Tata Motors Tiago
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4.6 Lakhs-6.7 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • Good Quality Interiors 
  • High Fuel-Efficiency 
  • Spacious Interiors

Weak Areas

  • Lack Comfort Features 
  • Small Boot
  • Inefficient HVAC
  • Lack Appeal Of Rivals 
Tata Motors Tiago

Tata Tiago Owner Review – Tata turns a new leaf with the Tiago

Efficiency was at the top of his head when Atul decided to go with the TATA Tiago. A name not ecessarily reckoned with great car making- he believes that post- Jaguar, the company has entered an a new era in terms of effective engineering. A powerhouse in the fields of Mileage, the Tiago has given him the right blend of convenience and comfort.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

Model - TATA Tiago Petrol.

Kilometre Driven - 17,oooKm


City - 14-15 kmpl (with the AC on.)

Highway - 20-22 kmpl

Service -  2 free Services.

Services till Date - 3 services till date.2 free, one paid.

Service cost- 2900 for the paid ones.

Tata Tiago Atul Owner Review

Service Experience Adding to the advantage of being offered Pick and Drop services is the presence of authorised workshops alongside the authorised dealerships. No major problem in terms of servicing ever cropped up. A cool freebie is the multitude of honorary coupon that is on offer on the paid services as well. That seems to bring down the service cost considerably and adds to the customer satisfaction.

But with all things said and done, Atul believes that a lot is left to achieve in terms of serviceexperience at the TATA dealerships. Especially if we are to compare it with the likes of Ford. The customer lounges are not up to date and lack certain facilities like TV/separate enclosures/beverages - that are but integral to modern lounges made to make the customer feel pampered.




HYUNDAI GRAND i10  Grand i10 with all these features was only available in the top end variant of Grand i10. The plastic quality was not up to the same quality as in the Tiago. Else everything else was fine.

HONDA JAZZ   The only reason to drop it off his list was it being from a different price band altogether. Else he would have gone with it. He found the drive experience and engine smoothness very good given Honda is famed for the same. Jazz had greater space than the Tiago.


COMFORT                                                                                           4/5           

(Getting in and out/

Seating Comfort/

Backrest/Driving Comfort)

The Tiago scores pretty high up in terms of comfort, at least among the hatchback in its segment. The Thigh Support has nothing to be left desired for, what with the long and curved seats. Hence fatigue never comes into play during long drives. The wide doors with pretty good head room makes sure that getting in and out happens with elan. With a telescopic-like retractable and tilted steering, the ride doesn't get smoother than this. Though he's not a frequent backseat passenger, he found the leg room to be sufficient- the knees not banging together nor  touching the driver's sea at front. It has been many a times corroborated with the other riders who found the drive to be snug yet comfortable to say the least. Tiago has a deceptive look when it comes to the space available, with a lot of space available inside as opposed to the crampy vibe it gives off.

Unlike his old Chevrolet, which would lead to tired feet and thighs at the end of a along drive, he Tiago offers a stress free ride; a 1200Kmm ride being proof to that claim.

SAFETY                                                                                                 5/5

TATA, being a titan in the world of trucks , the habit of making fortified vehicles translates in their passenger cars as well. Very thick steel is used in manufacturing - a fact Atul can vouch for by virtue of his past experiences. On his drive to Chandigarh, his car was rear ended which left a mere dent on the Tiago , yet the other car's bonnet and radiator were totaled so to say. That was Atul's first tryst with the safety that the Tata Tiago has on offer. The 2 front airbags, ABS and EBD coupled with such a sturdy built makes him feel as safe as it can be.

LOOK AND FEEL                                                                                 4-4.5/5

With the look of a tallboy, the Tiago's trendy design features are reminiscent of its Italian

lineage via the Tata Indica. The black and beige dual interiors accentuated with the orange hue around the air vents gives a premium feel. The sunburst orange is also the colour I chose for the car. I feel nice inside the car and the car feels more premium than the price I would pay.

BUILD QUALITY                                                                                  4.5/5

People normally get to know of the build quality by the sound the door makes. The door in this is

quite heavy and makes a deep sound which reassures one that it's re-enforced. The bonnet is heavy too and a Drop Test is usually executed by people to assess it's weight. A drop test is to leave the bonnet door at a height so it closes down on its own by coming down, without any

pressure put on it- if the bonnet be heavy.

DRIVING COMFORT                                                                         4.5/5

Tiago gives a sudden acceleration beyond one's expectation. Contrary to its small, compact look, it gives that sudden pick - up required to overtake. So one should not face any problem while overtaking- given it's done right.

VALUE FOR MONEY                                                         5/5

Frequent to the point of daily travelling around a gamut of places in Gurgaon and Delhi, Atul was in need of a car compact enough to park anywhere. The shortage of parking space was behind the intent of wanting a car that' easy to manouvre and easy to park. This car ticked all those boxes.

More over to get a car loaded with such great features at such a low price of 5.5 lakhs was a perfect opportunity for Atul.

OVERALL                                                            4/5

The only disadvantage is the 3 cylinder vibration, keeping which aside it's a great car.


BRAKING It has all the intelligent braking features. Gives a god braking experience and confidence. Suspension is moderately designed.

STEERING  The lightest steering in this class, so much so that one can move the steering with a

single finger. The acceleration and gear shifting is smooth. Just the slightest touch to change the gears, no pressure needed whatsoever. There's a foot rest available which lets me relax while driving on highway- a much needed comfort.

FEATURES The key features that stand out for this owner are the ABS, EBD, Airbags, NAV System built in, the Harman Car Audio System - something that s fantastic in this class. The steering mounted controls are an added advantage along with the trendy and premium dual tone interiors. These features are missing from the cars competing with the Tiago in this segment.  It is an absolute Value for money car.

CITY DRIVE  The car is actually made for the City drive given it has very good pick-up, toque, gear ratio. As in, the car is designed such to help one travel smoothly on start stop traffic. This car is designed to give uninterrupted drive what with all the Frequent gear changes and lot of traffic lights and other vehicles coming in the way.

Too many gear changes are not needed in this car. One can drive comfortably at 20 km/hour at  3rd gear too. So there's the advantage of navigating the traffic without changing too many gears. Thus the ride is less tiring. Some people might have trouble to manouvre a car with alight steering wheel, but given it tightens up on approaching higher speeds like 100-120 km/hour, it never is a problem to make sure that slight responses don't make the car veer off towards either direction. So that's the advantage of this intelligently designed electronic steering.



This is what the Achilles Heel of this car is. On account of driving on a 3 Cylinder- the car is prone 
to vibrate at low rpm. Once one goes beyond 2000rpm, the vibration gets reduced significantly.

But a slight vibration is felt when driving under or around 1500rpm. It is this shakiness that one can feel sitting inside the car. That's the disadvantage of having the 3 
cylinder. But it's a good trade off in exchange of the mileage we are getting. Technology has enabled the 3 cylinder cars to have the same power and punch like that of 4 cylinder cars. The Tiago even has a better pick up than such cars which I had driven in the past. 

TATA CARS AND POPULAR PERCEPTION   Atul agrees that people normally don't get TATA cars, and he happened to have had the same view himself up until he actually test drove the Tiago. He opines that it is post the acquisition of the Jaguar Land Rover, that Tata Motor really got around to getting the designs correct. Their design and engineering team seem to have strengthened the whole process to ensure ending up with cars that are up to British Standards. The process started from the Tata Bolt - a pretty decent car and seems to have come to fruition with the Tiago. Tiago ended up being a completely new car in terms of design language, engine, performance and comfort. For Atul, the Tiago hardly looks and drives like a generic Tata car- a car that stands out; an exception to the rule of sorts.

Reason why he chose to go ahead with it.


  • Good Quality Interiors 
  • High Fuel-Efficiency 


  • Small Boot
  • Lack Appeal Of Rivals 

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