SLK Class 55 AMG is Rs. 1,25,90,000 and that of SLK 350 is Rs. 71,90,000.

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