Ford Mustang
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish demeanour
  • High safety equipment 
  • Powerful performance
  • Superior dynamics

Weak Areas

  • A bit soft ride  
  • Average boot 
  • Small rear space 
  • Low mileage  
Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Review, Test Drive

Ford has summoned its most iconic Pony car in India to bring back some excitement to its model line-up. We measure this car against the hype in this road test review. 

Ford Mustang Review

Finally, Ford Mustang is available in India at a hefty price tag of Rs 65 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Ford must be complemented for taking this decisive step although the real reason behind this launch is the fact that new Mustang is now available in the right-hand drive version unlike the past when it came only as a left-hand drive. Around the globe, Ford has made stellar records with the sales of Mustang as the car proved extremely hit with the buyers.

            Ford Mustang

In fact, in the Germany, the Mustang is rated as the top-selling sports car in the year 2016. We also like the fact that it is available in the full-on V8 version to satiate the driving hunger of the Indian car enthusiasts. We get behind the wheels and here's what we think about this iconic pony car. 

Design, Style and Interiors

You cannot mistake Ford Mustang for any other car as it has such a typical characteristic that it inherited from its previous generations over the years. The face is a hell of a beast and a long nose characterised by the aggressive grille and dynamic bumper gives the car a unique Identity. Also, the black skirt below the bumper is subtle attention and looks pleasing to the eyes. At the rear, retro style tail lamps are just wow and remind us of old Mustangs. The overall styling is superb and the long nose and fastback character of a car the highlights here. 19-inch alloy wheels also infuse extra doses of the character. There are disc brakes at the front as well as in the rear to equip the car with real-time stopping power.

            Mustang GT Fastback in Race Red

Inside the cabin too Ford has used retro styling which indeed l in the cabin quality looks good but the quality of the materials is not up to the mark. Unlike the exteriors, there is a lot of chrome inside the cabin. All the controls are laid out very neatly and ergonomics also is spot on. Quality, on the other hand, is disappointing for a car priced at Rs 65 lakh. Even the Hyundai Elantra can beat the GT.

           Ford Mustang Signature HID Headlamps

The chunky Steering Wheel comes wrapped in leather and feels nice to hold with the added convenience of telephone and music system controls. It has also got paddle shifters which are placed behind it. At the front, leather seats offer good support and can easily accommodate even the larger frames. The car offers electrical adjustment for the majority of the part but reclining has to be done manually via a lever. In order to get access to the rear seat, the front seat has to be tilted forward, which is a cumbersome exercise. The rear bench has to bucket seats which are terribly short on the headroom. You will scrape your head against the sloping windshield of the rear and even for a short distance; adults will feel uncomfortable in this car. The rear seats are best left to the children and they can possibly accommodate themselves better than the adults at the back.

Engine, Transmission, and Dynamics

Mustang GT features 5.0-liter V8 petrol engine capable of putting out 400 bhp along with 515 Nm of Max torque. The most interesting thing is you can drive the Mustang with the regular petrol available in India. The Indian is mated to 6-speed automatic transmission but there is no option of the manual gearbox.

          Ford Mustang Mirror

The engine is refined and unlike the past GTs, it is quite muted in its response. There is no doubt about the performance of the car whatsoever and the GT is an effortless car to drive both in city and on the highway.
6-speed automatic does a good job in preparing the car well and for most of the part, it works seamlessly without any jerks or hesitation. The V8 has the ability to rev effortlessly all the way to redline and you will be completely satisfied with its performance. The ride quality is quite compliant and you won't feel uncomfortable in the car.


            Ford Mustang Seat Adjustable


The suspension works silently and for most of the city driving, it gobbles up undulations rather well. The car is very well adapted to handle the corners also but you can't simply compare the performance of GT with the Porsche Cayenne. The higher kerb weight of the car (1770 kg) also adds to its disadvantage as you can feel the bulk shifting from one direction to another.

Overall Verdict

Undoubtedly Ford Mustang GT is an iconic car and although it comes at a price, many people will buy it for the aura it symbolizes. It may not be the perfect especially when you consider the quality of the cabin, cramped rear bench, and conservative handling but then it will make up for all this with its stylish demeanor, extremely powerful V8 engine, and compliant ride quality. It may not be the car for the masses but then there are always a few selected ones who go for less than ordinary. We guess this is the car for that niche. 

Style & Substance                  4/5                           Ride & Handling           3/5
Interiors & Ergonomics:           3/5                          Safety & Equipment       4/5
Power-Plant &Transmission    4/5                               Fuel Efficiency            2/5
Value for Money                       2/5

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