Mercedes Benz C Class
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Strong Areas

  • Attractive design 
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  • Good value for money
  • Powerful diesel motor

Weak Areas

  • High price
  • Average handling 
  • Small service network
  • No manual gearbox
Mercedes Benz C Class

Mercedes Benz C Class Road Test Review

We offer an overview of Mercedes Benz C Class and help our readers to know what to expect from this car. The Mercedes Benz C Class has been provided with 4 engine options under its hood, with two each for its petrol and two diesel variants, which proves to offer unmatched performance.

Mercedes Benz C Class The Right Car To mark The Festive Mood!

Mercedes Benz is a division of the Daimler AG that was founded in the year 1926. It is a reputed German manufacturing organization that produces trucks, automobiles, internal combustion engines and buses on a worldwide basis. The manufacturer has its presence in the Indian continent right from the pre-Independence days. The manufacturer does make use of alphabetic nomenclature for naming its vehicles. The A class is known to represent hatchbacks, B class with Multi-activity, Class with Saloons, G Class, Estate & Coupe, GL Class, M Class, GLK Class, S Class, and much more. 
With the global sales of the Mercedes Benz C Class reaching 10 million units, the manufacturer has introduced the Celebratory Edition. Although the Indian market is not bestowed with all the C Class generations, this limited edition however, is present here too. 
The question that occurs to the minds is how different is the limited C Class edition. The very look and approach of the vehicle has compelled the reviewers to write in favor of the vehicle, such has been its impact. It is definitely a vehicle that is worth the investment in the segment it belongs to and has outdone its competitors in a fashionable manner. 
The C Class is said to have received facelift in the year 2011 and from then onwards, the only version on C Class that is witnessed is the Performance Edition. That also is said to have undergone some minor upgrades, while the C Edition went through few cosmetic changes. 
Being fitted with auto emergency braking system, the Mercedes Benz C Class is said to stand by the name even where safety is concerned. The vehicle has undergone several tests for timely opening of the airbags, overall tensile body strength and toughness. It stands quite stiff during bumper crash where dummies had been used in the passenger and driver seats. These were found to be in good condition after the crash test from femurs and knees. 
The recently launched C Class vehicles take 3 body shape Saloon, Estate and Coupe. India has also witnessed the launch of the C Class Saloon. The new car basically is a compact executive vehicle which is in production right from 1993. The C Class rather has entered its 3rd generation and is there from 2007. The C Class is present in India in Elegance, Executive, AMG design, Avantgarde and equipment lines.
So will this Mercedes Benz newbie impress its Indian buyers and team well with the bumps ridden roads of India? The team of experts at the Ecardlr decides to dig out more on its aspects to give you a better idea.
This new vehicle has got larger tracks and wheelbase, stiffly designed bodyshell and is said to inherit from the CLS Class, plenty of design features. Apart from being termed as a premium sedan, this new vehicle has a lot to offer to the car buyers. 7G Tronic, 7 speed auto transmission (in case of petrol variant), Parktronic which includes Parking Guidance, Intelligent Light System, Attention Assist, Agility Control package along with selective damping system, Thermatic 2 zone auto climate control, Neck-Pro and Pre-Safe and much more. 
As a matter of fact, three things are said to dominate the Mercedes Benz C Class which are class safety, superior design and refinement. While C Class Avantgarde displays a mark of personality, C Class Elegance exhibits a sense of style apart from the C 63 AMG that is hand crafted towards perfection and highly powerful. Moreover, the vehicle has Blue Efficiency in its place, which uses each amount of energy produced, while protecting the environment along with unbelievable low emissions. Besides this, the latest Charged Gasoline Injection engine technology has been provided in the vehicle to ensure cleaner, powerful energy production in this vehicle. Another unique point in regards to the C Class is its superior agility. There are several colors to choose from like Diamond White, Metallic Obsidian Black, Cavansite Blue Metallic, Dolomite Brown, Diamond Silver Metallic, Tenorite Grey Metallic, Polar White, Metallic Iridium Silver, Fire Opal, Magnetite Black Metallic and Magnetite Black Metallic. 
Mercedes Benz C Class has been considered to be made much more dynamic. It is much wider, longer and larger than the previous generation. The vehicle is available in different finish and paint options. Three designs and equipment lines, which are the Avantgarde, Elegance and the Executive. Avantgarde has a more sporty look, while Elegance infuses charming elegant looks. This vehicle is indeed a head turner having dynamic characteristics. Elegance equipment and Standard equipment of C Class does have restyled bumpers apart from the round fog lamps and air intakes. The C-63 AMG has received new radiator grille and running daytime LED lights. It also has the typical AMG styled body, rear apron with slide skirts and front façade. Also, there is present rain sensing wipers. Plenty of chrome trim has been found in the C Class. Every variant is provided with alloy wheels, while C-63 AMG boasts of having 7 spoke, 18” alloy wheels. It has Bi-Xenon headlights that are armed with the intelligent light system and LED lights. Rear light is new and based on LED technology, with adaptive brake lights. The Celebratory Edition does have Edition C badge on it.
Mercedes Benz C Class vehicle is 2020 mm wide, 1447 mm high and 4596 mm long. Its turning diameter is about 10.84 m in all the C class variants, expect for the C-63 AMG that has turning circle of 11.1 m diameter. Gross weight tends to vary between 2010 kg and 2170 kg.
The C Edition’s interior styling is similar to the conventional C Class. This vehicle has the same 3 spoke steering and instrument cluster. Centre console has been untouched, but does have a new feature in the form of satellite navigation that is a standard in this particular Edition. Otherwise, it can be considered as an optional feature. Other upgrades in the Mercedes Benz C Class are that seat leathers have been replaced with micro-fiber. Also, its interior upholstery is a bit different along with contrasting stitching of blue and grey. Micro-fiber upholstery present is DINAMICA/ARTICO in Benz’s lingo.
It boasts of having single sunroof rather than the dual and one can open the moonroof manually. Centre console gets silver tone with black, rather than wooden finish, which is usually viewed in the Avantgarde model. Space along with other features tends to remain very much the same, since it is just a limited edition variant.
According to the reviewer, C Class’s interior styling is quite luxurious and spacious. Quality is undoubtedly of top notch and seats are comfortable and large. In short, one can term its interiors as sophisticated and of high quality. What class seen on the outside is said to translated in the car’s inside, thereby giving the owner feeling of luxury and design, which is par excellence. The large space and soft materials do invite the person to step inside and have a feel of it. Driver’s seat has been raised a bit when compared to the other seats to get better visibility. Elbow and shoulder room in this vehicle has been increased to provide better comfort to all the passengers. The Mercedes Benz C Class also has increased rear legroom. One can view the usage of top quality materials which includes garnishing brown ash wood, brushed aluminum and Nappa leather. Dashboard has been provided with the latest grained surface and houses complete color display at its center. Furthermore, it is made much more raised and horizontal when compared to the C Class. Displays provide more information on communication, entertainment and navigation, all at a glance. Steering has 4 spokes with controls present on it. It is designed ergonomically with controls that are easily accessible. There are available 12 buttons that control multimedia, different car functions and cruise speed.
C Class Elegance along with C-63 AMG Sport has enough storage package standards within it. Boxes are present for storage that are placed right under front seat with nets just near rear footwells, next to sunglass holder and cup holders. A characteristic feature of this vehicle is its panoramic sun roof that is sliding glass type. It increases the air circulation inside and is operated electrically, thereby can be closed and opened just by touching the button. Moreover, the sun roof has wind deflector. Instrument cluster has been kept in field of the driver’s vision and is of 3 tube shape. The cluster display information that includes run flat indicator. Steering controls could be utilized for controlling most functions and to keep the hands on steering all the time.
The interiors are undoubtedly quite comfortable than what it appears from the outside. There are present sunblinds which can be operated manually for right and left doors. Also, there is sunblind for rear window for protecting the passengers from scorching sun rays. Rear view mirror has auto dimming function. Steering has been clad with leather for providing the best feel, comfort and touch while driving. Windows provided operate electrically and the panoramic sun roof can be relished by the passengers, to experience pleasant weather and the sunlight. 
The front headroom is of 984 mm and 942 mm of rear headroom. There is 488 mm of front legroom space. The height of the driver seat is 278 mm and rear seat has been placed at about 342 mm. rear legroom is about 660 mm. 
Mercedes Benz C Class is said to come only with C220 CDI engine. The diesel engine is of 2.2 liter and produces power of 170 bhp and similar engine block just as the C250 CDI. The power that is produced is wonderful for highway and city driving. Shifts on 7G-Tronic are good enough. Shifts present in the box are quite smooth, while transition from one specific gear to the other is not noticeable, unless the person is sitting in passenger seat. Paddle shifts are missed in the latest edition. For the price that has been kept on the car, it is believed that it is definitely worth the purchase. The engine is commended to be more efficient than that of C250. 
C Class has been provided with 4 engine options, two being petrol and two diesel, each of which are frugal and said to have offer excellent performance. One diesel engine which powers the C-220-CDI Executive Blue-Efficiency is the 170 hp, 2143 cc, 4 cylinder diesel engines. It produces 400 Nm maximum torque at the rate of 1400 to 2800 RPM. The 204 hp, 2143 cc, diesel engine has been integrated to the 5 speed auto transmission which powers the C-250-BE CDI Elegance along with C-250BE-CDI Avantgarde. The engine creates 500 Nm of maximum torque output at the rate of 1600 to 1800 RPM. While the 186 hp, 1796 cc, petrol engine has maximum torque of 285 Nm and powers C 200-BE CGI Executive, C 200BE-CGI Avantgarde and C 200 BE CGI-Elegance. 285 Nm peak torque is produced at the rate of 2400 to 4000 RPM. Engine has been mated to 7 speed auto transmission.
The engine that powers the C63 AMG is considered to be the most powerful one of all engines of the Mercedes Benz C Class. There is present 6208 cc, 8 valve, 600 Nm, 457 hp engine that has been mated to the 7 speed Tronic transmission. The model is present on order only. It catches speed of 100 kmph in just a matter of 4.5 seconds, while the C63 AMG has top speed of about 250 kmph.
7G Tronic 7 speed auto transmission present in the C Class C-63 AMG is said to have the latest torque converter generator which provides it with more durability and dynamism to the vehicle, besides reducing noise levels and cutting on fuel consumption. Blue Efficiency in C Class is said to represent maximum efficiency, sustainability and zero emission mobility. Automotive technology feature has been optimized for reducing impact on environment. There is usage of lightweight materials and drag reduction in C Class. Apart from this, there is energy management system, while steering system has been made to be energy efficient.
Mileage of C Class diesel variant is quite phenomenal and presence of a huge 65 liter tank does provide it long range. The return is around 10 to 11 km/l in city when driven with light foot. Power produced by the engines is extremely good. C250 CDI is known to produce about 204 bhp that is quite phenomenal.
Mercedes Benz C Class does not have suspension adjustment similar to the Performance Edition. Difference is not present in the vehicle’s driving dynamics. Steering wheel is very light, thereby making driving a pleasure, both in the highway and the city. The ride is fine giving passengers maximum comfort even on the bumpy and uneven roads. Ride is quite supple, be at high or low speeds. 16” alloys provided are better suited for the Indian road conditions. 
Handling of C Class is quite good. However, it does retain similar handling from the previous versions and some fun can be derived since the tail steps a bit out when the vehicle is pushed hard round the corners. ESP response time is very quick, which effectively means that it rectifies quite quickly, in case a mistake is committed. If revved hard, it can perform wheel spin, since plenty of torque is generated.
This vehicle has things in place for averting critical situations before it takes place. Pre-safe system present in new C Class tends to anticipate accidents and therefore, takes preventative steps and safety measures. Seatbelts tighten, while seats reposition automatically for minimizing injury to driver and passengers. The windows, sunroof closes as a preventative measure. Apart from this, there are present, sixty electronic support system for making the ride much safer and smoother. Brake Assist and ESP detect over steer and under steer to help the driver in keeping the vehicle right on track. It is also equipped with an Agility Control Package having selective damping system with ASR brake dry function, Hill Start Assist and ABS to assist the vehicle to drive up hill and downhill. Cruise Control is provided to make long runs very comfortable. There is also ASSYST service interval indication tab for understanding the service intervals, to ensure long life of the vehicle. 
In short, the manufacturer has prioritized the passengers and the driver’s safety. The features that is present in the vehicle helps to handle the car much better. 
Avantgarde trim levels tend to have 5 twin spoke, 17” light alloy wheels having 225 / 45 / R17 tyres. Elegance series is said to have 12 spoke, 16” light alloy wheels along with tyres measuring 205 / 55 / R16, while the Executive Class boasts of having 7 spoke, 16” light alloy wheels of 205 / 55 / R16 tyres.
Overall, the Mercedes Benz C Class is a wonderful vehicle and limited edition product. The price is steep and expensive. If the buyer is looking for a vehicle that offers better performance, has an efficient engine, loads of safety features for the family’s safety, driver comfort, excellent performance, sustainable etc. and if money is not a restraint then the C Class is an automatic choice. With three major aspects of the car such as safety, superior design and refinement taken care by the reputed manufacturer, what more do you wish for? The ex-showroom Delhi prices of the C Class variants are as follows: 
C220-CDI Grand Edition for Rs. 40,56,981 
The C220-CDI Celebration Edition for Rs. 40,56,981 
The C220-CDI BE Avant-garde for Rs. 40,56,981 
The C200-CGI Grand Edition for Rs. 38,16,980 
C200-CGI Avant-garde for Rs. 33,52,080 and 
The C220-CDI Sport Edition for Rs. 30,34,900

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