Hyundai Grand i 10
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Customer Rating
: 3/5
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: 8/10
: 2 Yrs / Unlimited Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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5.9 Lakhs-6.46 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Charm of new fresh car
  • Low maintenance expected
  • Value priced diesel option
  • Great mileage diesel & petrol
  • More spacious than current i10

Weak Areas

  • Small tyre width
  • Meek front and rear lamps
  • Steep windscreen impacts visibility 
  • Bigger i10, pricing could be an issue
  • Small windows and glass area cramps space
Hyundai Grand i 10

Hyundai Grand i10 Review, Grand i10 Road Test Review

Vision and obsession have always remained at the heart of any new innovation and extraordinary achievement. As path to success is thronged with difficulties, one has to bash on amid soaring problems although hanging in there against all the odds is not a child’s play. It required dogged attitude and heroic courage to successfully battle against all the prevailing dogmasand only a handful numbers is blessed with these virtues. Now one of in this sanctified bunch, Hyundai seems to have both these qualities in plentyand on account of these merits company has once again decided to challenge conventionalthinking of Indian hatchback category with its recently unveiled Grand i10 offering. Now we all know that small car segment of Indian auto market is fiercely contested and filled from its head to toe with innumerable value propositions trying to lure very discernible and matured chunk of Indian buyers. Further blurring of price boundaries with increasing overlapping of value boundaries has up the ante for manufacturers as all these developments have taken the competition to a new high. 

Hyundai Grand I10 Notching Up Greater Heights

Today vehicles in this segment is spanning across the price spectrum starting with its one end tied to Rs 1.5 lakh Tata Nano and other end hinging on VW’s Polo costing in the range of Rs6-8 lakh. Now withhatchback segment already up to neck, it’s quite obvious for any conventional thinker to start focusing on other categories in order to keep up their sales momentum as most of the manufacturers are doing today though there still exists a few ones who dare to differ. Hyundai, one such different personality, hasa completely different view of sprucing up its overall sales prospects from the other so-called practical thinkers. Rather than starting a fresh journey of exploring new horizons, this Korean giant still envision to exploit the small car market potential as it clearly feelsthat there still exists a nichein the small car category that it could fill with its new offering; Grand i10. Vision of Grand i10 is quite clear as Hyundai, in addition to bridging the gap between i10 and i20, wants this vehicle to break off the customers from stronghold of Maruti-Suzuki. That’s why Grand i10 offer is tailor made to meet the extra space and oil-burner requirement of Indian masses and slotted exactly between theprice-points of i10 and i20. Now this Grand offer isalready up for a grab in market and before you finally decide to go for one, we strongly recommend getting yourself fully acquainted with this new value constellation that has been loudly boasted and bragged as surprisingly distinctive package by Hyundai. Now one pragmatic approach you could follow to get this required familiarity is to visit the Hyundai’s facility in person though that requires a considerable investment in terms of efforts and more importantlyyour precious time. Or other short-cut you can resort to is to face towards ecardlr as we are well versed with your lack of time constraintamid the approaching deadline to meet your innumerable impending commitments. That’s exactly why we once again take it upon ourselves to make our readers fully cognizant about each and every single aspect of this new Grand launch from Hyundai factory. Now all you need is log on to ecardlr navigate to our road-test section and then click on to Grand i10 to satiate this new Hyundai’s hunger that has been testing your patience for some time now.


Of late Hyundai has earned itself a name in dressing virtue as its all new generation vehicles are exquisitely styled and designed; courtesy of its fluidic-design language. This styling treatment has won accolades all over the world and catapulted Hyundai’s once upon a boring style image into now strikingly elegant cars manufacturer.  New Grand i10 too follows this fluidic scripture though the intensity of sleekness has been toned down in order to keep things according to taste of target market.

Front face of this Grand model has uncanny similarity with the i10 and in fact the whole posture of the car resembles heavily with its younger sister; save for its stretched profile view due to addition of 100 mm in overall length of the car. Swept back headlamps have the similarity with the Eon lenses as they feel a bit gown up in Grand i10. Combination of hexagonal and slot grill feel familiar and so is the amalgamation of rakish windscreen and sculpted bonnet.

Profile view of Grand i10 is feelsslight ungainly due to excessive lengthened side panel and even the addition of character line with black moulding fails to disguise this stretched out version completely. However addition of 14” alloy wheels and roof rails successfully aid the visual appeal of the Grand i10. Chrome coated door handles and sleekly integrated turn indicators on rear view mirrors are some of the other classy yet subtle touches Grand i10 comes with.

Rear of the Grand i10 is dominated by the large and practical windscreen complemented by the roof spoiler that houses the stop lamp assembly too. Tail lamps are wrap around and integration of reflectors in rear bumper further uplift the practicality of this urban warrior. Loading lip height is just spot on and integration of rear wiper is another thoughtful touch this grand Hyundai comes with.

Overall Grand i10 treads a very fine path and successful in balancing the extreme ends of practicality and style. We believe that Hyundai has deliberately restricted itself from making Grand i10 quite a stunning design as this move could alienate the chunk of practical buyers that form the large part Grand’s target market.


In line with its target market orientation, Hyundai has given Grand a sober, functional and a high class cabinthat boasts of high intuitiveness and utility without the unnecessary fuss. And that’s why this Grand is sure to strike the customers’ chord well.  Simple and uncluttered controls of the Grand i10 blend flawlessly with its high quality material texture taking the segment’s functionality to a new high. Two tone; black-beige colour makes the things bright in addition to augmenting the airy feel of the car.

Illuminated centre console houses all the conventional controls very neatly and frees a lot of space in the first row. From AC vents to its controls and dash board to overall texture, all feel rich in quality and Hyundai’s exemplary fit-finish makes the cabin quite a good place to be in. Steering wheel feels nice to hols as it has got spot-on diameter and has illuminated controls making them eligible for night operation also. Stop-start button and driver seat height adjust have got their place in only top-end version while cooled glove box and rear AC vents have been trickled down to lower trims too.

On the space front, Grand i10 is roomier than its younger cousin i10 though lags behind way more spacious i20 offering. Front seats of Grand are wonderfully supported and side contouring is just fabulous. Bucket styled posture fits the occupants well though the rear sitting arrangement lags the front row acumen. First of all we find the rear bench height a bit on lower side; making ingress-egress a bit difficult even though the doors open wide. Second the seats lack the thigh support and this will be a matter of concern in long journeys. In terms of leg and knee room, Grand i10 makes a compelling case and had it not been for normal width, this rear seat would have easily challenged the Liva and Vista’s benchmark.

Boot space of 256 litres too is not best in class though some of the intuitive touches like spot-on loading height and luggage lamp enhance the overall utility of this compartment. Also the flexibility of fully-foldable rear bench makes the Grand i10 a good luggage carrier provided there are only two persons on the board.


Power to the 15” alloy wheels of Grand i10 is channelized through the 5-speed manual transmission that draws upon the two engine options; petrol and diesel for its drift requirement. Now in petrol the engine is very much familiar 1.2 Litre Kappa motor that has been doing the duty in other Hyundai cars for quite some time. However on diesel front the Grand i10 comes with very first iteration of 2nd generation U2 CRDi motor that has caught the attention of the whole market. We drive the gasoline version of this Grand i10 rigorously in city and out on highway to gauge its overall suitability for city dwellers as well as highway riders. 1.2 L Kappa motor is extremely refined unit as it features the combination of cutting-edge technologies like dual cam shaft, 16 valves architecture and dual VTVT. Now all these ingenuities combine together in seamless way making Grand i10 a competent performer in a wide range of modalities.

Idle of engine is creamy smooth and it holds on to its superb refinement throughout its operational rev range. Drivability of the motor is good though we expect the diesel version to be more drivable than this rev-happy motor. Grand i10 takes everything confidently from the light foot reflexes to enthusiastic pedal crushing moves as it happily obeys all the commands given by its owner. In city driving is quite confident, easy and stress-free something that a major chunk of its target customers want. On the open stretches too this Kappa motor feels quite rev-happy though there’s no meaning of comparing its revving capability with Maruti or Honda which are in their own league. Still for most of the part, customers won’t complaint about any sort of deficiency.

Power of 83 PS and 11.6 kg-m of torque have been channelized to the wheels through 5-speed manual transmission mounted on centre console. This makes this lever very intuitive and easy-to-approach as it falls in hand quite easily. Clutch of the Grand i10 is ultra-light that although makes the city-driving quite easy but rob the assembly from the feel of progression. Foot well is sufficiently spaced and doesn’t feel cramped. Shifts are direct, short but lack the finesse of the benchmark set by Polo’s slick shifting mechanism. Nonetheless the whole engine-transmission package strikes a good combo especially in he price range Grand i10 comes.


Riding of 14” wheels, grand i10 shows a decent amount of grip and width of 165 mm has proved instrumental I making i10 quite a good riding car. Standard hardware of McPherson strut at front and coupled torsion beam axle at the rear accomplish their task of wheel- suspension quite well as Grand i10 soak the undulations and rough patches with ease. That said potholes and high breakers still ruffle the Grand i10 as its suspension tends to crash every time the car hits the deep crashes and the car tends to crash in case of ruts. In fact some more progression limit in the suspension would have made Grand i10 far better riding car though still by the standards its ride package is not too bad.

Handling of Grand i10 is rather acceptable than entertaining. The car has although good straight line grip, it tends to bit under-steer at the quick lane changing manoeuvers. Also the light and vague steering make it further difficult for Grand to compete with handling benchmark rivals like Swift and Punto. But then the dynamic ability as a holistic package is quite complete in line with its practical customer-centric approach.


Hyundai has cent percent record on value for money offerings and Grand i10 too is priced very sensitively. Starting from 4.29 lakh for base petrol version, Grand i10 envelope stretches to 6.45 lakh for its top-end diesel variant Asta. Now the price of Grand i10 makes this whole competitive offer even more attractive and makes this car quite a hard-hitting offer from the Korean giant. Hyundai has betted a big gamble on the Grand i10 as it tries to break off the customers’ of both Wagon R and Swift. Now this toss up could equally back fire as chances are plenty that sales of Grand i10 gradually makes the lingering customer draught of i10 model more severe and harsh. If this cannibalization happens, Hyundai will be having no other rescue but to eventually withdraw i10 from the market though the company has tried its best to avoid this unfortunate situation by treading a fine price difference between these two models.

Style& Substance                  3.5/5                                     Ride & Handling          3.5/5

Interiors & Ergonomics:           3.5/5                                Safety & Equipment     4/5

Power-Plant & Transmission      3.5/5                               Fuel Efficiency            4/5

Value for Money    4/5

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