Toyota Corolla Altis
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Customer Rating
: 4/5
Expert Rating
: 8/10
: 3 Yrs / 1,00,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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16.45 Lakhs-20.19 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Majestic and stately styling 
  • Highquality interiors 
  • Spacious cabin 
  • Toyota’s reliability and quality
  • Powerful performance

Weak Areas

  • Low head room
  • High sticker price 
  • Small oil-burner
  • Skinny Tyres
  • Average handling
Toyota Corolla Altis

Toyota Corolla Altis Customer Exprience Beyond Compare

So much love for Toyota endows immense power to the marquee. Love built over 4 years of positive customer experience has made the user a strong brand ambassador of Corolla Altis.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

Mileage: City – 15.2 Kmpl. Highway – 16.4 Kmpl.

Service Cost: 8000/service. Normally once a year.

Service Interval - 10000 Kms/ Once a year whichever is earlier.

My Previous Car

This is my 4rd car, earlier cars were Opel Corsa, Honda City and Volkswagen Polo diesel.

Mileage: City –   11-13 Kmpl.

Average Service Cost: Rs.20000-22000/service – Prohibitive car to manage.

Car Rating

Comfort: 3

Driver seat design was just not good and there was a gap at the bottom of seat which used to be lots of hassle. I used to get back problem with the car as the gap between my back and seat in the lower half of the seat used to make it very uncomfortable seat to sit. Lumbar support configuration was not correctly designed. Even though my Corolla and Honda City also does not offer lumbar support, but still the seat design is such that my back always feels rested and comfortable.

Performance: 3

Except pick-up nothing else was and huge damage on every service would overpower every other good positive feelings towards the car.

Style/Design: 3

Standard conventional European design which one can see in cars from Opel Vauxhall, it was no different ornew even from my very old Corsa.

Safety: 5

Heavy car. Sheet metal was heavy gauge and made one feel safe. It had airbags and other standard safety features.

Value for Money: 2

All thanks to High service cost, low resale.

Overall: 2

What I lIke about my Corolla Altis Diesel

It seems to be giving the same drive experience as I had experienced on day 1. No noise, no clutch hardening, no potholes noise, no decrease in cooling, no paling of dashboard and exterior car colour. No wear and tear at least nothing that I can make off.

It drives very well with complete stability. My Corolla Altis is responsive to what I need; even at speed of 125-130 Kmph it does not have any problem.

Fantastic car for a long term peaceful drive.

Unmatched driving comfort thanks to a great cabin comfort. Cabin comfort is all thanks to perfect seat width and length, legroom in the front, seat adjustment on driver and front co-passenger side, quality of audio system,  cooling efficiency of the AC all adding up to the car delivering great driving comfort. I would call my Corolla Altis AC as a ‘Phadoo AC’. In my car I have set the Auto AC to 24 degree and it delivers even in the harshest of Delhi summer whereas I have to set my home AC to 20 degree to get same cooling comfort.

I am in love with overall Toyota Experience and I wish all manufacturers offer this kind of experience. Toyota Experience is an overall experience starting with buying to post purchase experience. I clearly remember having a very positive experience while I was buying my New Corolla Altis in 2013. From salesman knowledge of the car to test drive and car delivery everything was perfect. Delivery was given on promised scheduled date and time. No hassles on money and last minute surprises. My service experience over last 4 years has only added to my overall Toyota Experience. Service advisors knows their job, there has never been a variation in estimated service cost to final bill. It has always been first time right every time. Never across any manufacturer of my previous car have I experienced such consistency. No other badge will give me as much as joy as my Toyota has given me over last 4 years.

One service example worth mentioning was the problem of funny noises emanating in my car in its 37th month of ownership. As per Galaxy Toyota service station the problem was due to issues with my steering column shaft. Post a retorque job on it I was good to go in under 60 minutes. However, the same problem reoccurred after 4 months, by which time my warranty had expired. Whilst the service advisor asked me to pay an amount of 25000-30000 towards replacement of entire steering column assembly, however post escalating the issue up to GM servicing, Galaxy Toyota got it repaired under warranty as the problem was diagnosed and registered with warranty period and has reoccurred in just 4 months after it was last corrected at their service station.

Multiple accidental repairs of my cars bumper and one windshield glass repair have always been peaceful and too my utmost satisfaction.

What I do not like about my car?

I wish the front seats height adjustment was electrical instead of it being manual.

Highway Driving Experience

Car feels the same whether it’s at 40 or 120 kmph there is no difference in its ride experience. However in my Honda City the moment I cross above 100 Kmph i.e around  120-130 I am scared that in panic situation I will go out of control. There is no such issue with my Corolla Altis even above these speeds.


My next upgrade up to a budget of Rs.35 lacs will always be a Toyota and not a Beemer or Audi or even a Merc.


       Absolutely no negatives.

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