Hyundai Elite i20
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: 8/10
: 3 Yrs / 100,000 kms Warranty (Whichever is earlier)
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5.43 Lakhs-9.24 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • Enhanced Equipment 
  • Smart Interiors 
  • Improved Ride Quality 

Weak Areas

  • Average Space
  • Average Handling 
  • Pricy Top-End 
  • No AMT 
Hyundai Elite i20

The sporty Hyundai Elite i20 Never fails to surprise this owner

It was love at first sight for car freak Gaurav Dwivedi when he first lay eyes on the Elite i20. The sporty and urban looking car soon made its way into the Dwivedi household and has been a permanent fixture since 2015 enjoying love from all quarters of his fammily -the kids having respite in the summers with the rear AC vents that have been newly added. The car never gets old for him and each day seems like the first ride as per Gaurav. A flawless steering control helps him through the city rides and instills enough confidence to travel 450Kms crossing through the highway and rocky village roads.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

Car Owned-Hyundai Elite i20 Sports Option Model-the petrol variant.


Gaurav Car Owner Review

Ownership SinceSince October of2015

Kilometres Driven-  22,000Km

Average Service CostRupees 6000(This high as because I use only use Synthetic Oil for my car)

Number Of Services Done Till Date3 services till date.

Mileage19/20 Km per Litre on Highway.
                 13/14 Km per Litre in City.

Buying Process

I was in the market to sell my Ford Fiesta Classic and with a stroke of luck one day I came across the Elite i20 and it was almost love at first sight.

     Hyundai Elite i20 Customer Review

I had gone for servicing my old car when my eyes fell on an i20 and it was evident how overall good looking it was and unlike other cars which hardly ever impress upfont as opposed to their pictures. The features, the front-grille, head-light, allloy wheels, it's sharp lines-I liked everything, especially its front look which is pretty aggressive unlike the Baleno.

I made up my mind that this was to be my next car and as such did not even wait for the full payment upon selling my old car but just went ahead and bought the i20. Took my whole family for the test drive-who loved the smooth drive-as did I and was really impressed that everything was upto my expectations. Sometimes while checkimg out cars, I press my thumb on  the door surface smack in the middle to ascertain how heavy the gauge is and I found it to be pretty good in this one.


Volkswagen Polo
Ford Figo Aspire
Fiat Punto
Honda Jazz
Maruti Suzuki Baleno
And many other cars indeed.Maine koi car dekhni baki nahi chori.

Volkswagen Polo

Made it to my final list along with the Honda Jazz. It had service issues. But I would have got it nevertheless as because nothing can beat German engineering but the international wrath it was facing at that time as regards their engine fiasco made me wary and I no longer wanted to partake in that trouble.

Ford Figo Aspire

Wasn't spacious enough. I had faced a lot of trouble while trying to sell off my old Ford Fiesta Classic as the company puts a low resale value on its own cars. I even had an altercation with the dealer asking him how it is that they expect me to buy their car when they themselves would not buy back their own make of cars.

Fiat Punto

Punto had good quality but I wasn't impressed as I felt as if I were drving a 10 year old model.

Honda Jazz

It had a very light body just like the rest of Honda's new platform cars like the Honda City. Though the Jazz was more spacius than the Hyundai Elite i20, I rejected it on the basis of its bad reputation when it comes to service .It didn't help matters the I found the Honda dealers to be pretty audacious.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

The engine had not been developed any further and it had the worst build quality. Though people tend to trust Maruti a lot I am averse to them as because they compromise on features and safety. Plus there will always be something missing in the cheapest model a company has to offer. It isn't the age of the Maruti 800 when far more robust materials used to be used.

What I Love About My Hyundai Elite i20
Colour Quality

The colour quality is pretty good. Though Volkswagen is the market leader in this aspect, Hyundai isn't bad either. Though most cars would have their colur start to fade away after
1- 1 & 1/2 years, Hyundai gives a 3 Year Colour Warranty for their cars.

Design Approach

The design pattern is almost like that of a German car. The German patterns are simple,contemporary and everlasting. Hyundai  seems to be have followed a similar approach in their 2.0 Design pattern.

Hyundai Elite i20 Features

Hyundai goes a long way in terms of features and i20 offers the best features in this segment.  The Central Console is well designed. This car is the first in it segment to offer a front armrest with storage space.

     Hyundai Elite i20 Front Armrest

The rear AC vents are a welcome addition and it takes considerably less time for cooling as compared to my previous cars. This was such a relief especially what with the scorching Delhi Sun. The kids were much more at ease now.

   Hyundai Elite i20 Rear AC Vent


      Hyundai Elite i20 Dashboard

Pretty spacious cabin and the leg room and head room is coveniant enough. One can only hope to get all this leg room in a  car in this segment.


  Hyundai Elite i20 2 Din Audio System

It is enabled with Bluetooth Connectivity, AUX cable connection, USB port, FM and AM, MP3 system and a magnum 1GB internal memory.

     Hyundai Elite i20 Steering Wheel

The steering wheel has commands for all these features and makes receiving and sending calls/texts(only receiving) an ease.

The music system and sound quality is great and the 1 gb memory helps save my favourite music on the system.


   Hyundai Elite i20 Instrument Cluster

The cluster includes a speedometer, a sunglass holder and a vanity mirror on both the driver and front passenger side.


The daily grind of driving 45Kms to and from to work is made a really fun drive thanks to the car's performance. It's a breeze to drive this car though the clutch is a bit hard and can cause trouble in the ever incraesing Delhi traffic jams.


     Hyundai Elite i20 Transmission

The car grip on the ground is really nice. Sometimes I drive at 150 Km/hour or above on the highways and the weight of the car along with its larger wheel base makeS sure that the car doesn't veer much even when laRger commercial vehicles overtake me from behind all of a sudden.


I have been having a smooth ride since the very first day. The wheels have R16 tyres and the ground clerance is 170cm. reason why the car doesn't hit the ground below even when I be driving over my rocky village roads. Till date there has been no issue with the suspension or steering. I feel like my car is still a new car.

      Hyundai Elite i20 R16 Tyres

The only issue I have is with the AC which I believe was a tad better in my old car. What's missing is rear blowers and so each time I switch on the rear vents, the blowers in the front almost stop working.


  • Sporty and urban feel.
  • Comfortable daily drive
  • Superior suspension and steering controls


  • Rear AC Blowers is a  must.
  • Clutch is a tad hard.

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