Skoda Superb
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: 9/10
: 4 Yrs / Unlimited kms (Whichever is earlier)
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • High Safety Equipment 
  • Powerful Diesel Performance
  • Superior Dynamics

Weak Areas

  • No Manual Diesel
  • Average Boot
  • Small Rear Space
  • Low Mileage
Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb Laurin and Klement Customer Review

As per apuroop the family is a die-hard skoda fan having driven two of their earlier cars. Irrespective of DSG bad reviews their families experience with the Skoda DSG gear box has been very good even over extended usage of nearly 100000 + Kms.



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Hi I am Apuroop, this is a 2000 cc and it produces 350NM of Torque and this is an automatic with DSG gearbox.

This is a top-end L n K variant of Skoda Superb. Now we’ve done 12000 kms and it’s been just over a year since we have purchased this car.

This is a second family car In the city this car gives me about 9 or 10 kmpl and it doesn’t ever go below 8 and if you drive very well and if you have empty roads then maybe you will get 11 not more than that in the city in the highway it can go up to 13-14 not more than that because I think the car is heavy and all it’s a luxury car so you really care that much about that still it gives a very decent figure.

 Skoda Superb Customer Review
Driving pleasure when I am buying a car of this segment for me is absolute comfort, nice pick-up and easy maneuverability. Once you press the throttle you feel so confident, so happy and there is this little kick-in-the-pants feel here near the lumbar support you feel as if you are just moving you know you have this huge machine and you are going riding on that and you get a nice smooth feeling. Basically it just responds to your inputs very well absolutely you feel thrilled when you are driving this car and driving pleasure for me is you know I can almost say that driving a Skoda superb equals driving pleasure for me it is so good.

  Superb Rear Profile

DSG gear box unlike other transmissions like CVT or AMT there is no lag no nothing not even a hint anything like rubber band effect or anything.

  Superb Transmission

What about the diesel Lag?

Absolutely there is no lag, there is no lag. Right now I have stopped, it’s in the first gear and the rpm is at 1000 rpm so I just left the car and put in second gear slowly I am giving throttle and the rpm is responding accordingly to my throttle so you see instantaneously it has moved to 1800 rpm where it gives the adequate power and the turbo kicks-in and then at about 2000 to 2100 rpm it does the gear shift. Initially I used to have that feeling whereby the car wouldn’t shift it would raise the rpm level  quite a little above 2000 rpm and then I would want it to and then it would the shift but off late what happened it became a little smooth especially after first and second service the car became extremely smooth and now I barely feel the shifts.

    Front Glovebox with Cooling and Illumination

So suspension is tuned a little stiffer side like how all German cars are all these luxury sedans like; BMW, Mercedes, Skoda, Audi so you get a very similar suspension in this also and it is a nice cushiony feeling that you get, you are absolutely comfortably seated in this car and when you go on smooth roads it is extremely smooth the car makes it even more smooth for you. When you go on roads with minor pot holes you don’t feel them. You can absolutely cruise through them even at a slightly higher speeds the car will absorb almost everything that is thrown at it you will never ever have to complain Steering is fantastic to hold. Steering has certain weight to it, doesn’t feel light and lifeless. Ok you need some firmness to the steering when you hold it you grip it there is a good amount of weight. So you feel good and very confident. Especially when you go a little high speed there is a little weight to the steering which doesn’t feel, you know there are some cars where there is artificial weighing-up of the steering. It’s not like that very proportionately to your speed the steering weighs up gives you a very nice and confident feel. You feel very nice to hold and it’s easy to turn. It’s not only tuned for giving me a very nice comfortable ride even if I drive it very enthusiastically on the highway even If I have to make a very sharp turn you know this car responds very quickly to my inputs, that is something I really love.

  Superb Eight Airbags
And even the ground clearance of this car is little more than BMW 3 series or some other cars Mercedes and all very practical Skoda has thought in the city if I go on some bumps I don’t have any issues. I have never seen this car scrapping the underbody of the car getting scrapped by any undulations on the ground so that way also it is very easy to handle.

So If I just press the mode button here, we have Eco mode, over here it shows that I am in Eco mode right now as you can see it’s on E1. It’s on E1 right now, so the gear shifts has been very quick if you have observed. Even before 2000 rpm, just at 1700 rpm there you see I am at 1100 rpm right now and my gear is already 3rd and I am going a little bit faster, 4th already so gear shifts are very quick and you get quick power, power in a less time and it can be very handy when you are driving in traffic. If I am maintaining at a certain speed and I leave the accelerator then the speed gets maintained at that like for example I press the accelerator and keep the speedometer at 40 and I let go off the accelerator then speed will continue to remain at that almost like a cruise control thing maybe it is trying to save fuel during that Eco mode, car becomes bit more lighter the feeling of the car bit more lighter when you drive in Eco mode.

    Superb Vehicle Space Overview

Then there is a Normal mode and once you press normal mode here at the gear shift you will see that the gear will be D1, D2, D3 like that. Normal if you see the gear shifts you know the rpm meter goes all the way to 1800 to 2000 rpm and then it does the shift so that is a more normal driving experience like how you expect any car to behave but Eco mode comes in very handy when I am driving in the traffic,

Now then there is also as Sport Mode, sport mode if you really want to know the best performance you have to go on the highway as you have seen the moment I press it in sport mode you feel as if there is a little lag. If you use sport mode and drive it in the city then you will feel, you will feel as if the car is laggy.

There is also an Individual mode sometime you might get tempted to use this. I press the change what I can do is I can adjust steering, I can make the steering sporty, so when it goes a little high it’s going to weight up a little for me or I can put it to normal then the kind of drive I want is a little economical my gear shifts will be quicker and you know there is a cornering light, so when you are in sport mode obviously the cornering light is a bit, is a bit more active. The cornering light will be like sporty and the air conditioning is normal. Air conditioning also I can put in the Eco mode so when the car is quite cool it can just reduce the temperature and save some fuel for me but I just chose to put it in normal. So those kinds of, that kind of individual setting is also there. In the city I suggest to use the Eco mode that is awesome does the job perfectly.

    Superb Rear Legroom

You can drive this car even in manual mode, to drive in the manual mode I can also use the Paddle shifters which are placed here, so I change the gear, immediately it changes to M over there and now I can down shift to 2 right now and immediately If I want I can upshift to 3 but there is one downside to this also, like if I want to completely drive this in the manual mode this car doesn’t let me do that after certain time it takes control things on its own, so it’s not as if you can always drive in manual mode after a while it takes control of its own especially when you are using paddle shifters, however, there is this other way also in the tiptronic mode I can use it, so let’s put it to 2nd gear now, and 3rd gear now, I don’t think it takes control of the car by itself in manual mode when I am putting it in the tiptronic. It is also indicating me to change the gear, 4th gear  3rd gear, but it is always better to drive this car in just the automatic mode only because it does the gear shift pretty well by itself.

     Superb Twindoor With Soft Touch Closing

My Father also drives this car a lot he says that the diesel sound is pretty high inside I don’t have personally have a problem with that I really enjoy that sound but my father requires more refinement in the NVH levels of the car, all European cars diesel cars have that more sound If you like my honest opinion about the, his Skoda Superb then please do click like button and hit the subscribe button and do come back here for more content, more honest reviews Thank you. Thanks you sir.   


  • Stylish Demeanour
  • High Safety Equipment 
  • Powerful Diesel Performance


  • Average Boot
  • Small Rear Space
  • Low Mileage

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