Mercedes Benz S Class
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Strong Areas

  • Jaw-dropping performance
  • Impressive build quality
  • Excellent driving dynamics
  • Fully-loaded safety provisions 
  • Ultra-luxurious pampering at back

Weak Areas

  • Steep price
  • Small mileage 
  • Low city practicality
  • Cumbersome handling
  • High transmission tunnel 
Mercedes Benz S Class

New Mercedes S Class Road Test Review

Mercedes undoubtedly occupies the top position when it comes to offering luxury class vehicles. The latest Mercedes S Class   does have several stunning features in terms of interior comfort, spacious cabin, stunning exteriors, powerful engine and safety features.

New Mercedes S Class Road Test Review By Ecardlr

Pricing is undoubtedly a major factor that is viewed by the buyers and this is said to apply for almost all genres, such as accessories, hotels, food, travel, clothes and even cars. In addition, luxury vehicles do form a part of it. With high taxes for full body import levied on vehicles, the luxury car manufacturers started to assemble most of their important car body parts. The Mercedes S Class is one such generation vehicle that has grabbed the attention of the buyers and is regarded to be a wonder in its segment. This flagship sedan was presented during the beginning of the year in the form of CBU and presently, the S Class is present as CKD, with another engine choice S350 CDI. 
The latest S class series is said to have been sold across the globe with a volume of at least 1,00,000 cars, which shows its immense popularity. It is considered by the car experts that for the first time in model’s history that sale of this type had been achieved in the very initial year of its availability. The German automobile manufacturer had introduced recently the S-500 PLUG-IN HYBRID that carries V8 engine having powerful electric motor. The car with V8 engine churns 442bhp maximum power and 650Nm of peak torque. It has the capability to reach the 100 kmph in just 5.2 seconds, displaying raw power. Even with such wonderful performance, this saloon does deliver 65g CO2/km of emission. With the introduction of S Class S350 CDI, the manufacturer has extended the S Class model series. The company had offered the S Class in just petrol variant (S 500).
Mercedes S Class probably can be considered to be the most luxurious car that has been developed by Mercedes Benz and doing great in sales. In January this year, the company had launched S Class S-500 L Edition having 4.7 liter, V8 petrol engine under its hood. The car does produce immense power of about 453 bhp when combined with 700Nm of peak torque. Another vehicle the Mercedes S Class S350 CDI is a new trim that is powered by sophisticated V6, 3.0 diesel engine, capable to churn 258 bhp and yield 620N, of torque. When appearance is taken into account, both the variants do very much identical to one another. However, the S350 CDI variant is said to have slight lesser wheelbase of around 3035mm when compared to 3165mm of S500-L Launch Edition variant. Also, most of the features present are identical in the variants. There is an option provided in the model series to have the upholstery and interior trims to be customized according to the preference of the customers. Designo leather upholstery of very high quality has been used to give the inside of the cabin a luxurious finish. A great thing about the interior is the diamond pattern seating that has contrast piping and stitching. Moreover, the variants are provided panoramic sliding sunroof with large glazed area to offer pleasant and bright ambiance inside. 
The variants have been provided with all the safety features that would b required to have relaxing and safer driving on the city roads. The model series is competing with Audi A8L, Jaguar XJ and BMW 7 series, in the luxury vehicle segment. So how well can the new S class cope up with the rivals and how does it handle and feel in Indian roads? Let’s find out.
Style And Design
The Mercedes S Class is said to follow design language similar to the previous S Class generation and its resemblance is very clearly visible. Co-efficient of drag is reduced to about 0.24 and it is the very first car which does not have a single bulb, but all LEDs! Front grill is quite larger and much grander than outgoing version. Star logo that is three pointed is placed on top and is not actually embossed on the grill like that of the Avantgarde grilles. Headlamp design is derived from other type of Mercedes Benz cars for retaining similar down the road graphics. Lower grill gives a sleek appearance, while the hood has been crowned. Two prominent steaks can be seen running throughout and adds to its muscular appearance. Headlamps have LED and have sharp redefined contours which give it a meaner look.
Silhouette present is unmistakably that of Mercedes Benz. Also, is present black panoramic roof. But alloy wheel design present for diesel does not have stylish look. There is present crisp swage line which runs throughout the car, lowering as one goes towards to the rear. B pillar has been blacked out, while Daylight opening (DLO) is quite similar to the S Class that is outgoing.
Cabin And Interiors
Interiors of Mercedes S Class are somewhat different from that of S500 in terms of the features offered. Besides this, the leather quality along with other materials is simply top notch. Another difference is its rear seat package. S350 CDI has capability to seat 3 people comfortably, while S500 could seat 2, since it tends to get a huge center partition. Burmester System 3D Surround Sound, rear seat package has been considered to be option and also fridge for back seat. Massage package has been offered as standard to comfort the rear passengers. It also has a Command system of TFT screen of 31.2 cms.
Front seats are comfortable and large. The new Mercedes S Class undoubtedly is spacious and one should sit in it for experience optimum luxury. The seats are large and are soft. These are sure to pamper the occupants and make sure that the passengers do not move in their seats while the car is being driven down the winding roads. One can find the front seats to be quite cozy, however, it is the rear seats that are sure to get wows from everyone, including the most of the dyspeptic personalities. The comfort further enhances as the seat does have AC along with varieties of massages. The Mercedes S Class has been designed to make it the perfect vehicle for those who would like to have a taste of luxury and ride it like a king on a chariot. Also, there is boot space of 530 liters, for carrying luggage. Door has soft close and the boot can be opened with great proximity, even without using the hands, in case they are full.
S35- CDI has been provided with V6, 3.0 liter diesel engine which produces 258 bhp, with peak torque of about 620Nm. This means it is much better in terms of power and torque than its older version. This lets the vehicle offer a serene feel when you drive it on road. You just feel the brief thrum on the start and you would feel it purring when you reach 4200 rpm, which makes you wonder whether you are driving the diesel variant. It is the same engine which powers ML Class and GL Class. The power of the S Class can be determined simply by putting the foot down and it is sure to astonish everybody. Torque of 620Nm does make a huge difference. Power delivery of S350 CDI is linear, while engine is torque friendly. Also, the person is sure to get the feeling of being pushed back in the seat especially in Sport mode. S350 CDI is said to perform a wonderful job, when drivability and engine power is taken into consideration. 
There is absolutely no kind of judders from its gearbox or even a slightest hint of turbo lag. It is bestowed a self shifting 7G-TRONIC transmission and the engine has two settings such as Eco & Sport. Eco is paired with the power mill as default. The S Class is designed for greater comfort and convenience. Therefore, the shifts are quite smooth. On moving into sport mode, we could feel that the shifts were much quicker and throttle response was quite better.  According to the experts, the performance of the new engine is simply superb. Eco is a fuel saving option but while setting from standstill, you can feel a noisy trough during power delivery that causes a slight lurch. However credit goes to the manufacturer as the S class offers an impressive power delivery and smooth surge which gets better when you pick momentum.
The manufacturer has been offering the luxury saloon with diesel and petrol engine options. S500 L variant is petrol version and is equipped with 4.7 liter, V8 engine which has displacement capacity of about 4663cc. Moreover, it has been integrated with 32 valves, 8 cylinders having direct fuel injection technique. Furthermore, it has been equipped with bi-turbo charging unit that enables motor in producing 453bhp of huge power output between 5250 and 5500 RPM, combining with 700Nm of thumping torque output. The diesel variant has been fitted with 3.0 lire engine, having new direct fuel injection technique. It has 24 valves, 6 cylinders, displacing 2987cc. The integrated turbocharger does enable motor to give out 258 bhp of commanding power at 3600 RPM and generate 620 Nm torque between 1600 and 2400 RPM. Both the engines have been paired with highly sophisticated 7G-TRONIC auto transmission gearbox, which distributes torque to rear wheels. S350 is regarded to be a fuel efficient vehicle and returning about 10 kmpl, while the S500 returns around 4 to 6 kmpl. 
When acceleration is taken into account along with pickup, S500 L trim has been termed to be much quicker, due to the V8 petrol engine. The motor is said to be paired with 7G-TRONIC auto gearbox that allows the car to achieve top speed of about 250 kmph. Simultaneously, the car can also breach 100 kmph in just 4.6 seconds that is undoubtedly remarkable. The diesel version has been provided with turbocharged engine of 3.0 liter which allows the car to reach 100 kmph in just 6.8 seconds and top speed of about 250 kmph that is quite remarkable. 
Dynamic Abilities
The Mercedes S Class is considered to be gigantic and this can be experienced by getting on the wheel. Steering is effortless, light and responsive. The saloon does a wonderful job going round the bends easily. Chassis response is also great and it is somewhat heavier than it is intended to be, especially while pushing it round the bends. Otherwise, the car is excellent to drive.
The car is well known for its plush ride quality and comfort. The thin tyre profile simply does not affect ride quality to an extent, where suspension tends to absorb all road shocks. It does give a feeling like that the person is gliding in business class flight. AIRMATIC suspension is simply wonderful and there is said to be no match for the flagship sedan segment. By launching the vehicle, the manufacturer has simply upped the ante, while raising the bar very high for the competitors to follow. However, we can’t help feeling sad that the redefined suspension technology known as MBC or Magic Body Control is missing in Indian version.
Both rear and front wheels of the Mercedes S Class is fitted with high performing disc brakes that are further accompanied by superior brake calipers. The proficient braking mechanism has been assisted with anti-lock braking system, when combined with brake assist system and electronic brake-force distribution. Besides this, the vehicle also features electronic stability program, which regulates individual wheel braking, while improving on stability. The saloon also has been blessed with airmatic suspension packages along with continuous variable damping controlling package that enables it to absorb jerks and bumpers that are usually seen on the Indian roads. Also, it features the latest electric power steering device that provides accurate response, which depends on speed levels.
According to the expert team, the safety features present on Mercedes S Class can be regarded to be the best amongst all cars available in the country. The manufacturer has not compromised safety aspects of the sedan. There are numerous protective features such as night view assist+, ATTENTION assist system, intelligence LED lighting system and headlamp assist. Also, there are present pre-safe aspects such as seat belts and eight airbags that reduce damage which could be caused in accidents. It also has several additional features such as active blind spot help, skid control, cross wind assist, under body protection, tyre pressure loss system of warning, attention assist along with other advanced aspects.
The diesel version is offered with 18” set of 5 spoke alloy wheels which is covered with higher performing radial tubeless tyres of 245/50 R18 tyres. The petrol variant has been provided with 20” set of 5 twin spoke alloy wheels covered with radial tubeless tyres of 255,40 R20 size to provide excellent grip on every road condition. 
Overall Verdict
Overall, the Mercedes S Class is an excellent car in the luxury segment that is worth the investment. Through this series, the German manufacturer has been able to showcase their teams’ innovative skills and penchant for providing luxury to their clients. They simply have raised the bar by launching the new S Class. The ex-Showroom Delhi price of S500-L Launch Edition is Rs. 1,39,50,000 and that of S350 CDI is Rs. 1,09,50,000. The price is simply a steal and the buyer can derive value for every penny invested. If you are on the mood to take pride in your luxury car collection while enjoying a quality ride, look no further than this stylish sedan that has rolled from the stable of Mercedes. 

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