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  • Sporty 1.4 DCT Misses Paddleshifters
KIA Seltos

Kia Seltos, Kia Seltos HTX Diesel Customer Review-Ecardlr

Most genuine car owner review of Kia Selos Diesel HTX manual. Ownership based customer review for those considering to buy Kia Seltos. It also covers Seltos owner's reasons for not buying the MG Hector, Mahindra XUV 5OO and Hyundai Creta.

Únbiased, honest and staring from Seltos owner makes this review a must-watch. 



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     Kia Seltos Review

I am Apuroop and I am proud owner of this brand new Kia Seltos, it’s a HTX, it's a 1.5-liter manual transmission diesel engine and I purchased this car just one month back for Diwali and driven 1,400 kilometers in it already.


I drove this on the highway for about 150 kilometers on the highway I got about 20-21 kmpl. if I get a chance to use the third or fourth gears a lot in the city then the mileage of 17 kmpl is also possible. Buy because of traffic I get around 14-15 kmpl in city and in peak bumper-to-bumper traffic I have got would be 12.5-13 average never less than that. This car is giving me a mileage like our hatchback gives so I really like that.

      Kia Seltos Mileage


      Seltos Service

First three services are free, first one is a 1000 kilometers the second one is at 5 000 kilometers the third one is at 10 000 kilometers from then on every 10 000 kilometers as a service. The service costs that was told to me was at every 10 000 kilometers will be approximately 5 to 6 000 rupees never more than that so that would include all the engine oil, AC filter and all the top ups and checking everything, This is regular paid service, which is expected to be 6000 rupees which is pretty reasonable.

Buying Process

Consideration Set – Nissan Kicks | Renault Duster | MG Hector | Hyundai Creta | Maruti S Cross

     Kia Seltos

I have been obsessed with diesel cars because they have a nice low-end punch and I also have been obsessed with cars which have a very nice build quality, space is also a big consideration for me because I'm a big guy, as I am 6 feet 1, therefore I was considering with a very good build quality and which has a very good punch in the low end which is great for city driving because my primary usage is in the city.

The hatchback section does not have cars with good space or so I just left that. I did not want to go beyond budget 12 -13 lakhs budget. I took test drive of Maruti Suzuki S Cross & Nissan Kicks and even the Renault Duster. But I found for my usage things you get in Kia Seltos like the touch screen all those extra features I felt that Seltos was the best it would be a nice change for me so I chose it.

Why not S Cross, why not Duster and why not Kicks and why didn't you look at the Hector which is the current favourite?

    Seltos Lumber Support

S Cross from the outside I thought its built really well but I felt there were some vibrations that I found after third gear when I was driving the little high speed I felt some vibrations on the steering and also you know that diesel engine which is there in the S-Cross it is about to be phased out by next year so it's going to be an outdated engine it's always better to buy a new car with new engine, new features you know you get better resale value also five six years if you choose to take the car off. S Cross budget also you almost spend 12.5-13 lakh, instead just spend another 1 lakh and get a top-notch Seltos. So I said rejected S Cross. Kicks was good but the clutch was a little hard my driving predominantly is in the city so I felt the clutch should be a little bit more soft so Kicks I said no. Seltos on paper has better specs than that and also in performance wise Seltos is definitely better.

Did you test drive Nissan Kicks and Maruti S Cross?

Yes I did this test Drive Nissan Kicks for more than 10 to 15 kilometers and it is a good car no doubt but there's a slight turbo lag in the low end which I did not like that much. Hyundai Creta is going to get a facelift very soon and Kia Seltos is the car which has all these brand new features feels very similar to Hyundai Creta but it's got that updated engine it's got better specs and it's almost the price is same like Creta. There is not much difference maybe 5000 to 10 000 rupees is the difference if you compare variant to variant so I felt it was always a better buy.

MG Hector is also a good car but it exceeded my budget I didn't feel there was a need for that and it also has some turbo lag in the low-end one more thing I do not like there's too much electronics everything you want to do with voice commands and like open sunroof is that too much of voice commands you don't need that much you need simple controls sometimes, if that gets spoilt then the whole system might stop working.


Ingress & Egress – 4/5

For me getting in and getting out is also an important aspect. The car doors open pretty wide it is an SUV so you sit a little high up so it's pretty comfortable. Ingress and Egress is good 4 on 5.

       Seltos getting-in-or-out.

There is a manual seat just over here to increase and decrease the height and you have a backrest angle adjuster over here.

Cushioning of this car is I would say just okay. You won't find the comfort of this car of the seats to be like a sedan car definitely not but at this price point I did expect the cushioning to be a little better it feels a little stiff once you get used to it in the driver's seat especially you'll be fine You can adjust the steering for height and reach both, so it's a good thing as you won't have that much of a problem to get into the right driving position and be comfortable.


I drove this car at a stretch for 150 kilometers and I never felt tired and thigh support is just okay.

From HTX variant you get the leather seating with honeycomb pattern. Side bolstering over here is apt, it keeps me well cushioned I don't have any issue with that even the backrest or lumbar support is decent. Seats are neither super comfortable nor are bad. The front seats I would say are decent you know for a person of my height If you are below 5 feet 10 in general you will not have a single complaint with the front seat it is spot on. The Headroom is also decent it's very nice, there is a good five fingers space available even for a person of my height. If I push the seat all the way up maybe I might touch the roof. However, what I do is I set the driver seat all the way down only then I get the right kind of viewing angle for me but if you're someone who's a little short also then this car is going to suit you very well it's going to get you to the perfect driving position.

A pillar seems a little thick but I never had any issues when I was turning and the rearview mirrors were also fantastic they cover a very wide area there are large mirrors which you can adjust. I make sure the steering is not high and pushed a little back thus giving me a commanding seating position Seltos dead is very nicely placed and its absent in Nissan Kicks which is a bad thing, Dead pedal is very important especially when you're driving manual transmission in the city.

    Seltos rear seats

The rear seat is wide enough but for a tall person like me my knees touch the rear of front seat. The thigh is less. I have actually taken a measuring tape and measured the length of the front seat and the length of the rear seat and the rear seat definitely is smaller than the front seat If you want to go on a long highway trip and you have a really tall driver like me in the driver seat I wouldn't recommend you to sit behind the driver as it lack rear knee room. Rear seat back rest reclines which has different angles you can therefore you can adjust your recline angle. It has two different settings and there are adjustable headrests too. With short driver in the front seat a tall person will have some amount of legroom and you get decent space here to move your feet.

 Seltos Boos Space
Boot space is 433 litres comes with a parcel tray.

The loading lip is also not too high, it's very easy to store our luggage.

     AC Vents

Seltos has single zone climate control just press Auto it adjust the temperature and fan speed by itself so I usually keep it at 22 or 23 degree. I like in this car the AC even when I park the car in the bright sunshine it just chills the cabin in 3-4 minutes. Even for the rear seat passengers there is rear AC vents I like this car’s design and the first thing that really impressed me was all the tiger nose grille I really love that it's a very unique shape which is not there in any other car in the segment.

      Kia Seltos tiger nose grill

One of the most striking thing is the lights the DRLs which you can see in the night and the design of these lights.

    Kia Logo

I'd really like that and this Kia logo here at the centre is also very nicely placed so thumbs up to that no doubt about it.

 The ice cube shaped LED Fog lamps are available from this variant on these.

    Sletos DRL Head Lamp

These LED DRLs they extend not only all the way till here that is a unique feature of this car and they feel as if it's got this big smile from here to here. In the night when you see it feels really nice it's very appealing to the eye.


It's got all LED headlamp’s throw of the light is pretty decent. I was going on the highway at the 4 a.m. in the morning and it was pretty dark and at that time these lights really helped me I even use the high beam and even automatic headlamps actually did the job for me. In the lower variants we don't get all LED lights we get projector headlight setup, because of this LED the way the car appears and the way the lights function also in both these aspects we get better performance,

        Seltos Tail Lamp

LED tail lamps also have good throw and visibility.

I think this is called a dual muffler design so if you see this car from distance sometimes you might think that this design is copied from some car like Mercedes that is true but there's no twin exhaust or anything here it's just a design element and it integrates well with the overall design of the car.

      Seltos Roof Rails

The roof rails I don't know if these roof rails are functional but they are placed here and they also adds a nice touch to the design contrasting color There's a shark fin antenna over here which are functional and not just a design element From HTX Variant you get 17-inch alloy wheels. For the lower variant it was 16 inches and I didn't like the alloy design that much I wish I had the option of changing this alloy to the one which is there on the GT line, not that it is bad, it's really nice and you know this Alloy wheel feels really solid quality is very nice of this alloy wheel a grip to on road.

It looks stunning from the side profile if you see this car it definitely reminds you of the Creta but there are some important differentiating elements number one is this LED tail light which comes till here and this chrome bit and even in the rear side the window which is there this extra thing in this car over Creta so when you see it you might think of the Creta but when you closely observe you will realize that it is something different.

    Seltos Exterior

For exterior design I will give five out of 5.

The red looks very striking and with red color this chrome it feels very striking and if you look at the white color it reminds you a lot about Creta and if you look at the black color it reminds you a little bit of Fortuner even though it's not that big On the inside you have almost whitish and grayish contrast interiors so that's something I Iike and I really appreciate it.

In some cars in which you have all black interiors you kind of feel claustrophobic but in this particular variant you have black on the top and the touch screen all this is integrated very well in black that kind of goes well gives you a nice airy feel inside the cabin.

 Seltos Rear Armrest

The rear design is very nice we have the centre arm rest with two cup holders.

Driving Pleasure

Seltos has very good pickup which feels powerful. It has a strong low range and strong mid-range. I am not someone who goes with a really high speed I don't generally cross 100-120, but in that 100-120 band when I am Driving I really want to feel confident I want to feel my tyres gripping the road.

    Seltos Crystal Cut Alloy Wheel

I should have a comfortable city driving speed and when I go on the highway I have this engine which helps me cruise very well on the highway and design-wise also car driving should be very comfortable so that is a driving pleasure for me and this car ticks all the boxes for me in driving pleasure I'm going to give it a strong score of 5 out of 5.

Even maneuverability this car is good it turns very easy there is absolutely no problem.

There is a reverse camera also so I press that and I can see what is behind my car always even when the gear is not in reverse and I am driving I start this car and I put it in first gear and I gently release the clutch, the Seltos doesn't stall see now I'm not even touching the accelerator or clutch or anything now slowly I have given some throttle so this much room it has given me to progress which is a blessing in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I'm at 1500 rpm slowly going third gear according to me anywhere about 1500-2000 rpm about that when you're trying to pull the power it gives you a very nice buttery smooth feeling.

Seltos suspension I don't know how to define it is neither it stiff or soft I don't know but one thing I can say it is tuned ideally for Indian conditions. Seltos is not good to go on roads which have too many undulations too much of gravel and stuff you will definitely feel all that vibration inside the cabin.

It's a diesel correct at what point does the turbo kick-in and kind of lag do you have?

There is no lag like this car, but Seltos is not something which is meant for an enthusiast. You can't drive this car like how you drive a Ford EcoSport diesel or Polo GTI or something you can't drive it too enthusiastically. You should drive it in a very nice and sedate manner, you don't feel any power lag there is definitely good amount of power, you shouldn't push the car way too much. It’s not happy at higher rpms and speeds.

I never found anybody complaining inside even when we go out the little high speed, people don't even realize that I am going at that speed of 135, you feel very comfortable but the annoying part is that beep sound which comes after 120 P when you go on higher speeds. You don't feel any kind of vibration you won't feel as if the car is about to come apart or even in the steering everything feels planted from the tires also. You feel you are totally gripping the road and the confidence that I get while I am driving this on any kind of road is super total full marks for that for Seltos.

     Seltos Steering

Seltos car has a flat bottom steering wheel Kia likes to call it a d-shaped steering which looks very sporty and it’s easy to hold. I mean it saves some space and gives me more space over here.

Seltos performance in the city is phenomenal nothing can beat that when you drive in the city there is a lot of the ease of driving which is there in this car it's the maneuverability of this car.


Disappointing part in this car is there are no airbags in the back so there is no protection for people who are sitting in the back.

        Seltos Air Bags

Seltos has all four disc brakes and first when you start driving this car it takes a little bit of time to get used to those disc brakes like first one or two weeks what happened if I would press the brake pedal in a straight way like this then the car would stop with a jerk so I had to understand that I had to place my foot a little bit to the side and then press the brake then you get a very nice cushiony feel and the braking is very nice there is a ABS with EBD. Other disappointing part is you don't get some features like electronic stability management (ESP). ESP is a traction control you don't get such kind of features even a car which costs nine to nie point five lakhs like Ford freestyle is giving all these features it is even giving a hill hold assist.

Another thing regarding safety is it gives me warning to wear my seat belt and the passenger here also has to wear his or her seat belt otherwise this thing keeps flashing and beeping for 100 seconds.

Once we cross the speed of 80 it gives me a warning here to reduce speed and once I cross the speed of 120 as per the government norm it keeps beeping so that discourages me from going too fast in this class I think I really appreciate that safety feature.

I wish there were more airbags. If I'm not wrong all the four cars which cost 10 lakhs 12 lakhs even they give six airbags Toyota Yaris is giving seven airbags why haven't you given at least four airbags that is pretty bad.

Any panic braking experience?

There are a couple of instances where I was cruising along at 65-70 kmph and there was a car in front of me that was also going at almost a similar speed but that person suddenly stopped and I had to also stop so I pressed the brake and in almost a panic manner and as I told you the soft cushiony feel of the brakes is there you won't feel too much jerkiness and the car stops in a very sure footed manners the braking happened in a very linear manner.

Regarding safety I would give it 4 out of 5 I would reduce that one point because of the missing rear airbags.

Build Quality

On the inside basically want your plastics and whatever chrome garnish or whatever leather upholstery is there everything needs to be finished very well you shouldn't have too many gaps and you shouldn't have any wobbling parts or anything so it doesn't feel like some cheap car definitely. The steering leather is very nicely wrapped it is good to hold these buttons these are not cheap buttons like you find in some cars, the button quality is very nice even if you use it every single day for a very long continuous period of time you feel that there is some premiumness in these buttons even these AC control buttons which are there they are very nice, the texture of the buttons is nice, these knobs at the door everything is placed very well, no part shakes, plastics here are good plastics.

   Seltos Dashboard

At this price point but whatever Seltos has given I feel it is good enough, even this dashboard it's nice and even the storage space is this all this is finished well,

External build quality is also top-notch the bonnet feels pretty heavy solid, the sheet metal also seems to be good on the side the doors feels very nice.

Why Buy Kia Seltos?

If you are in the market for a car with an updated engine a BS stage six engine which gives less pollution which has very good specs great low-end performance and very smooth city drivability and very smooth highway drivability a nice family car and if you're also in the market for a car with the cutting-edge top-notch technology features like a nice touchscreen and the decent comfort and very good build quality then just forget all the other options and go for the Seltos.

Why not Buy Kia Seltos?

If your budget is a little high and you want higher variant in Kia Seltos then there are definitely other options in the market. Don't go for Seltos with on-road price exceeding from 15 16 lakhs beyond that don't go for this car go for some other cars like you have Tata harrier or if you want a sedan then even Skoda Octavia which is a great value for money proposition coming at 18 lakhs. At 18 19 lakhs or you can go for MG Hector if you want more space in the car, this car space does not have oodles and oodles of space that you might be expecting where , MG Hector and Tata harrier have better space than this car. So if you want a car with more space if you want a car with an even more powerful engine then I would definitely suggest you to go for a different car so if your budget is below 16 lakhs then go for this car beyond 16 lakhs I don't think it's worth spending that money on the GT engine because the GT engine doesn't even drive in such a sporty manner like how the company promises. You can't even do true off-roading with it or anything it's just a normal city drive, so beyond 15-16 lakhs don't go for this car.

One of the best user review available on YouTube. Feels like a genuine review and the buyer has undoubtedly has done thorough research before buying. I will love to hear from him if he has anything to say on accessories, I have booked the HTX model and currently researching on must-have accessories which are reasonably priced

Divyaman Ramawat 
Perfect review! I bought hector over seltos because of the value for money i was getting in hector versus seltos diesel htx+ model. Subscribed because of this video!

Nicky Tripathi 
Owner is really awesome each n every single point to point not speaking too much here n there blah blah very honest genuine review it is the real difference between a youtuber or an owner wow

Manoj M Nair 
Honest and Outstanding Review, @apuroop4life I took a test drive of Seltos and loved the car. Holding off my purchase decision to hear more of such owner’s perspective. I agree with your statement on not being a VFM option, over 16 lakhs. I really loved the HTX+ variant but at 18.4 lakhs I felt it was a tad bit costlier.

Ronnie Ron 
Great video!! Awesome explanation ???? I'm also planning to buy HTX Petrol Manual. Any suggestions on it? The only thing I wish it also had was 6 airbags .

Pratik Paul 
Hi i liked the review very much...can i contact mr. Apuroop personally.. i have some doubts to clear

Son Of Mountains
One of the best comprehensive review i've watched much in a long time,better than most of auto channels.Full of buyer concerned informations and no dramas.Kindly post more videos with the same quality on other popular cars.Good Luck..wishes from a satisfied viewer

khairu nisa 
This channel really has potential. Ive also seen the review of ignis and i think whoever runs this channel finds the perfect customer with fluent english and trains him on how to present for this video. Keep it up

jvn P
Looks like a person in love with his car. When you are in love, everything looks good. But it may not really be the truth. Good review though. Excellent

Raghav Chawdhary 
@ecardlr you can get the gt line variant allow wheels from the company itself... kia surat has provided the allow wheels.. only suitable for htx and htx plus variant.

Krish Chaudhry 
Sir my father actually cancelled htx diesel as he did want a mixture of features and safety , but safety was nil , it has only 2 airbags and abs+ebd which nowadays is mandatory and even you get in alto . Our running is high so we wanted a Diesel engine only so gt line wasn’t our preference that’s why my father was willing to splash 2 lacs more and get hector smart diesel which gets 4 airbags , front sensors , abs+ebd , hill assist , esp , traction control and much bigger size as he recently sold his Octavia so the seating position in Octavia and seltos was the same it was not an suv seating position but the hectors high seating , space too much you can even sleep in the rear space , features , safety package just mind boggled him , I think Kia should emphasise in ht line safety as if you are selling bs6 engine first in suv such cost cutting shouldn’t be done .

Balinder Singh 
Very well reviewed ...Yes , I agree with you ..any model of this car under 15K is great but not worth to spend more then 15-20K on this car as we have better option in the market in this range.


  • Excellent quality
  • Refinement
  •  Kia Seltos would be BS6 Compliant Engine


  • Sporty 1.4 DCT Misses Paddle shifters

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