Maruti Suzuki Dzire
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • Good Performance
  • Long Equipment List
  • Quality Cabin

Weak Areas

  • Low Ground Clearance
  • Noisy Diesel Motor 
  • Cramped Rear
  • Average Boot 
Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Customer Review - Good & Bad points of Dzire

A light-as-a-feather steering and spacious cabin not withstanding, Yash feels the performance of his Dzire has gone down progressively in just 75 days and is now eyeing a powerful  DSG Skoda, to which a Dzire can hardly match up to.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money


Ownership Since  - 2.5 months.

Kilometres driven - Ateast 10,000Km.

Longest run - 550km, till Punjab.

Yash Dzire Review

Number Of Services Done Till date - Two


Highway - 20 kmpl-24 kmpl. None can give more than this.

City Traffic - 17 kmpl. No challenge there whatsoever that i have to face during the traffic.


Comfort – 5/5

Seating Comfort – 5/5

Performance – 4/5

Ride Quality – 4/5

Safety – 4/5

Car owned previously - Volkswagen Ameo and Maruti Suzuki Dzire MT Petrol

I wanted to buy the new Dzire mainly because of the great comfort Dzire offers to all passengers in the car. It’s really spacious. As I agreed to buy the available colour, I got my Dzire in just 6 hours, thankfully I did not have to wait for the car. No waiting period hassle for me. Maybe I was lucky.

I sold my Volkswagen Ameo simply because it does not have space, it’s a really small compact car, even though in terms of performance, it’s far ahead of my new Dzire.

What I like about my new Dzire

Comfortable car

    Maruti swift Dzire Roomy Cabin Space

It feels like a family car,- simple, sober, looks good and is elegant. Dzire has more than sufficient headroom, even a tall man will not feel cramped inside the car. Rear seat easily accommodates 3 average sized adults; car can easily take 5 people, with decent boot space. Getting in-and-out of the car and seating comfort of the car is so good that irrespective of the size of the person (thin, tall or fat) he will always feel very comfortable inside the Dzire.

It is almost a perfect sedan. If it not were for the AGS problems, I would have kept it for at least for 5/6years.


Other than the AGS issue, when it comes to performance - be it the average, overtaking or any other aspect, the Dzire does not lack in any respect whatsoever. It's really good in all other aspects. I'm just too tired of persistent AGS problem. Suspension is good but not in Honda and Volkswagen car league.

Air Conditioning

      Maruti swift Dzire Automatic Climate Control

Unlike the other cars with rear AC vents wherein I believe all they do is circulate the air inside the car,  the Dzire’s rear AC vent actually gives out cold air and really chills the car. As a matter of fact it gets so cold inside the car that we have to often switch off the AC. Dzire’s AC works beautifully even at 44 degree heat of Delhi summer.


I have driven many cars, but the steering of my new Dzire is just too good, I can easily rate it as being the best steering amongst all the cars that I have driven. It’s really light, so light that it can literally be turned by a single finger.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The best thing about the Dzire’s Bluetooth is the clarity that one gets while accepting calls through the bluetooth- there is no disruption or static. Connectivity with my mobile phone is really easy and seamless.

Safety Features

    Maruti swift Dzire Dual Airbags

My Dzire VDI has all the necessary standard safety features like - Front airbags, ABS etc but what has impressed me the most is the softness of the seat belt. It does not bother me at all, it makes me feel secure. Seat belt in my previous Dzire was really tight and hard, which made me feel very uncomfortable.

Recently an uncalled for event happened about 15 days back and as I approached a speed breaker, the brakes simply froze and didn't work. So everyone in the car had to take the hit of the bump- I was driving at about 80 km/hour of speed. Fortunately the brakes did start working subsequently. Out of brake failure fear these days I do not drive fast.

Automatic is a boon

    Maruti swift Dzire Auto Gear-Shift

If I was to ignore the problems that I facing because AGS, driving the Dzire AGS up to 10000 Km was really a boon in bumper to bumper traffic. On highways, one has to shift to manual mode while climbing a steep hill or when one wants to overtake.

What I don't like about my Dzire

Unfortunately, there are more negatives in my new Dzire than there are things right about it.

Automatic Gear Shift (AGS) issues

When the car was new and up to 10000 Kms AGS used to work quite smoothly. It was almost a boon for me thanks to over 150 Kms that I drive every day, my daily driving became less tiring and more comfortable. But unfortunately post 10000 kms AGS has really become bad, the car jerks every time whether you put the car in reverse gear or in Drive gear (D gear). Noise has started coming from the gear box. Gear box noise is very disturbing at high speed, particularly when it changes from 4th to 5th gear. If the gear change is happening on an incline- there is a pretty loud click and it’s too embarrassing. I feel very awkward. I have spoken about this to Maruti service at least twice, but they don’t seem too bothered. As per service station people the gear noise in an AGS gear box is normal. I don’t understand. I believe the my Dzire’s performance after 10000 Kms has gone down, its no longer as good as it used to be when it was new. Why it should be so is beyond my comprehension.

Unstable at high speed

My Dzire wobbles or shakes at speeds above 120-130 Kms/hour. It scares me, I believe the reason for this shake or wobble at high speed is thanks to its light weight design, because of which the car does not cut the air properly at high speed. I believe that tyres of my new Dzire are also not up to the mark, one more reason for the wobble. I am surprised as to why Maruti cannot make solid cars like the Skoda and Volkswagen, even with a price tag of 9 Lakhs plus. A 9 Lakh car at least deserves to have Alloy wheel, which my Dzire does not have.

Poor Quality Wiper Blades

In last 2 months during summer I had to change 2 wiper blades twice. The poor quality rubber wipers didnt last during the short stint of just two and a half months.

Why I am selling my Dzire in just 2 & Half month

Recently I took a test drive of the Skoda Rapid DSG automatic, that car is just too good to drive, it has lots of power, Dzire does not come any close to Skoda Rapid DSG in terms of performance. Rapid DSG is far ahead of Dzire in terms of performance.


Smooth Performance
Spacious Cabin
Comfortable drive
Light Steering



AGS Issues- noise and jerks
Performance has decreased
Power no match for a Skoda or Volkswagen

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