Volkswagen Polo GT TDI
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: 2 Yrs / Unlimited Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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9.72 Lakhs-9.72 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Luxurious cabin
  • Excellent drivability
  • Responsive DSG gearbox
  • Ergonomically laid-out cabin
  • Powerful engine and excellent performance

Weak Areas

  • Steeply priced
  • No manual option
  • Ordinary mileage
  • Spartan centre console
  • Mediocre rear seat space
Volkswagen Polo GT TDI

Customer Review of Volkswagen Polo GT TDi A Rocket of a Car.

Power hai to sab kuch hai that seems to be the Mantra for buying the Polo GT TDi. Buy it only if it's meant to tickle your adventurous side. Buy it when you feel like pushing the throttle. 



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

Mileage: City - 14 Kmpl. Highway – 17.5 to 18 Kmpl @ speeds of 80-100 Kmph with minimum use of brake and clutch use. 15- 16 Kmpl @ speeds above 100 Kmph.

Service Cost : Rs.9000 /Service for 1st paid service which included Rs.5000 for synthetic oil +  Rs.1500 AC Filter+ Air & Diesel Filter + Labour.

Service Interval: 15000 Kms or 1 year whichever is earlier.

I paid an on road price of Rs.10.57 Lacs in Lucknow for my Polo GT 1.6L TDi.
Shivam Kumar with his Volkswagen Polo GT 1.6 L TDi. Driving since Nov 2016 clocked 23000 Kms.
Shivam Kumar with his Volkswagen Polo GT 1.6 L TDi. Driving since Nov 2016 clocked 23000 Kms.

My Consideration Set

I was looking for a hatchback for city use, I test drove the i20,  Ford Figo, Swift and Polo.

Post the Polo GT Test drive I was so enamoured by the car’s power that I forgot about the comfort of the car. Power Ke chakar mein comfort bhul gaya. Maine back seat ka discomfort nahin dekha. I just wanted to buy this car. If you are ready to compromise on comfort then there is no comparison between Polo with i20, Swift and even the Ford Figo which has a 1.5l Diesel engine. Polo GT TDi is in a league of its own.

Anyone buying a Polo GT over regular top-end Polo incurs an additional cost of Rs.1 lac thus making Polo GT an Indulgence buy. In any case as the i20 was also coming at Rs.10 Lacs an additional Rs.57000 was worth spending on Polo GT for its power.

One buys a Maruti car only if one want good mileage, low maintenance and good resale value. But Maruti Swift with its 70 Ps power had no chance of being bought against 105 Ps power from Polo. Post the Polo test drive Swift test drive was so boring.

Elite i20 is a good car in its segment, however it has become a common sight on the road. I am bored with its looks, one sees it so many times daily. These days I do not get a WOW feel with its design. Must admit though, that when it comes to interiors there is no match to Elite i20.

Ford Figo lost out because of bad service experience of friends and relatives with the Ford service dealer in my city.

Abarth with its 150 Ps power would be a very thirsty car and since it was only available with petrol engine, it was not in my consideration set. I was looking for diesel engine only.

What I love about my car Volkswagen Polo GT 1.6 Tdi Diesel

The best thing about my Volkswagen Polo is its engine. The power and feel I get on pressing the accelerator is exciting. Whilst in first gear it behaves normally however in 2nd gear I have taken this car right up to 4000-5000 Rpm. I have taken this car to a top-speed of 235 Kmph once but for just 2 Kms as I wanted to experience the car’s capability. Whilst the car felt comfortable and planted at this top speed, I eased it to a more manageable speed to avoid unexpected sudden hurdles on open Indian highways. Polo GT TDi is an out-an-out driver’s car.

A fast car needs efficient and effective brakes and Polo GT TDi brakes do their job admirably. They are very responsive, even when you brake suddenly from high speeds, there is no vibration in the steering wheel and the car stops immediately that too in a straight line. Whenever I have to brake in emergency I pump my brakes rather than applying same pressure constantly. When I do this, my car stops in a much shorter distance without drifting or changing direction.

Polo seems very safe, just feel the weight of its bonnet and doors and you will understand. Its strong build makes me feel safe inside the car.

The car’s design is simple and sleek, wherever it goes it gets noticed (‘Jahan  Bhi Jati hai Yeh Gaadi Nazroan Mein Aati hai’). Unlike i20 and Etios which has curves on them,  this car is much simpler and best. It will never go out of fashion.

What I don’t like about my Volkswagen Polo GT Tdi Diesel

Engine sound seeps into the car which I did not experience in Ford Figo S and Elite i20 that I drove recently.

Rear seat is very uncomfortable. Once I sat in the back seat and it gave a pain in my back even over a small distance of just  30 Kms. I felt as if my entire body has gone stiff – ‘Jaise Body Akad Se Gayi Ho’.

Rear seat has decent thigh support however, the incline is much more towards lower half and one therefore feels very uncomfortable. Rear seat is not meant for 3 people. At the most it can take at the most 2 adults with a small child. Rear seat legroom is so bad that my mother curses me every time she sits in my Polo, to quote her ‘ Yeh Kaun Si Kabad Si Gaadi Le li Tuney’. It’s because for her that I had to buy the Ciaz.

Polo GT does pick-up to my satisfaction in first gear. The car takes time at least 1-2 secs to respond to throttle inputs across 2nd, 3rd or even 4th gear. However when the car does respond to throttle input it comes suddenly and pushes you backwards in your seat. ‘Power Jatke se Aata Hai aur aapko apni seat se chipka deta hai’.


Outstanding drivers car.

My favourite most powerful engine that I have driven.


So uncomfortable that any ride beyond 30 Kms in rear seat are painful.

Near zero legroom in rear seat once the front seat is pushed back completely.

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