Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
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: 5/5
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: 8/10
: 2 Yrs / Unlimited kms (Whichever is earlier)
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9.6 Lakhs-9.6 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Luxurious cabin
  • Excellent drivability
  • Responsive DSG gearbox
  • Ergonomically laid-out cabin
  • Powerful engine and excellent performance

Weak Areas

  • Steeply priced
  • No manual option
  • Ordinary mileage
  • Spartan centre console
  • Mediocre rear seat space
Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Owner Review - Polo, A statement in itself.

A compact car in the coolest shade of red is the pride of Vasudha's eyes as she boasts this beast of a German machine that all the guys queue up to in order to get one taste of the power that's on offer. The solid built strength is worth the 11 lakhs it comes for.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

Car Model - Volkswagen Polo GT TSi

Kilometres Driven -9000km

Mileage -

City Drive - 12.3 kmpl

Service -

Service Schedule - 15,000Km or One Year, whichever comes first.

Service Experience - Though she appreciates the service experience, she did not find it palatable to be tried to made buy the extended warranty. She chose to opt for it later on though it would get more expensive by the day.

Volkswagen TSi Vasudha Owner Review

Buying Process - An owner of a Hyundai i10, Vasudha was keen to upgrade to an automatic come next time. It was to make sure her days of fatigue with the manual transmission came to an end.

Initially her eyes were  set on the Creta. A bigger car with bigger space. But with car enthusiasts as friends, soon she came to know of the famed power of the Volkswagen Polo GT TSi. This now made more sense to her. A car with incomparable engineering behind it and small enough to manouvre and park in the likes of Delhi and Gurgaon: places where parking spots are rare as they come.The price though on the steeper side, the moment she test drove it- it felt worth it.

Other Cars Considered

Hyundai Creta
Ford Ecosport
Honda Jazza


Vasudha had her eyes set on the Creat t the point of booking it. But it is only post a conversation wth her car savvy fiend that she started pondering upon the praticality of driving such a huge car when in fact she'll be driving it alone to work and back.


Unfavourable reviews from er friends who own an Ecosport turned her off from the Ford make.

HONDA JAZZ - A car favoured by many. Yet to Vasudha, it felt like sheer 'Plastic' after she had her VW Polo test drive complete. The perceived build quality seems way inferior to a VW Polo as also the drive was nowhere near as thrilling as the Polo.


COMFORT -                 4.5/5

(Getting in and Out/Driving Comfort/Seat Comfort/AC Comfort)

The feel of the car is simply beautiful for this experienced lady. An option of customisation to the seating and steering according to the height of the driver makes  things better.The cushioning is the only aspect where she feels she has had a better experience in other cars. 4hours at a stretch is the longest run she has done where she felt this faultlline.

DESIGN OF THE CAR -        5/5

The dual tone that the Polo offered was optional.But the look of it won Vasudha over and she decided to go for it.That made her feel her car to be the top pf the pack when it comes to looks.The red that adorns the car now is the best kind of red that if we are to believe the proud ownerof the VW Polo GT Tsi The hue of colour accentuating the panels and dashboard inside gives the impression  of driving a luxury car- a feeling all her friends are on agreement with.

SAFETY -                  5/5

Stable is the first word that comes to her mind upon trying to shed light on the safety offered by the car. She credits it to the car being heavy. Not an expert in semantics relating to car, she can only speak from experience and the Polo is yet to offer her reasons to think otherwise. 

BUILD QUALITY -           5/5

(Sheet Metal/Feel of the door)

A safe and secure cocoon is what the car made her feel. A loud thud of the doorand one can rest assure that the car is solid in structure.

VALUE FOR MONEY -         5/5

Slightly to the higher side, when it comes to the price, For Vasudha the driving pleasure makes it worth it. She now feels completely hassle free in the choc-a-bloc traffic of the capital city.


The VW Polo wins over hearts with the powerful and pristine ride it has on offer.It just fit her like a glove. More over there was that ever present faith on German Engineering. She though has a particular friend well versed in cars to thank, when it came to choosing this car which turned out to be the more practical decision over a bigger mean machine. Took her just over 20  mins or so to get a hang of driving the automatic and there  there was no looking back. The fact that all her male counterparts were now queueing up to take turns at the wheelsmakes her feel proud (and perhaps slightly amused) at her practical and informed decision.


Getting a VW Polo can be a gateway to feeling the Adrenaline rush of zooming off from amidst the crowd. Always the first now to zoom off of signals, the traffic stops started to feel to herlike the starting line of  races. The instant pick -up helps her keep the lead at all times. The sound of the car revving gives her the vicarious feel of riding a sports car. A horse-on-leash would be an apt description when one speaks of the VW Polo



The first time that they came into action was a hilarious episode. The wipers are intuitive, a afct unknown to Vasudha. The net result is that they came to life and she had no idea what to do about it. Ity took her a while to know that the wipers would jump into action whenever there is some water in question and the lights inside do the same in case of darkness.

AC - Neither Vasudha nor any back seat passenger has had a complaint in terms of cooling.


Faultless to  a  'T'  is how we would describe the Music System.


Not one to think of the finality of the experienece that is to start between man and machine, Vasudha tends to focus more on the 'Now' than the 'maybe' that the future has to hold.


LIGHTS - Each time a friend of hers is trying to park the car, after having enjoyed the thrill of driving it. they end up calling her to fibd the lights. The reason may perhaps be the fact that all without exception try to find the controls mounted on the wheels.


Nothing to do with her hand given the absence of a dead pedal, it but took a while for her to get used. On the plus point though, she believes it to provide a good opportunity to hold hands of a sweetheart riding shotgun.(tongue firmly in cheek)


A back to back test drive in a day would speak for itself when it comes to the feel of driving a car is what the lady believes. The second difference would perhaps be in the price. Not only is the Polo a great sound investment, but also the fact that the initial down payment value in case of the i20(the top variants)is not hugely far apart from that of the Polo. Thirdly, the very in built bias a lot of car drivers share when it comes to appreciating Korean vs. German engineering seemed to make things easier.


  • Premium experience 
  • Powerful TSi engine
  • Compact car


  • High price
  • Less spacious cabin

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