Volkswagen Polo
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Customer Rating
: 4/5
Expert Rating
: 8/10
: 2 Yrs / Unlimited kms (Whichever is earlier)
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5.82 Lakhs-9.32 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Vaultlike build quality 
  • Highquality interiors 
  • Impeccable fit-finish
  • Powerful engines 
  • Spirited handling


Weak Areas

  • Poor cabin space 
  • High sticker price 
  • Average trunk room 
  • Limited dealership network 
  • Average driving view
Volkswagen Polo

Customer Experience of Volkswagen Polo Female's Perspective

Female drivers may not articulate a her car's experince with geeky car lingo, but what they say makes lots of sense. User review of Volkswagen Polo diesel car owner clearly brings this fact alive. It's time one rises above stereotypical understanding of women drivers and get insights on a car which only they can provide.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

Service Cost: 17000/service. Once a year or 10000 kms.

Indira Chaudhary with her Volkswagen Polo Diesel. Driving since Oct 2013, clocked 78000 Kms.
Indira Chaudhary with her Volkswagen Polo diesel. Driving since Oct 2013, clocked 78000 Kms.

My Consideration Set

This is my first car. I learnt driving recently. Polo was being bought for my brother but then as family I decided to drive. Other car under serious consideration was Maruti Suzuki Swift. Yes we did explore other options, but dropped them immediately being from Tata Motors.

We did not buy the Swift because as per my brother as we were paying the same for Maruti Swift and Volkswagen Polo, he would rather go for Polo because its engine is better than Swift, Polo drives like a Sporty car and Volkswagen the brand.

If I was to buy a new car today, I will buy the Ciaz as it looks good as well my friends who drive it have told me that it’s a good car in ones budget.

What do you like about your
Volkswagen Polo Diesel

I rated comfort so low as leg space in the rear seat is very less. Once you get in the car it feels small. ‘Ek Baar 4 people sit in the car Koi Jagaha hi nahi bachati’ ( No space left once there are 4 people in the car). Plus jerks on the road gives major jerks and shocks to passenger sitting  inside the car as it  goes over the potholes. As the ground clearance is also low, every time it crosses a slightly higher speed breaker, the car under body hit it hard. Gaadi Hamesh neeche lagti hai.

AC cooling is nice as Bahut Jaldi Chill ho jaats hai (Car cools really fast).

The car body is very strong, German cars are normally manufactured very tough and body is very is strong. I could say this with confidence because as I mentioned earlier, whenever I have bumped into other people’s car, my car would get a much lower damage whereas the other car would need major body work. At times I had to pay for other person’s car, whereas my car had a minor damage which I could have ignored very easily. This variant does have airbags and I still feel its strong car to drive.

I call it body design, I like its aero cuts (aero design). In this price segment  this car is probably the best designed car, I like its headlights and Bumper design. Headlights are very sharp and stylish. Lights are attached to bumper which makes the bumper looks good. Inside is nothing special as it’s as normal as any other car. No specific difference.

I have given a perfect rating on Value for Money because general perception is when you buy a Maruti which are known to be low on service cost, however Maruti cars needs to be serviced 2 times a year whereas my car only needs one service a year, therefore service cost works out nearly the same. I get instructions on my screen regarding service and any other work that I need to get done on my Polo. Just recently I got an alarm of  ‘Do not Drive with beeps’ – Took my car to workshop and I came to know that Brake-Oil was less which was topped up. Every car needs to have these  features. Got all my tyres changed at 50000 Kms, as tyres’ Kaafi Ghis Gaye Theey’ (Car tyres have worn out a lot).

If I drive my car at high speed means at 120 the car is normal, however the moment I reached 140 I observed as slight shake in my steering and felt unsafe and slowed down, at that speed I was not confident on managing the car.

On highway the car has great pick-up. Let me explain this through my recent experience on Brezza.  I was on 3rd gear and I felt that the Brezza took some time to come to speed whereas my Polo pick-ups and gets the speed much faster in a fraction of second and I can overtake. I can say with confidence that If I decide to overtake any car ahead of me, I will be able to do so easily with my Polo.

What I do not like about my Volkswagen Polo 

Ground clearance is low as it hits the breaker whether I am alone or driving with friends in my car.

At high speed even after the windows are rolled up, one get lots of wind noise, it’s not the case with other cars when I am being driven around.

If my car is at 20-30 speed and I press the  accelerator the car starts to shake, I then take it to 2nd gear get it up to some speed and then change it back to 3rd gear.


Classic and stylish car you can buy in your budget in the category of hatchbacks.


Can’t say any negative about this car as I love my Polo so much.

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