Fiat Linea T-JET
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Strong Areas

  • Beautiful flawless design
  • Best-in-class ground clearance
  • Class leading dynamic abilities 
  • Feature loaded functional cabin 
  • Powerful turbocharged petrol engine 

Weak Areas

  • Poor driver`s vision
  • Lacks finesse in fit-finish
  • Compact rear seat space
  • Small dealership network
  • Unanimated diesel performance
Fiat Linea T-JET

Fiat Linea T-Jet Quick And Efficient - ecardlr

The Flat Linea T-Jet has a powerful and efficient DOHC engine with 4 cylinder to offer a whopping power of 114 PS along with a peak levels of torque of 207 Nm which means that it is the best one among this car segment. 

Fiat Linea T-Jet Road Test review By Ecardlr

The latest version of Fiat Linea T-Jet is considered to be a superb model than its previous versions. This is a fact that has been accepted by the experts, as well as the car lovers. There are many things that have been included in this version, which makes it outstanding in its specific segment. Undoubtedly, this car has a wonderful appearance and is for the modern man. It does handle quite efficiently. Also, Linea Multi-jet diesel variant is equally efficient in its performance and capabilities. However, the Multijet is termed not to meet the expectations of the driver. But The Flat Linea T-Jet is something that has already won raving reviews from car lovers and enthusiasts all over the country. 
This vehicle is regarded to be much identical visually to the diesel sibling. The only exception being that it has a huge chrome garnish present on its tail pipe. Thus, one can make mistakes easily with this fast going version. Fiat is known to generously garnish the T-Jet by placing badges on front lenders and boot lid. Will this vehicle from Fiat would be able to gain an upper hand in the car segment in India? Our team of experts tries to dig out its performance on Indian roads.
The latest version, Fiat Linea T-Jet boasts of having included a new 3 slat grille, including the properly crafted front bumper that gives it a much more upmarket feeling. This vehicle also has a series of wheels of multi-spoke alloy variety, which looks like the plain Jane at the very first glance. However, it does have tons of small details present in them. 
Our team of experts get behind the steering wheel of Fiat Linea T jet to know more about its performance and handling on roads. 
Enchanting Exteriors
The Fiat Linea T-Jet variant has a wonderful exterior that can make others to take out time to have a look at it. This is something important and most desired by all buyers. The vehicle comes with a turbo charger, 16” alloy wheel along with thick 205 mm tires, leather seats and rear disc brakes. One should remember that this version is undoubtedly much more expensive than the diesel variant, which can be considered to be a rare occurrence, something that is out of imagination for the prospective car buyer. 
The Linea is also a Punto having boot or just vice versa. For giving the sedan, an identity, this vehicle actually does not share single body panel along with the hatchback sibling. The Linea does have a substantial look and competes with Vento for topping the C segment. The panel gaps, more or less are consistent, although some are quite larger than they are expected to be. On looking closer, one can spot a misaligned or rough edge panel. The tyres of Linea 205/55 R16 do give it a specific planted stance. The build quality is depicted to be the best and the vehicle is given a sturdier look. 
Impressive Interiors
This vehicle Fiat Linea T-Jet is regarded to be a big one and is further add up to the previous version, in terms of overall finish and designs. The previous driver centric cabin now has been replaced by the conventional symmetric design that consists of 2, curvaceous bulges present on the dashboard. Moreover, the interior quality does provide the owner with a special class, feeling and touch. For instance, the centre console has been festooned in piano black finish along with placed nicely in centre. The insides are said to be draped with signature orange lighting of Fiat’s and has an orange light that runs across the dashboard. Although, it does boast a huge number of gadgets like the Honda City, it is worth the try.
A car being that huge from the outside, the cabin room surprisingly is quite conservative. Packaging and space utilization is not considered to be innovative as it is witnessed in the Japanese vehicles. This car can only fit 4 people at a time, while 5 can be seen as a crowd due to lack of adequate room space. The front seat has been built in the long travel format so that the driver and the passengers can get sufficient legroom. The rear seats are quite comfortable, but taller people, might need some adjustments. At the same time, rear bench support can be termed as excellent and the backrest perfectly reclined. The under-thigh and back
support are just superb. 
The door of Fiat Linea T-Jet is made typical of the European cars and opens and shuts in three stages, giving a satisfying thud. The vehicle fairly is a low slung car, which would make you to sit ‘down’, something that elderly people do require to note. The flaws that were present in the previous versions were all taken care of in this new version and this is where Fiat has scored high. When compared to 2009 models, the latest version hardly has uneven panel gaps, glue sticking out the crevices and loosely fitted parts. The way, they are installed are real a great sight. Some people have opined that the soft touch plastics were really fabulous. The interiors overall are acceptable in this specific segment. 
The beige dark leather seats do appear tasteful. The instrument console and chrome ringed dials are just excellent. MID has large fonts, therefore, you do not have to strain the eyes for gathering information. The steering wheel has contours for resting the thumbs when tired. Also, the steering is said to be tilt adjustable. The center armrest is height adjustable and a great place to have the left arm to rest, especially on a long, tiring drive. Also, the seat of the driver is height adjustable having shorter frames. 
According to Fiat, there is an air-con compressor present under the hood. Even if you drive continuously in the hot afternoon, the interiors do remain super chilled, since the air conditioner is very strong. The rear curtains present also do successfully keep the harsh sun and make the rear occupants comfortable during the journey. 
The storage solutions are equally good, which includes the front cup holder, mobile phone parking spot, door pockets, etc. Moreover, the large boot is said to run very deep and easily carry the luggage without any hassle. 
Under the hood
An essential aspect of this car is actually present under its hood. The turbocharged 1.4 liter, 4 cylinder DOHC engine of Fiat Linea T-Jet is said to produce an impressive 207Nm peak torque and 114PS max power. Even though its power might not seem quite high on paper, but on the road, this car possibly is said to have the very best petrol engine that is presently available in the country, something worth the investment.
This turbocharged car has a torque that is present very low as much as 1800 to 2000 RPM, therefore, making Linea T-Jet a real dream for driving within the city. Moreover, if it is let loose on empty road, the Linea can be a real hoot for being driven. It does the job effortlessly and the manner, it reaches the triple digit speed can be really rewarding. But, the gearbox department does require an upgrade. It still has a 5 speed gearbox, especially during a time, when 6-speed has become more common, making it somewhat outdated and lack of feel.
The previous versions somewhat lacked in punch. Hence, turbo charged petrol variant came with 113 bhp and the diesel like torque of 207Nm. The engine of the Fiat Linea T-Jet has to major objectives; one to make Linea a real enthusiast’s car and the second to climb up the C-Category ladder. The 1368 cc engine utilizes precisely the same block like the previous Linea versions. But, the aluminum head present is something new, and the internals are all beefed up for turbo chargers maximum boost of about 2.2 bar. By pressing the accelerator, you can gain speed from 0 to 100 kmpl in just 11.7 seconds. Also, you can witness a quick spike in the power deliver right after 2100 RP, with the turbo running at its full spool. Overall, the engine is superb and gives enough performance to have a wonderful drive.
On Road Performance
This car is well known for the phenomenal handling and does not disappoint. Having a huge 205 section tires along with 16” wheels, this vehicle probably is the best handling sedan that is for sale in the market. The rigidity provided on the chassis, along with overall balance is termed to be phenomenal. Steering also is properly weighed to provide sporty and aggressive driving, however, might feel cumbersome in the city limits. Overall, it does manage to light up the individual’s day. 
The brakes of Fiat Linea T-Jet are very much inspiring and puts in confidence in the driver. The stopping capability of the car is simply stunning. The driver can simply push the vehicle a bit more and then brake late. It needs to be understood that the 4 disc brakes that are introduced in the vehicle are sure to keep all the passengers safe. It is very much important for any car to have excellent brakes and to withstand any weather conditions. The new Linea T-Jet fulfills this condition superbly and can be termed to be a car that can be depended upon. The brakes that are provided in the car are far more competitive when its competitors are concerned. The car’s turning radius is about 5.6 meters, which is very much larger than the other competitors. The huge turning radius, along with firm steering, 1500 RPM turbo lag, including gearshift quality does make driving within the city quite effortless. This can be termed to be the car that was much anticipated and has been enjoying raving reviews from car enthusiasts, right from its initial day of launch. 
Overall Verdict
Fiat Linea T-Jet’s USP is its standard equipment level. The T-Jet variant is provided with ABS & EBD brakes, dual front airbags, leather seats, audio and phone controls that are steering mounted, height adjustable driver seat, climate control, height adjustable driver’s armrest, CD/MP3 audio system along with ‘Blue&Me’, USB input, collapsible curtain for rear windscreen, rear air-con vents, foldable key along with the boot release button, electric mirrors, 16” alloy wheels. 
There are several positive aspects that make this vehicle a wonderful one to be invested in. This car does have a stunning look and has a vault like build. The turbo charged petrol does make it very much satisfying to drive around. It offers the very best in regards to handling, dynamics package and handling. It is perfectly calibrated and boasts of a weighted power steering. It has wonderful A+ braking capability, including the all round disc brakes that are considered to be the very first in this specific segment. Equipments provided are all of very high class levels, which include rear air-con, Blue&Me, leather seats, and much more.
There are several drawbacks that can be witnessed although not serious.  The rubbery gear shift is a long throw in the otherwise excellent to drive car. Rear seat needs to be more spacious with 5 being an impossible fit. It has awkward driving positions and not good ergonomics. The fit and finish do have rough edges that were witnessed in the previous versions. Interior quality still does enhancement to give a superior look. There are some irritants and niggling issues. After sales and service quality is to be given more focus. 
The ex-showroom price in New Delhi of Fiat Linea T-Jet ranges from Rs. 7 lakhs to Rs. 9.74 lakhs. It does have a clean look than its previous versions. Overall, this is one vehicle that the individual can boast of owning one and can provide value worth the investment. This car certainly is a vehicle that needs to be considered if you are looking for more driver involvement and fun while driving within the city or going for a long drive. 
This is rather a car that does excellently well in its segment and has been enjoying better reviews from its enthusiasts. If you are looking for style, performance and better handing coupled with comfort, then this is the right choice to make!!

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