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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • High Safety Equipment 
  • Powerful Performance
  • Superior Dynamics

Weak Areas

  • Lack premium feel 
  • Average boot
  • Cramped third row
  • Low mileage
Ford Endeavour

Ford Endeavour Road Test Review

Exhaustive road test of 3.2 L Ford Endeavour 4*4 Automatic by ecardlr.com. A road test which relies more on pictures than words so that it becomes easy to understand and take an informed decision. We at eacardlr have gone to great lengths to give you details which are normally missing from most expert reviews.

Ford Endeavour Road Test Review

Our exhaustive and unbiased Ford Endeavour review is all thanks to Mr. Parveen Goel (Dealer Principal) of Delhi Ford who provided us the 4*4 3.2L Endeavour Automatic.

When I went to pick up the Endeavour from Delhi Ford, my first response was ‘Man this is a Big SUV’.

Ford Endeavour

For the first time a car made me look small (The picture above makes it even more obvious) and inspired confidence in it.  Endeavour with its towering and equally massive girth ensures road presence. Size enamours most SUV buyers to own and drive one. Size also intimidates others on road and makes the owners feel safe (No wonder one sees lots of women driving an SUV). Size announces arrival on ‘La-di-la’ circuit  thus communicating the depth of one’s bank balance. No wonder Endeavour is so popular among SUV prospects.

Drive Experience

The 3.2 Lt 4*4 Endeavour AT is a massive car with an equally big engine. However, whilst one expected strong legs right from the beginning, the engine does take time to come on its own. As a matter of fact, up until 1200 Rpm engine sound makes it feel powerful but in reality the car does not seem to be going as fast. No wonder manual freaks like me felt the urge to downshift quite frequently. However once the RPM needle crosses the 1200 mark, the car gets stronger legs, power delivery becomes smoother and linear with the engines noise becoming just a ‘purr’. Posts the power delivery inflection point, the Endeavour becomes so much fun to drive.

A car of this size also would mean that one would have to be conscious of its handling, no such problems with the Endeavour. Response to steering inputs was smooth and equally fast. The car did not depict any roll issues, on the contrary manoeuvring the car (between 80-100 Kmph) was confidence inspiring. Endeavour felt planted which could be thanks to its weight, large girth and broader tyres.

3.2 L DuraTorq Diesel Engine

Endeavour 3.2 delivers a max power output of 200 Bhp/3000 Rpm with max torque number slated at 470 Nm/ 1750-2450 Rpm. Expected City mileage is around 7 Kmpl and highway mileage of 13 Kmpl. ARAI Mileage – 12.62 kmpl. The vehicle is available with both 4*2 and 4*4 drive options. However, unlike its 2.2L sibling the 3.2 L is mated to 6 Speed Autobox only.

6 Speed Automatic Transmission

6 Speed Automatic Transmission with Sports (S) Mode

Ford and VW are known for their Auto Transmission and the Endeavour with its Dual Clutch 6 Speed Auto Box on hand, did not disappoint. Up-shift and Down-shift was smooth with matching linear power delivery. Not once did I feel the gear shifts. It seems the box was reading my mind and giving me the gears that I wanted. However, when shifting to Sports mode the engine felt on a leash being restrained from taking the big leap. Yes the drive experience did change and felt different from Eco mode, which felt far more controlled. As we did not take the car off-road we could not try the other driving modes avaiable in the Endeavour.

All Terrain Drive System

All Terrain Drive Mode

All- Terrain System or Drive Control Mode to maximise traction and enhance vehicle stability. All Terrain System includes drive mode for Normal, Snow/Mud, Grass/Sand and Rock. Switching on each mode facilitates drive in different driving conditions. Sand Mode  increase accelerator sensitivity and aggressive wheel spin. Snow Mode optimises traction control on snow or rough gravel surfaces. Rock Mode makes off-road driving a great experience. Switching any of these assist fucntion results in display of  Driveline Torque, vehicle pitch and roll on dashboard display in right screen of multi-intelligent instrument cluster.

Assist Buttons


Assist Buttons 

Easily accessible parking sensor, parking assist , traction control, rear differential lock and 4*4 buttons available for managing the drive. Parking Assists helps by provding gridlines with surrounding view that helps easy parking even in tight spots. Engaging traction control button will make driving safer on slippery and gravel or lose surfaces.


Open the driver side door and get greeted with big and comfy seats. However, the SUVs tall height does need some effort to get into the car even for a person of my height at 5’8”. Once seated the road view is quite comforting with near zero obstruction from the A Pillars.



Dash looks premium and is loaded with features. Plastic quality like all Ford cars looks and feels premium.

Multi Functional Steering Wheel

Multi-functional (22 functions) tilt and telescopic leather wrapped 3 spoke steering  wheel. Key functions that can be operated from buttons mounted on steering wheel are: Navigation System, Audio, Video, Cruise Control, Cluster Setting and Bluetooth Control.

Multi Functional Steering Wheel

Multi Intelligent Instrument Cluster

                                  Multi Intelligent Instrument Cluster

Instrument cluster with multi information display for assisting the driver displayed on 2 large LCD screens. Left screen for telephony, Bluetooth and infotainment system. Right screen displays: RPM, Average Speed, Distance to Empty, Fuel Economy, Trip-meter, Door Open Warnings and Engine Information, etc. Information on current drive mode also displayed in the instrument cluster.

Seats - Must admit that all 7 seats with leather upholstery across all rows feel spacious and are cushioned to enhance comfort.

Endeavour Seats - All 7 Seats designed for comfort

Front Row Seats

Endeavour Front Row Seats

Seat Dimensions: Length 19" delivers great thigh support,  Width  19.5" and 11.5" seating space.

Endeavour Front Legroom and Headroom
Front Legroom - 760/520 mm. Front Headroom - 930 mm.

Endeavour 8-Way Electric Driver Seat Adjustment and Lumbar Support Lever
Lumbar support and 8-way electrically adjustablity for driver seat brings alive Ford Endeavour's focus on seating comfort.

Row 2 Seats

Endeavour 2nd Row Seats

Endeavour 2nd Row Seat Dimensions
2nd row seats - 49" Length, 18" depth. 60:40 split.

Endeavour 2nd Row Saet Centre Arm Rest with Pop-out Glass Holders
Row 2 seat Centre Arm-rest with pop out glass holders 

Spacious dimensions makes it easy for 3 adults to travel in comfort. 18" seat depth delivers enhanced thigh support.

3rd Row Seats

Endeavour 3rd Row Seat with Flexibile Headrest

3rd Row Headroom of 890 mm makes travelling in it even for longer distance less claustrophobic.
Endeavour 3rd Row Access
Lever on two ends of row 2 seats located at the top of the seat makes it easy to roll down and access the 3rd row with minimum effort. Jus lift the lever and fod teh row seat forward to an angle of 40 degree for accessing the 3rd row seats.

Endeavour 3rd Row Electric Folding BUtton

Electric button for flat folding 3rd row seats in a 50:50 split visbily loacted in easily accessible boot wall.

Ford has very efficiently and effectively used Endeavour cabin space to provide its owners a fatigue free driving experience be it short of long drive. During our road test one could easily accomodate 7 adults without much difficulties. As a matter of fact the car did not feel cramped at all.

Boot Space  - Envdeavour allows you to expand boot space as per your requirement. With row 2 and row 3 flat folded one gets a boot space with a huge capacity of 2010 Litres. What's also good to know is that both row 2 and row 3 seats can be folded elctrically making it so convenient and less tiring. Even the Boot lid can be closed electrically at a press of conveniently located button.

Endeavour 450 Litres of Boot Space with 3rd Row Upright

Approximately 452 Litres boot space with 2nd and 3rd row seat upright. Boot dimensions 26 inches length, 26.5 inches height and 40 inches width.

Endeavour 1010 Litres of Boot Space with 3rd Row Flat Folded

Boot space increases to approximately 1069 Litres once the 3rd row seats are flat folded. Boot dimensions 4 feet depth, 34 inches height and 40 inches width.

Endeavour 2010 Litres of Boot Space with Row 2 and 3 seats flat folded

Fold the row 2 and 3 seats flat and get a total boot space of 2010 litres. Boot dimensions post folding rear seats is 7 Feet length, 34 inches height and 45 inches width.

Endeavour Loading Lip Height

Loading height of 2'7" makes even loading heavy items less exhausting and tiring.

Automatic Climate Control

Ford Endeavour offers Dual Zone Climate control with roof mounted AC vents as well as under seats AC vents for rear seat passengers. Climate control temperature setting can be done through AVN and one has the ability fo set different temperatures for different zones. Rear seat temperature control button are also provided under centre armrest as a part of central floor console.

Endeavour Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control

Endeavour Rear AC Control
Rear Seat AC control buttons with clearly marked vent position for floor vents for rear seat passengers.

Endeavour AC Temperature Setting on AVN

Endeavour Zone Wise Temperature Setting
Ability to set temperature by zone under My Temperature Setting.

Roof mounted 2nd row AC vents and lower AC vents
Roof mounted 2nd row AC vents and lower vents under front seats for row 2 passengers. 

Endeavour 3rd Row Roof Mounted AC Vents
Roof mounted 3rd row AC vents.

Power Windows

Endeavour All Doors Power Windows

All doors power windows with window lock. One-touch up & down with anti-pinch for driver and front passenger side door.

For its price Ford endeavour does not disappoint when it comes to features that indulges its owners. How I wish Ford has also offered Push-Button Start-Stop and Key-less entry (Push Button Entry) thus leaving no scope for complaint. The feature list though is exhaustive, some of the key features are:

Panoramic Sunroof

Many would argue against a sunroof for a sun soaked country like India, however, as one is quite accustomed of seeing it in cars from Audi, Merc and BMW, it’s presence does give the SUV a luxury appeal. Panoramic Sunroof of Ford Endeavour comes with 2 part glass window and a slider under it. Whilst the slider opens completely, however, only one-half of the glass window opens the other half is fixed.

Endeavour Panaromic Sunroof

Top view of Panoramic Sunroof.

Slider Under the Sunroof
Inside view of the slider under the two glass windows which completely closes the sunroof and cuts sun's harsh glare as and when required.

Panoramic Sunroof Opening

Panoramic Sunroof with opening slider.

Panoramic Glass Window

Two part glass windows with roof mounted AC vents for row 2 & 3 seen in the picture.

Cabin Light Controls
Overhead control button with Panoramic Sunroof and interior lights.

3.2 L Automatic Ford Endeavour comes with an 8” wide Touch Screen. Ergonomically placed easy to access Endeavour AVN also offers the ability to control various functions of the SUV through Voice. Pictures below visually explain the exhaustive functionalities that can be managed either through touch or voice in Ford Endeavour AVN.

Endeavour Audio Video Navigation System (AVN)

Home Screen - Key functionalities available on home screen are: Entertainment, Cliamate Control, Information System and Phone Connectivity. One can drill down across these main functions to get more functions so as to micromanage other functionalities through the AVN. Climate control fucntion has already being described under Automatic AC module.

Video Parking Assist Through AVN

Endeavour Rear Camera

Mounted under the Endeavour branding applique and above the number plate the camera capture images in around 140 degree area behind the car. Rear images are displayed on the AVN screen.

Endeavour Rear Parking Sensor

Bumper integrated rear parking sensor for audio alert.

Camera Display

Endeavour Camera Settings for Rear Parking

Endeavour Semi Auto Parallel Parking Assist
Ford Endeavour offers Semi-Auto Parallelk park Assist that not only finds the right parking spot but also helps you park without you controlling the steering, under this assist all the driver needs to do is to manage gears, accelerator and brakes. Grid lines help to park the SUV easily even in tight spaces. This fucntionality can be further enhanced through camera settings in the AVN.

Command List

Command List

command list

Phone Connectivity - Can be activated through voice or operated through touch screen of the AVN

Sync Devices

Phone Dailer Pad on AVN
Phone Dailer for those who have the gift of remembering numbers can use AVN touch screen to direct dial the number they wish to call.

System Information 

System Information

Under Settings function one can further deep dive to get information on; System ( Car Info), Voice Control Functions, Media Player, Phone, Wireless & Internet.

System Functionalities

Voice Control Functionalities

Media Player Functionalities

Vehicle Information System

Vehicle Information
System information under vehicle information system one gets the car VIN number and serial number two very imporatnt information about any vehicle.

Emergency Assistance

Its a great functionality in a car for any vehicle owner. Emergency services only work when its connected through a blue tooth device. Our suggestion would be to always connect your bluetooth telephone to the SUVs AVN system.


Head and Tail Lamps

LED Head Light
LED Projector headlamps with Daytime Running Lamps. Low beam lights have Halogen Lamps with Projector Lamps for Hi-Beam Light.

Tail Lamp
Wrap around Tail Lamps with LED Lights.

Front Fog Lamp
Bumper Integrated Front Fog Lamp.

Outside Rear View Morror (ORVM)
ORVM Controls
ORVM electric controls for internally managing the mirrors.


Electricaly foldable and adjustable ORVM with integrated turn indicator.


Endeavour Tailgate open really high, whilst that makes loading and unloading so easy and hassles free, it adds to the problem of accessing the tailgate to close the same, however, Ford seems to have thought through the same, the tailgate can be opened and closed electrically with buttons for opening provided beside the light controlling switch with closing button conveniently located in the boot itself. Add the low loading height of just 2 feet 7" and it becomes so easy to us the huge boot space Endeavour provides its users.

Tail Gate
Heavy and HIgh Opening Tailgate.


Electric Tailgate Opening Button
Electric Tailgate opening button.

Electric Tailgate Closing Button
Electric Tailgate closing button.

Spare Tyre

How we wish it was always so easy to locate the spare tyre or stepeney, all of us knew that its always located in the boot under the boot mat. Things are so different now, with each car maker wanted to optimise cabin space to the max, spare tyre seems to have lost its known location in favour of extra space in the cabin. Good thought, but then why hide the spare tyre and make it inconvenient for its owners. Endeavour spare tyre is located in the rear under the boot outside the SUV.

Spare Tyre

Under Body Protection

Endeavour is a genuine SUV, capable of taking all surfaces with elan. Whilst, many SUV owners may not stretch the Endeavour to the fullest when it comes to ist off-road capabilities, Ford has looked at smaller details of ensuring engine protection in off-road situations too. The Front under body (under engine bay) skid plate is made up of heavy and tough plastic and gives a complete protection to the engine for those who love to take path not treaded too often.

Under Body Skid Plates

Water Wading
Endeavour Water Wading Capabilities

A must have feature for the off-roaders. No one knows when one's drive would make it mandatory to cross a stream of water logged portion on the road. good news for them is that Ford Endeavour can wade or drive through water levels which are as high as 31 inces or 2 and half feet.

Safety Above All

Endeavour Comes with 7 Airbags

Ford Endeavour comes with 7 Airbags. Front Dual Airbags, Side airbags, Curtain Airbags and Driver Knee Airbags, all these with a solid sheet metal which one can gauge from the solid Thud one hear’s every time you close the Endeavour Door.

Other key safety features not covered in the article above are:  Electronic Stability Program, ABS & EBD, Seatbelt Pre-tensioner.

To summarise, Ford Endeavour does make a case for itself even against the Fortunner. At 29 lacs odd it does have a stiff competition from status brands like the Audi, Merc and BMWs of the world, But then those looking for substance over status to them Endeavour does make a strong case.

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