Maruti Suzuki Alto K10
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: 3/5
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: 7/10
: 2 Yrs / 40,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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Strong Areas

  • Improved design
  • Strong performance 
  • Upgraded interiors
  • AMT convenience 
  • High reliability

Weak Areas

  • Small cabin space 
  • Flimsy build quality 
  • Rear feel claustrophobic 
  • Poorly equipped entry-variant 
  • Average ride quality
Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Maruti Alto K10 VXi – The Perfect City Car.

It's a fun ride when you are sitting next to a bubbly college girl intensely protective and proud of her car- a 21st B'day gift from her father.A city car through and through, the Maruti Alto K10 VXi offers stability and confidence to new drivers like her who are learning to get the hangs of it.



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Car Owned - Maruti Alto K10 VXi.

Ownership Since - 2years, from end 2016.

      Kimberley Pandey Maruti Alto K10 VXi Review

Kilometres Done - 801.6 Km.


City - 16-17 kmpl.

Highway - 19 -20 kmpl. That despite the company claim of 22kmpl


Service Cost  - Around 1300Rupees for the second service.

Other Cars Considered -

1. Renault Kwid.

2. Hyundai i 10.

3. Datsun Redi Go AMT

     Kimberley Pandey

1. Renault Kwid - Though with a lot of good attributes to boast of - like the ground clearance that trumps that of the Alto K10, for Kimberley the Kwid felt like a toy car. From the engine to the doors and the overall feel of the car, the Renault make felt flimsy and with a sub-par quality.

For  a beginner, the faith of having total control over the car is a must and is what was missing from the Kwid. Thus a complete no-go.

      Maruti Alto K10 VXi

The braking was not confidence boosting; the car demanded a lot of acceleration. At the end comes the question of parking - a major concern for city cars and the Kwid with its unique design posed a difficulty to Kimberley- when it came to manouvre  and park it.

2. Hyundai i10 - A lot of power to reckon with but claustrophobic at the end of the day. It has been so designed so as to look bigger from the outside- even giving stiff competition to the Alto K10- but that's a  mere facade. The comfort level is dismal and the space is constrictive. Thus not a good choice in the long run.

3. Datsun Redi Go AMT

Flimsy from the first go, both dad and daughter steered clear of this car upon test driving it. The door quality spoke volumes of the poor build quality and the driving experience was akin to driving something at an amusement park.

Why the Alto K10 over other cars?

What the K10 offers is complete control and best power in comparison to the rest of the cars. The car speaks to her, so to say. Sensitive to the slightest of commands and superior braking with instant braking ability has made the Alto K10 a confidence booster when it comes to a College going kid like her- for whom a good mix of sporty looks and inimitable comfort is mandatory.


  1. Comfort                        4/5

(Getting and out/Seating/Drive)

Given a small car with a small turning radius, it's really easy to ride on busy city roads and take it around. Individual height comes into play when considering the getting in and out aspect. It's not really a car meant for a taller person. Though it is portrayed as 5 seater, Kimberley has noticed that maximum seating comfort is for 4 people at max.  Not exactly a family car but more of a straightforward, compact car for personal use.

  1. Safety                          3/5

Kimberley has managed to overcome her initial fear as regards safety as because the Alto K10 lacks ABS, thanks to the superior control it offers to the driver as also the commendable braking but she advises to avoid excessive speed limits as far as this Maruti car is concerned. Adrenaline lovers would actually be disappointed as the car is prone to wobbling at higher speeds on the highway.; the steering becomes light and one starts being cautious as to not lose control.

With no ABS and only one airbag, she deems it fit to not push the speed limits of the car.

  1. Build Quality                    3.5

(Sheet metal Thickness/Door)

The Maruti Alto K10 proves to be an exception to the rule when it comes to build quality. It goes far and beyond the bad reputation that Maruti has had always have in terms of sheet metal quality and durability. To this happy little customer, the door and the body of the car exudes much strength and power to take satisfaction in. She found it to be the best of the lot when it comes to the other cars in this segment ad considers it a pretty solid build as opposed to say a Datsun Redi Go AMT. The rest of the magic is done by the trust in the Maruti name.

4. Driving Experience                4/5


Kimberley considers herself to be a perfect fit for the car- her knees neither get stuck beneath the dashboard nor do they bang incessantly given the constricted space the Alto K 10 has to offer. With a smooth clutch that requires the slightest of power and a soft suspension, it is but a treat for her to drive to college in her new found love.

5. Design of the Car                 3.5/5

(Plastic/Seat quality/look and feel of the car)

Kimberley only has had praises for the Alto K10 up until now but not anymore when it comes to the interiors and features provided. Never mind the raised, sleek headlamps that she is so proud of or the colour co-ordinated grey dashboard that she chose over the beige option and is in love with, she insists that Maruti could have done way better in terms of looks and seating comfort.

Only the front two windows have power windows, the Air Conditioning needs improvement and the absence of speakers in the back is a major cause of concern for anyone of this age bracket. The seats had fabric upholstery that is neither premium nor sporty - a complete misfit for a fun car like the Alto K 10.

Once she had her hands on the car, it was time for a complete makeover.

The fabric upholstery of the seats was a-horrid sight to behold. So she got the seats and the steering wheel re-upholstered with a smooth leather finish which adds to the value of the car and saves her from stressing over stain marks and tears of the fabric one. The yellow ambient light has made way for its white counterpart which she believes accentuates the seat colours. The underneath of the mats has been laminated to avoid water spillage and damage. Parking sensors have also been added for her comfort of mind on grounds of not being a seasoned driver.

6. Ride Quality             4/5

A major concern was the thin tyre width, which added with the low ground clearance makes every pothole palpable to the passengers. This is something that servicing cannot help as according to the company, the width is in accordance to the size of the car. asserting control over potholes is what she has had to come terms with.

7. Overall Rating             3.5-4/5

A perfect rating is wanting as because of the discomfort that one has to face as also the additional work one has to make the car a suitable ride.


Music System

It is a decent feature for the front riders but for the backseat passengers to get any sense of the music, one needs to boost up the volume way high. this is when the speakers would have come handy.


The fog lamps can be controlled.

The boot is operable from the lever provided.

Highway Drive

Scared to take out her ride for the first time on the highway, she was soon put at ease what with the K 10 performing beyond her expectation.

The engine, fortunately, did not heat up during her only long drive from Mumbai to Lonavala and back again. Not one to push the speed limit or throw her car around sharp corners, she kept at 120 km/hour max. and found the Alto K 10 to be quite manageable- even for a newbie like her.

The only hiccup was the wobbling of the steering that occurs once the speed touches the higher values and one becomes cautious so as not to lose control and fear of the car veering odd starts to take over.

Why to buy the Alto K 10

A perfect city car, this is  the best choice you have for your daily office travel and for your nuclear family. It's a value for money, no hassles Car that does exactly what it says it will. Parking is a breeze and so is to manouvre around the city's varied many corners.

Why not to buy the Alto K 10

Not exactly the car of choice for a tall person or one who travels a lot.

Within a  limited budget, it would be great in it segment unless one is expecting a lot of high end features which, sadly the Alto K 10 does not deliver to.

If one is looking for a family car, multiple number of passengers- this is not the car to take your chance on.

The space and performance would disappoint.

Luggage space is minimal and even moderately tall people would find it difficult to squeeze in.

What do female drivers look from a car?

Kimberley's first car was a second hand Nano that was on the brink of damage.

Having learnt her driving on a Nano with a really hard clutch and no power steering.

Hence a comfortable clutch and power steering became the priorities that she looks for in a car now. So that the strenuous driving and parking experience she had to go through is not repeated again.

In addition, a reliable braking system, parking sensors, added comfort and durability of the car body are the concerns.

Amongst her friend circle of her age, irrespective of gender- mileage, power and looks of the car - are the 3 things that take centre stage when it comes to the selection of a car. The adage that Automatic Cars are preferred by girls seems to hold true among the girls that she knows of, though personally the young lady prefers it the good old manual way; the feel of the car and the sense of being in control gives her a high.


1.Perfect City Car.
2.Good Mileage.
3.Great Control.


1.Low on Space.
2.No ABS, 1 Airbag.
3.No backseat Speakers.

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