Mahindra and Mahindra XUV500
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: 2 Yrs / 65,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • Enhanced equipment 
  • Smart interiors
  • Improved ride quality 

Weak Areas

  • Pricey top-end
  • Poor handling 
  • Mediocre rear space 
  • Average Performance 
Mahindra and Mahindra XUV500

Amit and his Unbreakable Trust in the Mahindra XUV500

A Mahindra fan through and through, Amit finds his Mahindra XUV500 W10 near-perfect with its value for money combination of strength, style and safety for all those adventure trips this roadie is fond of.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

A Mahindra fan through and through, Amit finds his Mahindra XUV500 W10 near-perfect with its value for money combination of strength, style and safety for all those adventure trips this roadie is fond of.

Amit Meena with his Mahindra XUV 5OO

     Amit Customer Review

Car Owned – MAHINDRA XUV500 W10.

Ownership Since – 2015. The new XUZ 500-the new range- came in February 2015 and I bought this in June 2015, just about three months after its launch.

The previous XUV 500 was the first model XUV came up with about 4 years ago and thereafter they came up with a new design concept for the new range-the new generation so to say.

They have upgraded the engine, the transmission, the interiors have been made plusher in the 2015 version.

Cost- Around 20 Lakhs

Kilometres Driven-Almost 63,000Km. City drive is on the low side for me as I tend to go for long drives. At a stretch, this car has done about 5000km. That was within the span of 8 days and with almost 8 people in the car. The trip was to Rajasthan and back.


Service Cost- The Service model is that one has to get it serviced at very 1000Kms and it costs about 8-9000 Rupees each time.

That includes all things like air filters, oil, labour cost etc.

The price remains the same. The first three are free for the labour cost.

All details about each service - the invoice - is uploaded to their app after each service.

In last 3 years, the total expenditure is about 83,000 and it includes the extended warranty which is about 24,000 Rupees.

Overall Service Quality - The car doesn’t need it. Even after 15,000Km it hardly feels like needing any service. One can't realise if there is any problem with it. But it starts giving you the reminder after that cap is crossed- the only reason for me to have got it serviced.

Services Done Till Date - The car has been serviced about 8 times now.

Mileage :

City - 12Km/l

Highway - 14Km/l as also about 16 Km/L at speeds of 80-100 Km/hour.
If we were to compare it with the Innova, the mileage would be better.

Ratings -



I have never sat on any other seat of the car but the views of the others riding the backseat have always been problematic as compared to a sedan. 



Look wise I find this car better than the other two- even the Innova, the main competitor. The jeep compass, though a good car, and maybe slightly better in terms of looks, is a 5-seater. And even though this car is not used often by a lot many people on a daily basis but the space is necessary and convenient -for luggage as also when travelling with kids.



This is the top end model. It has 8 airbags, ABS, EBD etc.

Braking wise it has always proved to be up to my satisfaction.

I have driven this car, the Innova, Endeavour.  This car and the Endeavour are at par in terms of braking though the former is 10 lakh rupees costlier.

This would be one of the best cars in this segment.

This is a tall car with a higher ground clearance. On instances of panic braking, there isn’t really any feeling of nose-diving in or the car misbehaving.

A careful driver hardly needs to get in that kind of panic but if one does, I at least have not seen this car swerve; straight line braking is pretty much perfect.

I have done the same with the Scorpio and that car instils a sort of scary feeling while driving.

This car, on the other hand, stays in the same lane while braking and this car is better than Scorpio in that regard.


I won’t say that it’s a driver's car per se. The comfort is definitely good but on long-distance trips, this car is comparatively more tiresome than a sedan though it is at par with the other SUVs.

Drive quality is good. Suspension and braking etc. are pretty great.

Our highways aren't that great and while driving at night the bumps are hardly visible. I drive at night a lot and unfortunately one has to cross them. Because this is a tall car, all the 4 suspensions are independent and so they really take the edge of that fall.

The bumps do get transferred to the rear passengers a bit as compared to the front riders.

The driver seat being almost at the centre of the car- I feel it less.

The landing part is not that scary. Generally, if one is not beyond 120Km/hour, it's easy o control it.

Within the range of 100-110Km/hour, there is absolutely no problem with the sharp curves. I hardly take any chances with that though.

The rollover impact is negligible, -at least in the front, and manageable in the back.

I don't need to give any extra push on the clutch for overcoming the puddles or craters.

The Innova is a bit softer in terms of the clutch but still, the car if be serviced at the right time- there's hardly any trouble.

BUILD QUALITY - 4 - 4.5/5

I love driving and I think the build quality of this car is superior.

Sedans obviously win when it comes to comfort as because of their lower heights and less rollover around turns with the centre of gravity being lower, but the XUV is a bigger beast to handle and of convenience when it's time for more people  travel together

The build quality is pretty better than other cars as is the steel quality, I found out on comparing the specifications. 

The car weighs more because of the build material.

This is one of the heaviest cars in the range but with the same kind of engine and a better performance.

I would prefer this car over the Innova in terms of build quality


As because there is hardly any competition.


My Consideration Set



The reason to consider these cars is that I often have to travel to the rural areas and hence the Bolero was a family car.

It works well as it serves both the purpose of the city drives as also the long drives.


The earlier version was heavier and bigger than the XUV. But I didn’t buy it in spite of getting good reviews. The reason is that the interiors are so very bad,- which remains unchanged in the new MU-X 2018.

It does not have any features at all compared to the XUV. 


It has the looks and feels of a sedan.

Nobody else provides these features at this price. And servicing is extremely convenient as compared to European cars, say a Volkswagen car.

That goes with the majority of foreign cars I would assume. It’s a comfort I hold dear- to be able to find people to fix the problem easily without having to go to the showroom. Secondly, I think the car build is pretty good. Bolero was not the best perhaps, but a decent car at the price range of 6-7 lakhs. They say it's not a city car but it's an absolute pleasure to drive the car especially if you are driving in slightly rural areas.

XUV is a highway car, I'd say.

It has been a good relationship with Mahindra. Their vehicles are very sturdy. This has been a big upgrade from the Bolero but this is a very big machine to drive. It's slightly bulky and one will feel cramped in the city traffic. On the highway, it's a different story and one gets all the comforts. This car has a presence on the road- smaller cars feel threatened and don’t veer very close by and on the highways the controls are very good and secured, unlike a smaller car. 

The high seating gives a better view of the cars in front of a queue. One can look ahead up to 2-3 cars ahead and helps one to prepare for managing troubles beforehand.

The new 2018 version is already out and the intended purpose is to switch to the 2018 model. Reason being that my car was not available in automatic mode until about 6 months after I had bought it so now I want to move to an automatic model. Plus the fact that it's my preferred car that's coming at the same price offering me the same level of comfort and of course the value-for-money aspect of it.
What I love 


The Cruise Control engages only when one is driving at or beyond 40-60Km/hour. The Plus sign button needs to be pressed upon once to engage the Cruise Control and the car remains at that speed without any manual manipulation. If one needs acceleration, the plus sign needs to be pressed again and the minus sign for deceleration.

There is also a voice control button. The cruise control gets disengaged as soon as one touches any of the pedals. 


Mahindra XUV500  W10 Auto Wiper and Auto Lights

The wipers can be brought into Auto mode by the auto wiper button. This would result in the wipers coming out whenever there is any water on the sensors. Basis how much rain there is, the speed will get changed.


The lights are automatic. There are different settings for that. The auto settings when off, only the white light will be on. There is also the manual lights and the high beam. 

There is a blue ambient lighting system inside with a knob control for increasing or decreasing the lights.


    Mahindra XUV 500 Sunroof

The car has a sunroof. The kids love it especially because they can stand up and have their fun- the height of the car being pretty high. 


I think in this price range and segment, the interiors are much better than, say an Innova. The plastic quality isn't that better but the features it provides is exceptional. It's a negligible factor that one takes into account the loads of features like Automatic Climate Control, touch screen etc. into account that no other SUV in this price range offers.

For example - The Jeep Compass, the Toyota Innova Crysta.

The high end of the Jeep Compass is beyond 20 Lakhs whereas the high end of the newer version of this car is about 2 Lakhs less.


     Mahindra XUV500 Smart Key

The key is a smart key- no knobs to put it in. Whenever one is a few metres away from the car one needs to press the button to open the car as also the boot. The key accompanying is for emergency situations -to enter, does not start the car as there is no such slot.


                         Mahindra XUV500 Cargo Space

There is huge space in it. One can actually fit a 6feet mattress in it thus implying that a 6 feet person can easily squeeze in and lie straight across without even having to adjust their legs anyhow.

The seats are flat folding seats.

The second-row seats can be folded back to make more space- enough to put anything and everything in it. The seats are in 60:40 split.


There are these cool addition to the car- the puddle light either side. The lights come with the XUV branding.


There are 8 airbags. One on the dashboard, one on the steering wheel, one each on the pillars on either side.

One in the rear for lessening the impact on the head of the rear passengers.

So from the driver seat until the second row, the airbags provide a safe enclosure. 

At high speeds around a curb- though the driver doesn’t feel any rollover as he's holding on the steering but the people in the back just roll and go to the other side. The car does have anti-rollover features yet it does not fare as well as a sedan. It’s slightly better than a Bolero or a Scorpio because of the features to lessen the all over impact.


The parking assist lines are static lines. The blue one is the static line. The green one is what changes with the steering input. The blue ensures that the car is in a straight line.


There is a hill assist control too which is always on and needs to be switched off if the need be. Basically when one is on an incline going down and the brake is applied- the car does not automatically roll down immediately after as in the car is held in position for a few seconds so that one can adjust the clutch, brake etc. It works both ways -going up or down an incline. 

There is a start and stop feature which comes under the purview of what they call micro hybrid. If I put my feet off the pedal at a signal, say, then after 5 seconds the car automatically shuts down. It restarts on pressing the clutch. 


It is value for money. One can not get the safety features of an SUV with the features in the same price range in any other car. Being an SUV, it's obviously slightly better off than a sedan, with a better view. Compared to its competitors, I would definitely rate it higher. The closest competitor would be, for me, the Fortuner. It is bulkier, bigger, has all that jazz though it is less on features. The top end of that car would be 14 Lakhs higher than this car. Even at a 14 Lakh tag, if it is not providing the features that the XUV is, then that is not worth the money.



       XUV500 AVN

All the car features are at the touch of my hand. Mileage, distance to empty, tyretronics which indicates the tyre pressure in psi - of all the tyres, including the spare tyre. There is no mechanism as such. When the spare tyre is pulled up into the back-if it fits properly and the compression is appropriate- that is what they detect. The inflation and deflation is what the system shows and I think it’s the same with all the tyres.

Equalizers and everything related to music is to be found here. Here are a lot of settings like – display/ brightness/ time setting for display to go into sleep mode/ wallpapers/ clock/ radio/ Bluetooth / audio and its directions- as in how to pair the devices /SMS ALERT- for the car to read it out loud/ Radio.

There is an e- manual which is the owner's manual for times of need to entail directions for any feature. 


The Alert info is for any kind of information which the car wants to show us - low tyre pressure, malfunctioning ABS, ajar doors, low engine oil etc. So any sign that is seen here - which half the people don’t understand- are those alerts. 

As soon as one crosses the 10000 limit -the service alerts come up. 

Green sign is for seatbelt on/off. In this car, the car starts keeping alerts if seatbelt is not on and it can get pretty annoying. Plus the handbrake sign. A lot of buttons pop up as soon as the car is switched on.
Reminder for anything wrong - tyre pressure reminder. There is a blue light that goes red if the engine is overheating.


The phone or other electronic equipments can be connected at the same time. There is a dial-in feature with voice command, one can sync with their contacts.


    XUV500 Cluster

Speed, Mileage, kilometres done, Fuel gauge etc.


      XUV500 Steering

The buttons on the steering are - volume control, mute button, source selection (radio to something else), connecting calls, last dialled number option etc.


The steering is telescopic- moves forward and backwards, upwards and downwards. As one takes it up- t blocks the view- so better to keep it down especially if one is not a tall peon.


       XUV500 AC System

There is an automatic climate control- one needs to just set the temperature and it maintains the same cooling throughout. There are different modes- for manual settings. ECON  button is for economical - the least possible setting so that the fuel efficiency is better.

There is a separate AC button for starting the third row AC. The third row has a separate air blower too. One needs to press the button for it, else only the first two rows will get access to the blowers.

What I don’t Love

Can't really think of anything that I consider the XUV to not perform well in.

In all, I don’t see anything negative in this car. At least for the price tag and the quality provided- there is no match to this car.

Highway Drive-

The first gear is where you feel a slight lag- because maybe they don’t want us to rush like a petrol car.

The car is pretty responsive in terms of overtaking other cars on the highway. Once the accelerator is pressed- it flies.

It is a pretty comfortable car for highway driving. The driving comfort is a very essential aspect of a car from the driver’s perspective.

The braking needs to be accurate – to the point that the car stops right when it is required to. This car is pretty accurate- There is hardly lag at all- it stops where exactly you need it to stop.

Over the period of time, of course, every machine wears out a bit- maybe because of the tyres or discs- which when changed it might feel like a fresh car.

I think initially I found that it is pretty difficult to manage- as it used to stop abruptly, though now, after three years the efficacy has slightly decreased, but it is responsive nevertheless.

160Km/hour is the fastest speed I have clocked- it gets slightly scary for me as I have not done it that often, plus our highways are not made for that kind of a speed. At some places, it runs straight like a bull without any swerves but ultimately it's about one's gut instinct.

Till 120-13Km/hour, it runs absolutely smooth. Beyond 140Km/hour, I feel I am not in complete control and maybe should slow down. Beyond 150Km/hour, the car also starts beeping to give a warning.


  • Service Centre
  • Safety Features
  • Value For Money
  • Cargo Space 
  • Smooth Highway Drive


  • Looks could be better

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