Chevrolet Captiva
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: 8/10
: 3 Yrs / 1,00,000 kms (Whichever is earlier)
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Strong Areas

  • Punchy diesel motor
  • Many safety features
  • Luxurious high class cabin
  • Flexible seating arrangement
  • Excellent rugged sophistication

Weak Areas

  • Low mileage
  • Off-roading ?mark
  • Cramped third seat 
  • Low value for money
  • Limited dealership reach 
Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet Captiva A Wonderful Offering From General Motors

The Chevrolet Captiva boasts of exceptional features like cruise control, HVAC control in 3rd row, tail gate glass with remote control, sunroof, auto wipers, rand new 2.2 liter power mill that teams up with the 6 speed auto transmission to deliver a torque of 424 Nm and power of 186 bhp.

Chevrolet Captiva Road Test Review By Ecardlr

The cars from the house of General Motors have always been hallmarked with its sturdiness and the compactness of its designs. Their cars always contain the factor that makes the buyers to put their trust and reliability. These cars automatically grab the attention of us with the exquisite looks of their exteriors. One such greatest addition to the GM’s stable is the Chevrolet Captiva.  Test driving the car one can certainly get satisfied with the level of its performance to the maximum of extent. This car comes in two variants running in diesel. The tag for the price ex-showroom varies between 23.13 Lakh (INR) to Rs 25.23 Lakh (INR). The shades that come in the options of “Smoky Eye Grey”, “Carbon Flash”, “Moulan Rouge”, “Pearl White” or “Switchblade Silver” shall suffice to meet the varied preferences of the buyers. Buyers have the option to either go for the version of “Chevrolet Captiva LT” or the “Chevrolet Captiva 2.2 LTZ” that comes for marginally higher cost. 
Packed with a wide range of the most advanced features, this car happens to be a possession of striking luxury to its owners. The manufacturer had included all of those essential features within both the variants so as it becomes the choice of preference among the admirers of cars in India. The sturdy looks of its exterior, sizzling wheels and improvised design of its bodies had enticed car lovers to test a drive of it. Once one rides this car, he shall definitely love the car and ultimately his decision can be none other than buying it. Another very crucial feature of either of these variants is that it had the capacity to accelerate within the frames of time as it can catch up the hourly speed of one hundred kilometer just in twelve seconds. The elegantly bold look of the car had made it something really worth to buy. 
It’s already clear that the German car maker is on a facelifting spree lately. Though its sedan Cruze and Chevrolet Captiva are the two vehicles to get cosmetic treatment recently, it is clear that the Captiva has enjoyed both technical and cosmetic updates. Our experts at Ecardlr drive this vehicle to learn about these change to know how better this Captiva is than the previous versions.  
Outside Impressions
The exterior looks of the cars has crucial and important roles to play on behalf of the purchaser who might contemplate his investment for the car. Tough the interior features and the mileage that the car offers are considered to be very important, but it’s the first impression that matters. These days, we want our car to cast an impression for us, whenever it goes to the roads. Upon this quotient, scale, Chevrolet Captiva shall surely cut higher scores. All of the available shades of colors looks superb on is compact body. The language of the new design that the manufacturer had adopted, speaks for its class. GM is definitely one of the major player in the Indian automobile market and this car from their house shall definitely be considered as one of their most sophisticated and stylish vehicle that they had ever made. 
With its hood boldly contoured, this car gets a wonderful look with the hallmark of the Chevrolet in terms of its radiator grille that ensures the adequate supply of air. The grille shall suffice to offer proper protection to the engine and the radiators of the car. The front grille surrounded with chrome gives a distinct look to the car. With its ground clearance of about one hundred and seventy seven millimeters, the car is ready to take the challenges of getting driven in the worst of the Indian roads.  
The exteriors of Chevrolet Captiva looks fantastic and grand both at its rear and side profiles. The technology of projection clear lens used for its headlight imparts aggressiveness with this car. The model of Captiva happens to be the latest jewel among the variants of this brand available in India. The rear design of the car gets dominated with the presence of larger tailgates and tail lamps that lies substantially vertical with the indicators and the reversing lamps that are contained within circular elements. The sporty look gets complimented with the dual exhaust, tipped with chrome, lying underneath. The glasses along the tail gates can be operated with remotes. The new Stylish headlamps and the fog lamps that enabled of the LED technology make the visibility crystal clear. Thus the designers deserve the appreciation for presenting such a car that is elegant from both the rare and the side profiles. Although, these profiles may appear to be the same but it had not stopped the car to come more aggressive.
Cabin interiors
The interior of Chevrolet Captiva is no lesser attractive that its exteriors. Probably, one shall like to keep sitting inside the car for the entire day to enjoy the coziness that the vehicle offers. One shall have to do a real tough job to take off his eyes from the car. Inside it, the car has a flexible arrangement of seating in the five plus two style. Thus, even seven adults can accommodate themselves comfortably inside the car. The seating arrangement of fold-flat type allows almost sixteen hundred litters in the volume of cargo. Features like 3rd row heating, cruise control, the systems of air-conditioning and ventilation are present inside the car. 
Parking brakes running on electrical arrangement, wipers with rain sensors and a very stylish sunroof probably ices up the cake. The manufacturer had included MP3/CD players that come with 6 speakers that can provide the entertainment while the drive. Power mirrors, automatic tinted windows, and the arrangement of adjustable seating arrangement for the driver happen to be very exquisite. The car is enabled of the technology of controlling the climate inside the car that runs electronically. This arrangement had been standardized with capacity of flittering particles. The manufacturer had done the best for giving the interiors an excellent facelift, ensuring that it gets praised by the onlookers.
What’s hot under the hood?
The Chevrolet Captiva tends to include powerful liter engine of about 2.2 which has a delivering capacity of about 186.5 bhp @ 3800RPM, including 424 Nm at the rate of 2000 RPM torque with 6 speed auto transmission. Also, it boasts of manual variant that has 150 bhp engines.
It is a 7 seater vehicle, which means the entire family can be accommodated into it and still have more space. Also, it has power steering, giving the driver enough strength to drive across the highway and 
enjoy long rides. 
What is liked more about this vehicle is the inclusion of a new powerful engine that can provide strong performances. However, what can be improved on it is that the 150 Bhp engine does require some more power for giving it that tough look and for a hard drive. The diesel mileage of this vehicle is about 14.6 kmpl. This car gives around an overall of 10 to 11 kmpl, which is really a very good figure. If the owner drives it very gingerly, then he can also achieve such figures without any hassle and at the same time, enjoy the car and its style.  In short, this car is quite commendable and offers the buyers with exactly what is desired by them. The SUV comes with several diesel variants like the Chevrolet Captiva LT having a mileage of about 14.6 kmpl and the Chevrolet Captiva 2.2 – LTZ, having a wonderful mileage of 12.12 kmpl. 
Performance on the Road
Safety aspects of Chevrolet Captiva have been given more priority in this SUV. It features six airbags – Front passenger and driver airbags, front seat-belt pre-tensioners along with load limiters, seat side along with roof side airbags and the height adjustable front seatbelts are standardized. The SUV does have 4 channeled ABS along with brake assisted and equipped discs for greater breaking. Moreover, it has a much better handling than that of the previous versions. Also, its power steering system is modified to give the driver a unique driving experience. It features of having a 4 linked rear suspension system that is independent and McPherson struts upfront. The suspension settings are calibrated carefully for delivering a car like ride along with superior handling even on the most imperfect road surfaces, thereby giving the passengers a smooth ride, but without the bumps attached to it. the level ride suspension is a cool feature that has been introduced in it that maintains automatically the nominal ride height under various load conditions. This is an interesting feature which offers an assured road clearance, including optimal ride quality.
As per Automotive Research Assoc. of India (ARAI), the mileage of this Chevrolet Captiva SUV is 12.12 kmpl. But, according to the claims that have been laid by the manufacturer, this vehicle sports of a fuel economy of around 12.12 kmpl. For finding out the actual mileage in regards to the variant, the car had been taken on the road to be tested for its fuel efficiency. Having the vehicle run on smooth highway and at 80 to 100 kmph speed, without switching on the air conditioner, the highway mileage was found out to be good. Post the test, the car was driven in city conditions and the air conditioner was switched on. It was found that the diesel mileage in this circumstance was also pretty good, thereby, compelling the examiners to give it a thumbs up. 
The overall length of the car is 4673 mm; width is 1870 mm; height is 1755 mm and ground clearance being 177 mm. The car does boast of being fitted with the following like the ABS, Airbags, Power Steering, Power Windows, Audio System and alloy wheels. 
Overall Verdict
We can say that this Chevrolet Captiva is really worth the investment and safe on the road. It comes in different colors like smoky eye grey, pearl white, Moulan Rouge, Switchblade Silver and Carbon Flash. What is liked about the car is that it handles quite better now and also rides well. However, the negative facts, even though not that intense can be stated that it does not give the rider that much pleasure similar to that of the BMW X1 and its refinements could have been much better. The ex-showroom price in Delhi is Rs. 23.13 L to about Rs.25.23 L approximately, which means one can afford it without much hassle. 
This Chevrolet Captiva has been proved to a cozy, comfortable companion for the inter city runs and does boast of an impressive fuel economy number as well. The SUV’s limitations are said to be enhanced with this new and improved version and is considered to be a grand success. The speed gained by this car is quite phenomenal and something that can be interesting for those who have a special craze for speed. moreover, the huge exterior does translate into a class cabin space. The driver’s seat is adjustable electronically and also very much spacious for those who are above average height. But, some experts are of the view that the third and second row of the vehicle is somewhat tight, when compared to Honda CR-V. The ergonomics are better and there is present ample airy feeling on the inside. The central console provided has been designed thoughtfully. Neat touches such as the generous dead pedal, adjustable speedometer illumination display and the loud horn is very much appreciated. Also, multi-info display is said to be followed by small compartment, climate control, audio system and gear lever. The inclusion of the electronic stability program (ESP) of Chevrolet Captiva along with the all-wheel drive has been described to have made a huge difference to this SUV. In short, it is a complete package that has a lot more pros and negligible cons, hence, making it the best buy for those, who are interested to have a car in the mid range budget. It also is sure to enhance the style and personality of its owner.

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