Jaguar XE
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40.61 Lakhs-47 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • Enhanced Equipment 
  • Smart Interiors
  • Improved Ride Quality 

Weak Areas

  • Lacks Brand Value
  • Toned-Down Handling 
  • Average Boot Space
  • Average Diesel Engine
Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE Petrol Review. Love Affair Still Going Strong. Ecardlr Customer Review

For many who belive that Jaguar are very expensive car, it's time they look at them more seriously. Jaguar XE is a worthy BMW 3 series, Mercedes C Class, Audi Q5 and  Audi A4 competitor. Jaguar XE is a great fun car to drive, a car whose exhuast note just thrills you everytime you push the paddle to the floor. 



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

We have many sweet memories with Jaguar XE, me & Rashmi go out on late night drive in it’. How Romantic’. The Chugs are in love with each other and their Jaguar XE. Even a Blind man can see it, its so obvious.

   Jaguar XE Petrol Review

Rashmi says ‘The car is so smooth to drive, easy to park and so much fun I wonder why people don’t make it their everyday car. Be it the 3 memory setting for the driver seat, max cooling AC, planted drive and the ability to drive the car between two cars, Rashmi just stop raving about her Jaguar XE. She says, the faster you drive it the more planted the car gets. You would never realise when the car has touched 130 + on the speedo. It’s always seems so much in control. 

‘The moment I sit in my Jaguar XE, all I want to do is to make the needle go past the 3 digit mark, all I need is an open stretch and the car obliges so beautifully. He find the car’s drive to be too inspiring. I think all those planning to buy the BMW 320D, BMW X3, Audi Q3, Audi A6 or Mercedes C Class must at least test drive the Jaguar XE. Most luxury car buyers believe that Jaguar cars are beyond their budget, it’s not, says Raman. You can buy a Jaguar.

First paid service at 13000 Km was such a pleasant surprise, as per Rashmi, that was the amount she was used to paying for servicing her XUV 5OO. 

Reason for them to even consider the Jaguar in the first place was a bad sales experience at Mercedes Showroom, lack of space inside the Audi Q3 and BMW 320D. Prior to buying her loving Jaguar XE, all Rashi could think of buying was Audi, Audi, Audi……..Audi. 

They thank their stars for walking into a Jaguar showroom and driving out with their loving Jaguar X3. 

We have deliberately retained the raw original form as we believe it's the content that matters more than the pizzaz. Happy Viewing.


  • The eagerness with which it eases into 3 digit speed
  • Smooth to drive and always in control
  • Makes you feel special
  • Service is a pleasant surprise
  • Its a pleasure to own a Jaguar XE


  • Row 2 not as comfortable
  • Low Mileage

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