Ford New Figo
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: 8/10
: 2 Yrs / 1,00,000 Kms (Whichever is earlier)
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Strong Areas

  • Attractive styling
  • Loaded with features
  • Powerful engine
  • Spacious cabin

Weak Areas

  • Pricey diesel
  • Tacky quality
  • No diesel automatic
  • Limited dealership support
Ford New Figo

Ford New Figo 1.4 ZXI Customer Owner Review

Ford New Figo 1.4 ZXI Customer Owner Review



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Being a project manager my duty is often on the project sites. This time we are making a mall for a reputed name and the location is outside the city. I have no other means but a car to reach there as the public transport is not very frequent on that road. I use to commute to the place in my own Figo and in the process I get apprised of the many good and a few bad things about my car. 

Before the starting of this project I wasn’t using the car as much and it would do the duty only on Sundays but now I am driving it around 50 km on daily basis.  One of the strengths of Figo is its ruggedness and solid body. I accidentally had crashed it many times on small rubbles and even boulders on the site but the car took all these pressures without any complaint. There isn’t even a single portion of the bumper which has been peeled off from its place. In comparison one of my assistant manger’s car once touched the heap of stones gently and even for that gentle push the whole arrangement of front bumper got off its place. It damaged so badly that we had no other way than to tie the bumper in its place with the help of some wires lying on the ground. After a struggle of half an hour, we were able to tie the bumper on its place and then he left for his home. I though didn't comment on his car but realized that in comparison the Figo seems much stronger than his car. 

Moreover there is rear wiper in my car has really proved to be a very convenient feature. Initially I thought it was just a luxury feature which I would hardly use in future but splashes of rain in this month which was quite unseasonal the feature proved its worth. In many cases without the rear defogger I wouldn't be able to reverse my car and this rear wiper really came as a handy option for me. But I miss some other things like the ABS, airbags and fog lamps which are not in the Figo. Actually I have the Zxi model and all these features are in higher model which was costlier than my Zxi model. At that time I didn't find these things worthy and thought that these were just waste of money. 

But now I can clearly visualize my mistake. These things are important and whenever there is rain I have to drive very cautiously in order to avoid any kind of slip. If my car had ABS I could have taken it easy but now I have to have keep a strict vigil on my way of driving. Air-conditioning and heater both are very good though I have to wait for summers to check the full speed of AC. In winters heater has done very well and I think it is quite fast warming. I hope AC also will behave well in summers. 

The grudge I have about Figo is its inside colour which is not very easy on me. There is whole lot of darkness inside the car and the things look like stark. I myself like the light colours which infuses cheer and lightness into the environment but my car fails to do so. The dark colour and black is the colour inside my Figo and I am now thinking to have some white or brown colour covers on it. 


  • Attractive styling


  • No Diesel Automatic

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