Hyundai Neo Fluidic Elantra
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This Car Has Been Discontinued.
Customer Rating
: 3/5
Expert Rating
: 8/10
: 4 Yrs / 1,00,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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Strong Areas

  • Spacious cabin
  • Good mileage
  • Excellent styling
  • Punchy diesel motor

Weak Areas

  • Average ride Quality
  • Mediocre handling
  • Lethargic automatic 
  • Lacks build quality of Germans


Hyundai Neo Fluidic Elantra


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Overall Rating
Value For Money
I am so much happy with the good looks of my Elantra that I now find it offensive if somebody doesn’t praise it. For me, my car is a gorgeous super model, worthy of any praise which will always be less. Before having this car, I couldn’t even imagine that a car could be so beautiful to look at. Every line, every cut and everything on Elantra is just bang on in its place. Yes I do know that I paid much but then for such gorgeous beauty its not much.

I am although a big fan of Toyota and was indeed looking to buy a Corolla but then because of its boring shape I just postponed the decision. And that really happened for good as I have now Elantra that is much more stylish and beautiful than the Corolla.

Elantra has some very modern features and some of these are really new and innovative as far as my knowledge is concerned. Before buying the new car I didn’t know about the ABS, traction control and the EBD and that was my first question to the sales executive as to how these technical jargon benefit me as a buyer of this new car. He told me that these things could really help me and my family during rains as they prevent the car skidding and reduce the danger of slipping.

Also he told me that the air bags around the world saves millions of lives each year in case of fatal collisions in which persons would have died in their absence. So all these things though cost more money than then other ordinary cars but still these are worth the extra rupees you spend on the vehicle.

I bought his argument and with got myself the new Elantra equipped with all these safety provisions I now feel safer and more confident on roads. For my wife though the most likeable is aspect of the car is the blue lighting around the instrument panel. It’s really look cool and especially when we go out in night, this blue colour seems very soothing to the senses. Still some of the minor improvements that I wish Elantra should provide are:

•I want some large air vents at middle. On sides I think these are good and sufficient but the middle air vents are small in comparison.

•Seats are very low so I need to stoop down to get in and out. This is a bit inconvenient especially in the evening when usually I feel a bit weary.

•I have bumped the car on the speed-breakers twice and now take special care while passing these big humps. On my last car I didn’t hit any of these but it seems that the Elantra is not very tall so it has got some scratches under its body. I wish it could be a bit taller and that would have addressed my second complaint too.Driving is very good and pick-up of the car is very, very good.

I easily cross the 100 km/h mark and I have to restrict my foot from being put down further. I really enjoy driving my Elantra on highways because of absence of any speed breakers as well as its good running ability.

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