Maruti Suzuki Alto K10
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Customer Rating
: 3/5
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: 7/10
: 2 Yrs / 40,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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3.66 Lakhs-4.45 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Improved design
  • Strong performance 
  • Upgraded interiors
  • AMT convenience 
  • High reliability

Weak Areas

  • Small cabin space 
  • Flimsy build quality 
  • Rear feel claustrophobic 
  • Poorly equipped entry-variant 
  • Average ride quality
Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Alto K10 CNG Owners Review A Mixed Feeling

Family car only if its a small family with small kids. Tall people will convert this car into a 3 seater as the driver seat will have to be pushed really back, making the seat behind it unsable. Maruti seems to be compromising on built quality, maybe because they want to the car's price really low. But for those with limited budget and small family it is a good car.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

My consideration set when I was in the market to buy the Alto K10 which was our family's first preference, we also loked at WagonR, Swift, then Polo and EON also. Budget limitation was also a key reason for buying the Alto K10. We did not look at Volkswagen Polo and Maruti Suzuki Swift lost out to Maruti Alto K10 becuase of its price. Polo was also lost not preferred out becasue of high maintainence and parts cost. Swift base model started at Rs.4.00 Lacs to 4.5 Lacs that was too high for us. WagonR – Our family did not buy it because its too ugly and my mother was completely against buying WagonR. Eon - Not buying Hyundai EON because of views and inputs from lots of my friends who drive this hyundai car for many years, told me that Hyundai quality has gone down, build quality was also not as good it was earleir. It was much more reliable when they were making Santro and Santro Xing.

What I love about my Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

My mother drives our Alto K10 mostly, she wanted a minimalistic car, mostly it was a point A to B driving, she wanted a reliable car, service and maintainence cost are very low. And above all Maruti has been a brand that makes car for Indian, Indian road and Indian conditions.

The car being so tiny that it is easy to drive or manoeuvre in the city traffic, fuel wise it’s very economical.

Whenever I know that there is going to be traffic or I have to go to congested area, I do not take our family''s bigger car.

I take my Alto K10. I prefer Alto generally becasue of its compact size.

Driving is pretty good, gear, clutch shift and brake everything is as smooth as it was when it was new, nothing has given way even after 40000 Kms.

It’s a very well built car, we drive it very rough, we do not slow down normally over bumps and bad roads, yet no part of the car rattles.

Seat comfort cushioning is soft and good thigh support in the seat. The length of the base of seat on which we sit is long enough and it lends support to the entire thing when we sit on it.

What I don’t like about my Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

For tall people a major flaw is that when you turn steering it towards right your hand often bumps into the driver door.

No headrest in rest in rear seat. It’s not a family car, it only works when you have small children in the family, for family with grown-up teenagers, it is not right and you should avoid.

Its an economical car at a good price, however I now think that if only we had as a family decidied to spend another 20000-25000 over what we paid for Alto, we could have bought the spacious Hyundai EON.

My low rating of 2/5 for comfort is because of my 5'11" height. When I drive the car, I had to really push the driver seat way back which leaves no space in rear seat behind me, thus making it a maximum a 3 seater car.


Reliability, economy and driving comfort for city drive


Space is at a big premium.

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