Volkswagen New Jetta
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: 9/10
: 2 Yrs / Unlimited kms (Whichever is earlier)
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14.15 Lakhs-20.18 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Attractive design 
  • Roomy cabin 
  • High creature comfort
  • Powerful engines 

Weak Areas

  • Pricey top model 
  • Spartan interiors
  • Small service network
  • Costly spares 
Volkswagen New Jetta


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Overall Rating
Value For Money

I purchased VW Jetta for my son who has recently completed his studies. He has great passion for cars and VW is his favorite brand. I selected Jetta but remained in the dilemma over the decision to buy whether petrol or diesel.Though petrol in my knowledge are superior I gave finally nod for diesel one as it would be more economical overall to run on the daily basis. Months down the line, my son and I; both are happy with the Jetta overall performance though there are some weak points I have personally noticed.
First problem I think is in the music system of Jetta which is not capable of playing all the formats of music. Along with this the sound quality doesn’t match the standards of the car costing around 19 lakh. I also find light brown interiors though crafted beautifully tend to get dirty and attract the dust like magnet.  Although my son never complaint about it but them he doesn’t care about retaining the cleanliness of car.
I have also had my hand on Jetta and found engine is noisy. My new Swift has quitter engine than this one. But I think average is quite OK because the car size is big and it is a heavy car. AC vents are small and sometimes feel not very capable in directing the airflow. I think Vents bigger in size would have cooled the cabin more quickly. And of course priced at around 19 lakh is a little bit on the higher side. I feel 15 lakh would not have been easier on the other customers too to buy.
Among the positive I have noticed that competences of Jetta which distinguish it from other cars is its build quality. Door shut with good thud and so is the bonnet which is reasonably heavy; assuring us about its built-standards. I feel completely safe inside the car; feeling that I haven’t got in Swift even when I drove swift for first time after purchase. I think VW has some sort of agreement with military that makes their cars strong and tough.
I also like the simple and sober design of the Jetta though my son feels it a bit plain I feel that Jetta’s tremendously tough built is complimented with the very simple yet sleek design theme. One of my special likings is the halogen headlamps. I am not aware of the difference these made in knight in terms of illumination but from seeing point of view these are simply superb.
Inside of the Jetta is even more thoughtfully designed with plenty of stowage spaces. Rear arm rest or center armrest both gives us convenience to store ourstuff with ease. Glove box is large but what blows my mind is the trunk space of 510 liters although I don’t think my son has ever made a good use of it.
One thing what I dislike but my son likes is the driver seat adjustment that can be done in 12 ways. I find it little bit over complicated and most of the time drives without puzzling into adjustment. 

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