Maruti Suzuki Baleno
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: 3/5
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: 8/10
: 3 Year Warranty (Whichever is earlier)
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5.64 Lakhs-8.96 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Smart And Practical Demeanour
  • Loaded With Features
  • Powerful Engines
  • Flexible Cabin

Weak Areas

  • No Diesel Automatic
  • Lacks The Rivals’ Appeal 
  • Average Space
  • Cramped Boot
Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Customer Review of Baleno who Bought it After Long Courtship

HImanshu Dhyani experience of his Baleno Delta petrol that he has been driving since May 2017 and has driven around 3100 Kms. He bought the Baleno after a long courtship before deciding to tie the knot with it (Buy the Baleno). This year long courtship helped him understand the car better and buy it when he was fully convinced about its new car purchase.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

Mileage:City –  14.75 kmpl. Highway – 17.5 Kmpl.

Service Cost : 1st free service done. Total 3 free services available.

Previous Car

This car my 2nd Car, I had earlier oened a Chevrolet Spark. 

My Buying Process

I was looking for a middle segment car, which had good mileage with comfortable passenger space as well as boot space.

When I was in the market to buy my new car, 3 cars that I was actively considering were; Ford Ecosport, Maruti Suzuki Brezza and Maruti Suzuki Baleno. However, I did not buy the Ecosport and Brezza because of budget consideration, even though I had  liked both the Brezza and Ecosport. Both these were different entities with differenet features. Specific to power output I felt that the Ecosport was delivering more power than the Brezza, as a matter of fact I felt that power was missing from Brezza. Budget permitting I probably would have gone for Ecosport over Baleno.

What I love about my Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Drive is very good, the way it goes is very smooth, on long drive i normally used to get tired in my previous car, but fortunatley it did not happen with my Baleno. It's a good self drive car and I believe its meant for people who like to drive their cars rather than being driven.Acceleration is almost instant, when you put the gear and apply pressure on the accelerator the car picks-up quickly.  good the price I paid for the car is good. I have driven Swift and Dzire also but when I compare them with my Baleno I found its' handling better than these cars, even in 5th gear the car urges you to accelerate. 

This is a new product that Maruti had developed and it has gievn it good styling, many good features and today its a really a competitive good car from Maruti.

Seat cushioning its good across all seats and the seast are broader. I have driven Ciaz my friends car even but i find my Baleno's seat cushioning to be better than Ciaz.

A year back when I had drven the Baleno, I liked its space as well as the handling of the car, I found both these aspect of the car too be quite good.

Whenever you are cutting into narrow space vehicle the Baleno turns smoothly and you don’t have to apply too much pressure. I like its steering which can be managed with minimum effort thus enhancing my driving pleasure. Steering is very light and I never felt the need to apply effort while maneouvering curves and cuts. I found the steering to be very responsive even at good speeds.

Lowest body roll car. I am from Dheradoon a hilly area, twist and turn are quiet common in that part of the country. I have realised that even when you are at decent speed you can easily without much effort maneouvre all twits & turns and the car feels quiet stable. You are not conscious of the fact that you are taking these turns at a decent speed, most of the time one tends to slow down on such turns but in my new Baleno I never felt the need to slwo down dramatically.

AC is very fast in term of cooling.

What I don’t like about my Maruti Suzuki Baleno

You can make the front portion of the car more manly or robust, currently it looks more feminine, back looks far more sporty. Curves on the car need to be more manly rather than being more sweet as they are currently designed.

In comparison to the front two doors the rear doors do not feel as solid or heavier becasue  when you close them you get a shriller sound as compared to a thud sound on closing the front doors and this gives me a feeling of being safe.

I wish Baleno has more storage places to handle and manage various items that one tends to carry on long drives.

Highway Experience

The maximum I have taken this car is 110 Kmph speed with family on highway, I do not want to take it beyond that speed as it is a new car, however, I felt comfortable and in control at that speed.


Stylish, great value for money car with good fuel efficiency.

Features to price is very good. One will have to pay at least Rs.1.5 lacs more for any other car to get same features like the Baleno.


Front styling more feminine wish it was more manly.

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