Mercedes Benz C Class
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: 9/10
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Strong Areas

  • Attractive design 
  • Roomy cabin 
  • Good value for money
  • Powerful diesel motor

Weak Areas

  • High price
  • Average handling 
  • Small service network
  • No manual gearbox
Mercedes Benz C Class

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Customer Review

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Customer Review, A lesson in Car making decisions is to be learn from Dr. Samir Bhobe, proud owner of the Mercedes Benz C-Class c220d. Thorough to the minutest details when it comes to car details, service and maintenance, Dr.Bhobe has certainly made a sound decision to invest in the C-Class a his entry into the luxury segment. it disappoints neither in class nor performance.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

Car Owned - Mercedes-Benz C-Class C220d 2200 cc Turbo Charged Automatic. 2016 Model.

Kilometres Done - 10,000 Km

Mercedes Benz C Class Customer Review

Mileage - 

City - 15-16 kmpl; never less than 14 kmpl

Highway - 18 kmpl

Dr. Samir Bhobe Mercedes C Class Owner Review

It's incredible how the Merc's diesel engine refuses to give anything below 14 kmpl, even through intense traffic zones. In contrast, the petrol engine of the Skoda Rapid, which is also an automatic, comes nowhere near to being as economical as this beast from the stable of Mercedes.

The hybrid engine ensures better fuel efficiency and the fuel consumption data is available on the dashboard.

Service -

Mercedes has on offer two maintenance options to choose from.

One  is the Star East program which offers a maintenance package that would include all common parts - even warranted parts that are much in use like wipers and brake pads too: given how the brake pads  are prone to wearing down the most in an automatic.

The service care guys take into account the individual's car use and needs to come up with a personalised plan which in case of Dr.Samir Bhobe with a 4 year term and an approx. distance of 80,000 km covered.

Service Schedule -

Dr. Bhobe has TCP - Total Car Package- wherein all his parts are covered and he can send the car over as many times he wants to the time his pre deposited money exhausts. Ranging from putting a solution to keep the wiper rubber soft, car washing the polishing of the exteriors and tyres - that crack a lot in the Bombay heat to the checking of all the interiors- all falls under the purview of the package.

This service he entails not from Mercedes, but from a private service center where he has been an 8 year old client.

Service cost - 

18,000 Rupees per car

40,000 Rupees package for as many cars, with 20% discount on pre-paid services.

Buying Process

The detailed research that formed the basis of his ca selection is unparalleled by any other customer.

The usual long hours put into researching online was further strengthened by incognito visits to the Merc workshops to hear it from the horse's mouth when it comes to servicing and maintenance. Dr. Bhobe left no stone unturned and made open market queries about the cost of the car parts.

It is only after such a thorough looking into the lifeline of this car did he set his mind on it.
Other Cars Considered -

Wanting to upgrade to an SUV from the previous XUV I owned. The cars he checked out hence were in that very segment and included the -



Mercedes over BMW

The much preferred make by all and sundry seems to the doctor to be more of a young man's car. The point of consideration that made him lean towards the Merc is the maintenance cost with the Beemer turning out to be an expensive investment.

The Merc is an absolute package to vie for in terms of comfort, drive quality, service etc. The same parameters did not seem to touch the mark in case of the BMW cars.

During his researching each car, he came to conclude from previous users how the non- routine parts being imported from Germany gives rise to lag and holding period thus lengthening the process- not something to look up to.

Jaguar and Audi were not considered by Dr.Bhobe on the account of the fact that they have no presence in Navi Mumbai, in terms of showroom or service centre. Whereas Mercedes leads the pack with 5 showrooms.

Servicing was a major criteria for Dr.Bhobe to have gone with the Mercedes over the other premium makes.


1. Comfort                      5/5

The Doctor's keen eyes are very much fixated to every aspect of the Merc seats providing optimum comfort- and scientifically so- and his C-Class does not seem to disappoint him one bit. Driving over potholes effortlessly, the seats seem to cocoon the whole body in such a way, that never does the question of back pain or extra back pressure comes into foray.

Long drives don't leave him stiff and tired.

The S-Class and the new E-Class might have upped the ante with backrest adjustable backrests but the C-Class in no way leaves any stone unturned as far as comfort is concerned.

The Doctor and both his sons thoroughly went through the testing of the seats, taking turns in each car they considered and the C-Class - with its great leg room , enviably beautiful cabin and soft to the touch seats - emerged victorious at the end. It has not given a reason to regret ever since.

2. Safety                      5/5

The giants never compromise on safety and Mercedes is no exception. For Dr.Bhobe, his C220D is near faultless when it comes to braking and safety.

Generally not one to give in to the temptations of high speed, even Dr.Bhobe seems to enjoy his 160 km/hour highway rides where the car beautifully clings to the road and demonstrates exceptional braking quality.

The tarmac hugging machine veers off course not one inch even as one throws it around corners at speeds of 100-120km/hour; the front and rear wheels keep ever aligned. At the rarest exceptions, the ABS and EBD more than makes up for it with their near faultless brake distribution which allows no room of a lag be palpable on the steering wheel.

The doctor enlists Safety as the sole criteria so as to why one ought to consider this beautiful piece of superior engineering. 

'The car takes care of itself' would be a perfect way to sum up the abilities of a Mercedes. It would come to dead stop upon accidental opening of the door mid transit, it would Auto park if one has forgotten to put the car in neutral during parking.

3. Design Of The Car.           4.5/5

Ergonomics holds the key to engineering when it comes to German cars and that runs true through all German car manufacturing giants. Multiple options to manipulate the Multimedia controls allows one to keep their gaze be fixed strictly to the road. Thus Mercedes takes into account the modern day need to multitask and comes up with a cabin design that compliments rather than obstruct that need.

4. Build Quality                 4.5/5 

A sturdy body to boast of , the C220 D faces the slight trouble of rattling of the door which almost manages to ruin its good run.

But Dr.Bhobe insists that the Metal quality, the chassis, the road handling capability is too good to be true and would have scored a perfect 5 had it not been for the hiccup of the rattle that, according to him, might be emanating from the heat and humid destroying the plastic used on the door.

5. Drive Quality                   4.5/5

Given its tyre size, the C200 surprises with the effortless way it can be manouvred with the engine responsiveness being at a peak at all times. Careening through the small old streets of Bombay is made too easy a task with its smooth handling and turning round curves.

Unlike other automatics, this big majestic beauty, in spite of being a diesel, allows a hands down overtaking of cars with no engine lag at sight.  The soft and painless gear shifting only adds to the great drive experience.

The C-Class successfully overcomes the inability of Automatic cars to respond to random throttle and the Mercedes , instead of complaining and growling to the much needed revving up picks up speed and zooms out with elan.

6. Ride Quality                    5/5 

The back is decently roomy with no sense of being cramped up affecting the passengers.

The doors open at a sharp 90 degree angle facilitating the entry and exit into and from the car over compensating for its low slung structure that might have else hindered the process. The Mercedes C-class 220D therefore seems to outdo its competition in more ways than one.


When the road conditions permit, it is but an effortless task, to rev up the C-class engine and let it talk to you. It rules the road and one feels in absolute control of the ride.

Intensely sensitive to steering inputs, it is but rare for the C-Class to steer off of course. One can throw it around the corners and not break into a sweat doing so.

His ride to Goa had several such corners and the car executed each of them smoothly at the speed of 80-100 km/hour at that.

No aquaplaining was encountered en route in the C220 on the wet, rain washed roads.
Features -


The steering input gets recorded and accordingly the car can be parked all thank to the rear view assist with grid lines and extreme clarity of the rear camera. The view can be widened to assist the process further more.

The function of Putting the car into neutral - if one has forgotten to do so- and stalling the car upon accidental door opening - can be both a Time Saver and Life Saver.  It comes in use a lot a lot as many forget to change the mode.

The Key getting locked is the Merc looking into the depth of human error and acting accordingly to accentuate the entire drive experience.

Multimedia And Display

A marvelous display mounted on the dashboard makes the rider ever so lovely. A number of functionalities are accessible through multiple controls.

The touchpad acts not only as a Radio channel control but also as a means to dial numbers UPON accessing the directory where in phone numbers can be set in prior.

The multimedia is loaded with information about the car- service information, engine parameters, oil settings, wiper reservoir water info, tyre pressure et al.

The gauge inside the valve of the tyres keeps feeding inputs of the pressure into the car computer. The moment the tyre pressure goes above or below the pre - marked tyre pressure, a beep sets off.

Cabin Lighting

This feature that was first introduced in the XUV is taken forward by the Mercedes C-Class 220 d and provides beautiful LED lighting that one has nothing to complain of.

Why to buy the C-Class?

The two pronged reasonale for  buying the  Mercedes C-class 220d , according to Dr.Samir Bhobe are the safety features and the maintenance.

The power is neither too less nor too more , thus making sure the driver never goes overboard- a good step towards safety.

The maintenance package on offer from the Mercedes is something that the other cars, even the BMW is yet to match up to.

Why not the C-Class?

The rattling of the door can be extremely off-putting to driver and rider alike.

In absence of the package, it's a daunting task to execute the maintenance of the car -given the steep upkeep of the Mercedes.


  • Attractive Design 
  •  Good value for money


  • High Maintenace Cost
  • High price

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