Hyundai i10
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Strong Areas

  • Good value for money
  • Futuristic fluidic design 
  • Good engine range choice 
  • Awesome driving position
  • Top notch interior quality & fit-finish

Weak Areas

  • Diesel missing
  • Rear seat for 2 only
  • Small tyres lacks grip
  • Slow speed bad ride quality 
  • Bright beige gets dirty easily
Hyundai i10


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Overall Rating
Value For Money

I own a red i10 and it runs on both LPG and petrol. Most of the time I use the LPG mode because it is very economical especially when compared to petrol mode but I feel that the LPG is good only for the city. I think that other than city driving LPG is not a good option because engine doesn’t feel powerful. I think it is not very smooth and may be LPG is the reason behind it.
I need to give some extra speed in LPG mode and I can clearly feel the difference of petrol and LPG. On the opposite when I use the petrol power, engine behaves very smoothly and power also goes up. This difference is very much evident and I started to feel the same from the very first day of my driving. So I drive in LPG when I am not in hurry otherwise I use petrol.
On the average front I am happy because on LPG car covers around 13 km/kg and on highway I usually get around 16-17 km/kg of LPG. It incurs me very less money when I run on the LPG but I need to shift between these two modes on highway because sometimes I have to resort to the option of petrol in order to overtake the vehicles or when I need some good speed at the moment.
One thing that I find extremely good in Hyundai i10 that I can shift between petrol and LPG and I also need not to worry about the LPG quantity because the tank is of 34 litre. This is infact a good thing because some of my friends have fitted the LPG cylinder from the outside but they complaint that these are not very big one. But in this sense my i10 is good and give me confidence that it won’t get out of the gas very soon.
What further makes me comfortable is that the LPG kit is fitted by the company so I need not to get tension about the safety as I often read in newspapers that somebody’s LPG kit busted off to flames. From the beginning this was most important concern for me. I preferred to buy the model that has LPG cylinder from the company rather than taking a car and then fitting the kit from outside.
Of course it would have saved me some thousands as outer fitting might be cheaper but the kind of safety feeling I have now won’t be there. Also company has provided the 2-year unlimited warranty which is another good thing that came with my i10 LPG. So in any case of problem or fault I am sure not to bear the heat at least for the next two years of warranty period.
I find that tank is located at the back but hidden under the flap. I can still place my luggage in the back area however I usually avoid it. Although there is no restriction or caution advice from the company I still do not use boot because I feel it will be safe for both me and my car.
I don’t find any difference in my LPG model and other simple petrol running models of i10. These look very similar to each other and I find design a pretty good. Especially the open mouth type front face is very dear to me and so are the shapes of front lights. 

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