Toyota New Fortuner
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This Car Has Been Discontinued.
Customer Rating
: 3/5
Expert Rating
: 9/10
: 3 Yrs / 1,00,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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Strong Areas

  • Muscular road presence
  • Cruise control convenience
  • 2nd and 3rd row AC controls 
  • High traction & off-road ability
  • Optitron instrument cluster enhance visibility

Weak Areas

  • High price
  • Abundant body roll
  • Tricky city driving
  • Innova like interiors 
  • Interior needs luxurious revamp
Toyota New Fortuner


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Overall Rating
Value For Money

I got the Fortuner because I have no other choice because of my big dimensions. Over 6” of height, 87 kg of weight and 39- inch of waist I never found anything comfortable to sit and drive. OK I had driven the Safari for some time but it didn’t have the feel of luxurious vehicle.
Finally I think Toyota has listened to the extra-large people like us and made the car better suited for our frame. Fortuner is one vehicle that really takes me in without any extra trouble. I hardly sit at back so don’t have much idea about the rear but front is as comfortable as I can get. 
I have maximum space and comfort and unlike other cars I get some amazing support from the seats. I just love the feel of big and large cabin Fortuner provides me but even more than this I enjoy when people makes way for my car even without honking.
The kind of bully effect my Fortune has on the others is one crucial reason for rejoice. Like the Great Khali my Fortuner has all the might to destroy anything that comes in its way. There are two gear levers in my car though I don’t use the small one which I had read in manual that it is for the sake of some difficult tasks.
I am getting mileage of around 10 km/l though I am hardly concerned with it. But one thing I find cheap is the plastic quality. I have spent a big amount on this and I would like it to be a bit more luxurious than it actually is. I don’t like the buttons and black cover of the stereo as these don’t feel very good. In comparison when I drive my Wife’s Verna I feel the interiors of her car are far better and posh than the mine. There is blue-light which looks cool but no such decoration in my Fortuner.
Another pain is the handling of my bid car as I get very uncomfortable when I trying to drive quickly or hastily. OK when I am driving smooth or unhurriedly, Fortunner is good but when I try to steer it quickly, it simply refuse to do so. But one thing that makes me to forget all its deficiencies is its intimidating and frightening effect.
I just love the gaze and respect that I get when I use my Fortunner. People inadvertently try to behave in far more graceful manner when they see me coming out from my big Fortunner. Even gatekeeper of nearby book shop opens the gate for me when I go in Fortunner otherwise anybody hardly notice my presence when I arrive by driving my Honda.
Second service of my Fortunner is due now and I need to take a break to get it done. Also I am thinking to get it serviced on the dealership situated on the highway; out of our city. Also there is an amusement park nearby the dealership and it would be a great outing for my family also. Although I am planning to do this, time will tell whether I’ll able to convert it into reality because at eleventh hour, some business contingency comes and I need to focus on that. Hope everything will be fine this time. 

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