Toyota New Fortuner
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This Car Has Been Discontinued.
Customer Rating
: 3/5
Expert Rating
: 9/10
: 3 Yrs / 1,00,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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Strong Areas

  • Muscular road presence
  • Cruise control convenience
  • 2nd and 3rd row AC controls 
  • High traction & off-road ability
  • Optitron instrument cluster enhance visibility

Weak Areas

  • High price
  • Abundant body roll
  • Tricky city driving
  • Innova like interiors 
  • Interior needs luxurious revamp
Toyota New Fortuner


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Overall Rating
Value For Money

One thing I was looking for while deciding to buy a SUV was proper third row of seat. I checked many big cars but all of them disappointed me on the third row space. As I have a big family including my parents I wanted to buy a big and spacious SUV which can sit all of us in comfort and offer the convenience of travelling together.
Finally I was in the Toyota showroom to check the Fortunner which seemed rather big initially but then it smartly met my third seat room requirement too. Unlike other SUVs’ Fortunner third row of seat is not a joke and this was the first time I realized that somebody had seriously thought about this back bench rather than offering it as an apology.
Now around three months later I know I have made a right decision. Though my children use the third seat most of the time but even my parent feels comfortable at the back. There is enough space at the third row and everybody is happy with it. Similarly Fortunner's leather seats feel is very plush and luxurious. There is wood like light brown panels at the centre of the Fortunner which are very good looking.
There are two-gear like levers in my Fortunner and salesperson has told me about the functioning of second one. I haven’t used the second one because it is for some extreme road conditions and is not useful in my daily commute. But then somebody has told me to use the second gear lever also at least on some occasions otherwise it will get jammed or won’t work properly.
Some of the features are very useful and I didn’t realize their importance until I drove some other cars. For instance the dials of my Fortunner are very clear and bright even in the day light. I have no problem in reading the speed and other things.
I feel that engine is powerful and capable of doing all the things. One day while coming back from work, the road was closed due to some construction work. While many others were waiting to get that over, I just took another route through the rough fields. There were some dirt and mud in the way and I stopped there for a while to think whether I should cross it or not.
But then I thought it was a good chance to check the strength of my Fortunner. I went ahead and to my surprise the Fortunner just passed without any hiccup, not even a slight one. It just crossed the dirt and mud field like these were part of well built tarmac road and this made me pleasantly surprised.
Now I think Fortunner is very capable and I am planning some adventurous trip in it. I am sure it will not let me down as it has not only met all my expectations but in fact has exceeded all of them.

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