Jaguar F-PACE
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • Enhanced Equipment 
  • Smart Interiors
  • Improved Ride Quality 

Weak Areas

  • Lacks Brand Value
  • Toned-Down Handling 
  • Mediocre Rear Space 
  • Average Low-End Torque
Jaguar F-PACE

Jaguar F-pace Road test Review

Jaguar F-pace Road Test Review, Jaguar has forayed into fledgling SUV segment with F-pace. We get behind the wheels to find how good it is? 

Jaguar F-Pace Road Test Review

Jaguar F pace has many distinctions going with its name. For one, it is the first ever SUV launched by the Jaguar and the companies relying heavily on it to showcase that it is as capable of making SUVs as it is making luxury saloons.


      Jaguar F-pace Road Test Review

The Jaguar is marketing a space as a combination of performance-oriented luxury SUV and No Surprise, the Jaguar F pace comes at a hefty price tag. It is taking on the likes of Porsche Macan, Mercedes GLE, and BMW X3 and we find out here whether this new Jaguar is capable of outsmarting its established rivals. 

Style and Design

             Bulging bonne and sloping roofline

From the design viewpoint, Jaguar F pace is a pure visual delight. It has got the proportions of SUV thanks to its upright stance but still, it successfully carries on with a sophistication of a luxury sedan. Large front grill, slim headlamps, dynamic air-vents, strong shoulder line, chunky alloy wheels, and aggressively built rear are the characteristic of the outer design of the F-pace. You will surely not miss out on the features like a panoramic sunroof, pronounced haunches, split tail lamp design, and silver skid plate. The aggressively swooping down roofline gives the F-pace a character of its own which is really powerful, dynamic, and purposeful. 

Interiors and Space

       Quality cabin with lot of storage space

Inside the cabin, the F-pace combines the sheer luxury, technical competence, and top-rated quality material to provide the occupants a unique lifetime experience. Everything used inside the cabin feels special and the minutes of the detail has been looked into by the company in great detail. Double stitched dashboard, leather upholstery, powerful and technically advanced infotainment system, meridian sound system, powered seats, and lots of storage spaces come together to form a practical yet luxurious cabin. we especially like the front seats which are big, bolstered, and offered unmatched comfort to the front occupants. Rear seats also offer good space and support although the rear AC vents intrude into the middle passenger space. This makes the real bench good only for carrying two adults abreast in a comfortable position. You fit in the third person here and he will sure to grumble in the long run. Another practical aspect of Jaguar F pace is the availability of full-size spare wheel which is unique to this car as none of its rivals offers such convenience. 

Engine, Transmission & Performance 

          2.0-liter, 177 bhp diesel motor

Under the Hood, the Jaguar F pace comes powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine pushing out 177 bhp along with 430 Nm of max torque. This diesel motor makes use of variable geometry turbocharger and he must say there is no perceptible Turbo lag we witnessed through our test drive. The powered is delivered in such an effortless manner that it is easy to fall in love with the performance of the car. The midrange is quite punchy and overtaking manoeuvre doesn't require any kind of planning whatsoever. There is long Surge of power that hit you once you rev past 2000 rpm and the sweet torque wave is good enough to plaster a wide grin. The 8-speed automatic transmission also very responsive unit and it makes light work of swapping cogs. It sends power to all the 4-wheel of the car and although Jaguar has also provided paddle shifters we find most of the times you will not be required to use them. Overall it is an impressive power and performance package and full marks to the Jaguar on the engine and transmission front. 

Ride, Handling, and Equipment 

Driving the F-pace is indeed involving experience. Dynamic ability of this is at par with the competition and we are really impressed the way it handles the bad Indian roads without breaking the Sweat. In fact, the way Jaguar F pace handles is really a pleasant surprise as we suspected initially that rise in the ground clearance will spoil the jaguar handling experience. Nothing of that sort has actually happened and even Jaguar engineers are able to strike a perfect balance between ride quality and the handling. Despite being a good Handler, F-pace doesn't disappoint on the ride quality as it soaks up all the bumps and undulations on the road without any unnecessary fuss.

       Apt driving dynamics

In terms of safety and security, Jaguar F pace comes equipped with 6 safety airbags, 3-point seatbelt, Anti-Lock Braking System, electronic brake force distribution, brake assist, hill hold assist, electronic stability program, traction control system, automatic climate control, tilt and Telescopic adjustment for the steering wheel, front and rear parking sensors, reverse camera parking system, touchscreen infotainment system with navigation and Bluetooth capability, steering mounted controls with voice command, electrically foldable outside rear view Mirrors, electrochromic internal rear view mirror, and full size spare wheel.


As an SUV proposition, Jaguar F pace ticks all the right boxes. It has got style, comes with quality cabin, powered by a punchy diesel engine and efficient transmission, and more importantly, exhibit superb ride and handling combination. As a product, it is really hard to find fault with the Jaguar F pace and it is right up there with the competition. The only aspect that could have a damning effect on the sales of F-pace is its price which seems to be on the higher side. This is the only area where Jaguar has lagged behind the competition; otherwise, F-pace is a winner in every sense of the word. 

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